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This WIki article contains information about Recess at Kinzville Academy. Most of this information is from a Guide on the Webkinz Insider forum created by Cloud One - GUIDE TO RECESS (And what to do if your account is missing its Recess) [1]


The Basics

What is Recess?

Recess is a "free" activity that is earned after taking 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy in Webkinz World
NOTE: "Full" days include failed classes

How do I know when I have a Recess?

As you work on your 15 days of classes, a notepad in the lower left corner of the Academy shows you how many more days you need to complete until your recess.

When Recess is available for your account, a red Recess bell will appear in the lower left corner of the Kinzville Academy screen. To go to Recess, click on the bell.

Users can also pay 4500 eStore Points to access Recess before they have completed 15 days of classes.

What can I do at Recess?

File:Kinzville Academy Recess Activities.png

Buried Treasure

To access, click on the sandbox. The sandbox is filled with spots to dig. Users receive three digs per recess. Each spot could contain nothing, KinzCash, a W-Shop or Kinzstyle Outlet item, or a Recess-only prize.


To access, click on the hopscotch game. In the game, users can roll a die. The number on which the die lands is the number of the space on the hopscotch board where a rock lands. Each time the rock lands on a space, the user receives KinzCash. If the die lands on the same number twice, the prize money is lost and the game ends. The users can continue to roll the dice until either they decide to keep the KinzCash they have won or the die lands on the same number twice.

Hide & Seek

To access, click on the swing set. Wacky Zingoz could be hiding at any of various locations around the playground and Academy. Users can attempt to find him by clicking on one of the locations. After clicking, the user receives a notification of how close his or her try was to Wacky's actual location. If the user does not find Wacky within several tries, they receive no reward. If the user finds Wacky, KinzCash is awarded.

Merry Go Round

To access, click on the merry-go-round. The merry-go-round is a wheel with prizes. The current wheel is shown below.

File:Kinzville Academy Recess Merry Go Round.png


What kinds of Prizes can I get at Recess?


A+ Cookie
A+ Soda
A+ Teacher's Bouquet
Academy Banner
Academy Cookies
Academy P.E. Uniform Shirt
Academy P.E. Uniform Shoes
Academy P.E. Uniform Shorts
Academy School Binder
Advanced Apple Juice
Booksmart Burger
Cheerleader Cheese Sticks
Chocolate Chalk
Cream of Ivy Leek Soup
Field Berry Smoothie
Goo-Goo Berry Juice Box
Goo-Goo Berry Pie
Gummy Erasers
H2O to Go
High Marks Milkshake
Hopscotch Gummies
Jumbleberry Juicebox
Kinzville Academy Bus
Kinzville Academy Plaque
Loose Leaf Sandwich
Mathematics Soup
Math is Fun Poster
Ms. Cowoline Plush
P.E. Nut Butter Bar
Perfect Number Pasta
Prepperoni Pizza
Principal's Office Desk Chair
Principal's Office Desk
Principal's Office Window
Pythagoras Pretzel
READ Poster
Recess Lunch Bag
Silver Scholar Pancakes
Spicy Honor Rolls
White Chocolate Milk



How can I win these prizes?

  • The Academy School Binder, Ms Cowoline Plush Doll and Kinzville Academy Bus can be won in the Merry Go Round game.
  • The Academy Banner, PE Uniform Pieces, A+ Teacher's Bouquet and Math is Fun Poster can be won in the Buried Treasure (aka Sandbox) game.
  • Some W-Shop toys and school related items can also be won in the Merry Go Round and Buried Treasure (Sandbox) games.
  • Hopscotch awards kinzcash if you win.
  • Hide And Seek awards 250kc (kinzcash) if you win.
  • When you return to Ms. Cowoline's Office after Recess, you'll see a Purple Lunch Bag (pictured above) in your dock. Drag the bag into your room to reveal 3 random Lunch Foods. The foods will appear in your dock. (Note: The unopened Lunch Bag is like a Gift Box. It cannot be stored anywhere except in your dock. Once you "open" it by dragging it into a room, the bag itself disappears and only its contents (the foods) remain.)
  • No one is sure how to earn the "I Love Recess Badge." WI member sandilight received it after their tenth lunch bag from Recess, but not enough weeks had passed for them to have had ten Recesses! Other users have had more than ten Recesses and have not received the badge.

What can I do with these prizes?

  • The Academy Banner can be placed on a wall.
  • The Academy School Binder opens and closes when clicked on, but doesn't seem to do anything else. The Academy School Binder can be put on floors and tables but, at this time, it cannot be put in a storage unit.
  • The Ms Cowoline Plush Doll can be placed on floors and tables and in a storage unit.
  • The PE Clothes can be worn by your pet.
  • The Foods can be eaten by your pet.
  • The "I Love Recess" badge can be displayed on your "MyPage" in Webkinz World.

Kinzposting Prizes

The unopened Purple Lunch bag cannot be traded, sold, or Kinzposted. (The very first day Recess was awarded there was a glitch that allowed it to be sold, but that's been fixed.)

All other Recess Prizes (including the foods) can be traded, sold, or kinzposted.

|- align="center" | bgcolor="yellow" | End of Spoiler |}

Earning Recesses: (What counts, what doesn't)

To earn Recess, you need to do the following:

  • Attempt 3 classes a day at the Kinzville Academy for fifteen days.
  • In order for a day to count, one pet must take all three classes in the same day. The same pet does not have to take classes every day, but for a day to count, all three classes taken that day need to be taken by one pet (If you have other pets taking additional classes that day, that's ok.)
  • ALL Kinzville Academy classes count. Although Ganz representatives originally told people that the Cooking and Grooming classes did not count, many people in this thread and on the forum received Recess ON TIME when those classes were part of their three classes a day. Additionally, Justin (owner of this forum) stated that the Creative Director from Ganz contacted him and confirmed that all classes at Kinzville Academy, including the Cooking and Grooming classes, count towards your 3 classes a day for 15 days.
  • You do not have to pass the classes. Three failures still count!
  • The 15 days do not have to be in a row. You can skip days.
  • More pets taking more classes will not get you extra Recesses. The most Recesses you can get is one Recess every 15 days, no matter how many pets are taking classes on your account.
  • You can't "save up" a bunch of Recesses. If you do not take your Recess before your next one appears (15 full class days later), you will only have one Recess, not two.
  • The countdown for your next 15 days of classes seems to start as soon as you've earned your new Recess, not when you take your Recess. So, if you've earned a Recess, and don't take it right away, it should not interfere with the count towards your next full 15 days of classes. If, however, you don't take your current Recess before your next Recess shows up, you will lose one of those Recesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep track of my 15 days?

On October 19th, 2010, a Recess Counter was added to the Kinzville Academy so players could keep track of the days left until recess.

If a class freezes up and I had to quit/x-out, does that count as one of my three classes that day?

We're not sure. Although a class that freezes, and has to be quit or x-ed out of, shows up as a failed class, it's uncertain whether that kind of failed class is being counted towards your 3 classes a day. Some people have had Recess delayed by the number of days a class froze on them. Other people received Recess on time, even with frozen classes, and it didn't interfere with their class/days count.

If you have a class that keeps freezing up on you, try taking a different class for a while, or take 3 more classes that day with a different pet (if you have another pet on that account) and see if that helps you get your Recess on time.

Deluxe members get to do an extra class each day. Does that make Recess come faster?

The extra class that Deluxe members get each day, does not seem to count towards Recess. [3]

What is the Missing Recess Glitch?

When Recess was first added to the Academy, there was a glitch that prevented some accounts from getting Recess even when they'd met all the requirements listed above. Many people, including myself, had two separate accounts, with one pet on each, doing the exact same classes every day, and one account would get Recess on time and the other would not. The glitch happened primarily on European and Asian accounts.

The "Missing Recess Glitch" now appears to be fixed. If you have met all the requirements for Recess (listed above) and your account is missing a Recess at this time, you should be able to fix the problem by following the steps below.

What To Do If You're Missing A Recess

(If you've met all the requirements listed above, and you're positive that you should have earned another Recess by now, but it's not showing up on your account(s))

First let's see if the problem is on your end. Please try the following:

  • While signed into Webkinz World, clear your cookies 3 times. (Let's make sure they're really cleared! )
  • Sign off of Webkinz World, and clear your cookies, again, 3 times.
  • Clear your cache three times.
  • Empty your computer's trash/recycling bin.
  • Re-start your computer.
  • Wait until after the next American Nightly Maintenance (After 6:30 am, EST, the next day).
  • Take three classes with the same pet again.
  • If this worked, the Recess bell should appear as soon as you've finished your third class.

If the above doesn't work, then it's time for you to start contacting Ganz.

  • Call Ganz Customer Service BEFORE you take your next 3 classes: 1-866-WEBKINZ (1-866-932-5469)
  • Find out how many full days of classes they think you currently have.
  • Tell them you're now going to take your next 3 classes while you're on the phone with them to see if the number of days increases.
  • Take your next three classes (use one pet only!)
  • After you take your 3 classes, ask them to confirm that your number of "Full days of classes" has increased by one.
  • Write down the name of the Representative helping you and the number of days they said you've accumulated towards Recess.
  • Repeat this every day until you get your Recess.

If Ganz can confirm that you have accumulated 15 full days of classes,
they now have the ability to give you your missing Recess!


  1. GUIDE TO RECESS (And what to do if your account is Missing its Recess)
  2. From a front page WI article congratulating sandilight on their new Recess Badge.
  3. From a post on the WI Forum by AuntietoEW