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Reading Room

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Room Overview

The Reading room in the clubhouse is a place where you can chat,play games, or read a Kinzville book for FREE without buying it at the W-Shop! This room is only available in the KinzChat area.


Room Furniture

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need:

Picture Name Item Type
3202-1.png Ancient Civilization Wallpaper Rare
3199-1.png Ancient Ionic Column Rare
4741-1.png Bow Wow Bone Tree[1] PSI
3192-1.png Centurion Coffee Table Rare
4510-1.png Fabled Fireplace PSI
Fluffyingtonsantiquearmchair.png Fluffington's Antique Armchair Trading Card Item
535-1.png Giant Venus Flytrap Exclusive
3189-1.png Imperial Side Table Rare
1512-1.png Medieval Side Table Arte's Favorite
Shipinabottle.png Ship in a Bottle Vacation Island Item
4500-1.png Stately Bookshelf Exclusive
664-1.png Stone Elephant Statue Exclusive
3321-1.png Stylish Siamese Settee PSI
  1. The Bow Wow Bone Tree CANNOT be placed INSIDE by Webkinz World players.

Unreleased Items

The Reading Room in the Clubhouse contains two pieces of furniture that can't be owned by Webkinz Players:

Leather Armchair & Leather Sofa.

Leatherarmchair.png Leathersofa.png