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Restaurant Room

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Room Overview

The restaurant room, a place where you get to use your imagination when you're a customer or the server. This room gives you the chance to role-play and play restaurant with your friends and other webkinz world members.



Menu Phrases

Guest Phrases -Hello -Table for one please -Table for two please -Table for four please -Do you have a table near a window? -May I see a menu please? -What a beautiful restaurant! -Thank you! -Waiter! -I am ready to order -Everything looks delicious! -What do you recommend? -Do you have any specials today? -Can I have the special please? -Everything is fantastic! -Can I have a little more water please? -I’m full! -I could go for some dessert! -Can I see your dessert menu please? -That’s all for today. Thank you! -Check please! -The service was spectacular! -I will be back again soon! -Goodbye!

Waiter Phrases -Welcome! -Good evening! -Please wait for the next available table -Have a seat in out luxurious lounge! -Can I bring you something while you wait? -Let me show you to your table -Follow me please -I will be your waiter this evening -Let me get you a menu! -I recommend it all! -Everything on the menu is delicious! -I’ll give you a few more minutes to decide -I’ll bring you some water -Are you ready to order? -Will you be having an appetizer today? -Excellent choice! -Is that everything? -It won’t be very long -Here you go -Can I bring you anything else? -Will you be having dessert today? -Have a great evening! -Thank you for the tip!

Drink Menu -I’m thirsty! -Please bring be me a large... -Apple Juice -Atomicolicious Punch -Baseball Float -Chocolate Milk -Salt Water Slushy

Dinner Menu -These Appetizers look great! -Nothing for me please -I would like to order the... -Bubbly Gumbo -Cheerooney Puff -Cheese and Quackers -Catnip Chips and Dip -Chocolate Chip Seafood Dip -Chicken Noodle Soup -Cretaceous Crustacean Soup -Bamboo Tofu -Zodiac Pretzel -Wild Flower Fondue -Now for the Main Course! -So many choices! -I will try the... -Chicken Nuggets -Coral Cordon Blue -Deluxe Nachos -Doggie Bone Buger -Fancy Schmancy Waffles -Flickering Flame Fajitas -Stealthy Steak Tartare -Signature Sushi Roll -Mosquito Burrito -Silver Scolar Pancakes -Heartfelt Tuna Melt

Dessert Menu -Now for the best part...dessert! -I will have the... -Banana Split -Brown Cow Float -Cheesy Chessecake -Chocolate Pudding -Creamy Carrot Sherbet


The Restaurant Room was added to KinzChat and KinzChat Plus January 20th, 2011.

Items in Room

What to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need:

Picture Name Item Type
3202-1.png Ancient Civilization Wallpaper Curio Shop only
3199-1.png Ancient Ionic Column Curio Shop only
665-1.png Fancy Tea Service Retired Adoption Exclusive
Finediningcoveredchair.png Fine Dining Covered Chair eStore only item
Finediningplacesetting.png Fine Dining Place Setting eStore only item
Finediningsquaretable.png Fine Dining Square Table eStore only item
Goldenraydrapes.png Golden Ray Drapes eStore only item
Goldensconces.png Golden Sconces eStore only item
1930-1.png Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace PSI
Pristineplanter.png Pristine Planter eStore only item