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Renaissance Palace Theme

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Theme History

The Renaissance Palace Theme was introduced to the Ganz eStore in August 2009.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
5048-1.png Antique Column eStore 3,000 points
5035-1.png Bedside Bureau eStore 3,000 points
5077-1.png Classic Baroque Bed eStore 7,000 points
5044-1.png Colossal Versailles Vase eStore 3,000 points
5042-1.png Elegant Manor Fireplace eStore 6,000 points
5049-1.png Exquisite Armoire eStore 5,000 points
5045-1.png Extravagant Versailles Vanity Chair eStore 5,000 = Chair + Dresser
5036-1.png Extravagant Versailles Vanity Dresser eStore 5,000 = Chair + Dresser
5043-1.png Grand Palace Harpsichord Stool eStore 7,000 = Stool + Harpsichord
5076-1.png Grand Palace Harpsichord eStore 7,000 = Stool + Harpsichord
5034-1.png Luxury Palace Flooring eStore 3,000 = Walls + Floors
5085-1.png Luxury Palace Wallpaper eStore 3,000 = Walls + Floors
5041-1.png Majestic Meals Dining Chair eStore 3,000 = 2 Chairs
5040-1.png Majestic Meals Dining Table eStore 5,000 points
5037-1.png Palace Splendor Sofa eStore 6,000 points
5050-1.png Regal Palace Room Divider eStore 4,000 points
5039-1.png Regal Recliner eStore 5,000 points
5038-1.png Rococo Coffee Table eStore 4,000 points
5047-1.png Royal Renaissance Rug eStore 3,000 points
5046-1.png Solid Gold Candelabra eStore 2,000 points

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