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Reputation Example
Please remember that asking or begging for rep is not allowed on WI; you could lose your reputation privileges.

Reputation is a way of knowing how helpful other members think you are. Members can leave you little thank-you notes called reputation points. Once you accumulate enough of them you are awarded boxes and stars that will appear under your avatar.

An example of what your reputation boxes and stars could look like is shown over on the right. You may receive dark green, lime, and yellow boxes and even bronze, silver, and gold stars.


How to Give Reputation

Sometimes a member will be extra helpful or kind. Maybe they have a great idea, posted a helpful comment, or were just extra nice. You can show your appreciation by awarding them a Reputation Point.

  • Look under the avatar.
  • You will see a thumbs-up and a flag.
  • Click on the thumbs-up.


  • A box will pop up.
  • In the box, type why you are awarding the Reputation point.
  • Click on "Add to Reputation".

You have done it!

Sometimes you may get a message like this when you want to give someone reputation:

This means that you haven't been giving reputation to enough different people. In order to give reputation to that person again, you must first give some to ten other people on Webkinz Insider. Just remember no random reputation is allowed.

How to Check Your Reputation

You can view the last 10 reputation points members have given you. To do this follow the instructions below.

  • Look at the top left hand side of the page.
  • Click on "User CP Home"
  • Scroll right down to the bottom of the page.
  • You should see your most recent reputation points, where you earned them, who awarded them and why.
  • If the thread is deleted and someone gave you Reputation, it will show an N/A.

Seeing if Your Post Has Received Reputation

  • Pretend you are giving yourself a rep by clicking the thumbs up under your post count. file:reputation.gif
  • All the reputation points that post has received will be listed as well as the reasons why you received them, but if someone doesn't write why they awarded the reputation, it will say "N/A".
  • If that post hasn't received any rep, then you will see "This post has not received any reputation."

Reputation Sayings

See this page for a list of possible reputation statuses and sayings:

Reputation Sayings

How to Get More Reputation Boxes or Stars

The only way to get more boxes is by receiving reputation points. In order to get more, keep posting extremely helpful, friendly, and informative posts. You never know what post may get you some more rep and possibly the rep which gives you another box.

Please remember that asking or begging for rep is not allowed on WI; you could lose your reputation privileges. Also, only the founders know how many reps it takes to get another box, so please do not ask for this information.