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Raziel the dragon is an Adventure Park character. He lives in the cave area of the Adventure Park.

Collection Event

Main article: Collection Events

On October 30, 2013, Ganz began a collection event starring Raziel.


Name Image Type
Dance Fever Dragon Statue File:Dancefeverdragonstatue.png Adventure Park
Dragon's Fire File:Dragonsfire.png Adventure Park
Dragon's Fire Candelabra File:Dragonsfirecandelabra.png Adventure Park
Dragon Cave Painting File:Dragoncavepainting.png Adventure Park
Dragon Egg Music Box File:Dragoneggmusicbox.png Collection Events
Fiery Dragon Wings File:Fierydragonwings.png Collection Events
Fiery Fountain File:Fieryfountain1.png Ganz eStore
Golden Deluxe Dragon Statue File:Goldendeluxedragonstatue.png Adventure Park
Raziel Plush Toy File:Razielplushtoy.png Adventure Park
Raziel Rain Jacket File:Razielrainjacket.png Adventure Park
Raziel Slide File:Razielslide.png Collection Events
Raziel Topiary File:Razieltopiary.png Spree! Mall Prizes