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Rainbow Item Collection

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Picture Name Item Type Exchange Value
3445-1.png Ainbowray Canape Recipe (WIGEV) Recipe Foods
Aquarabed.png Aquara Bed Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Artistsbunk.png Artist's Bunk Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Artistsbunklamp.png Artist's Bunk Lamp Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Artistscouch.png Artist's Couch Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
2836-1.png Balloon Blower POTM Item (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Candydreamlanddress.png Candy Dream Land Dress Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Potofgold.png Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold Holiday Item/Clubhouse Event (WIGEV) Clubhouse Events
6152-1.png Colorful Candy Bouquet PSF (WIGEV) Pet Special Foods
1885-1.png Colorful Menorah Holiday Item (WIGEV) Christmas & Hanukkah Items
Cowabellkinztop.png Cowabelle Kinz Top Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
191-1.png Fantasy Wallpaper wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Floatingschooldesk.png Floating School Desk Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
1923-1.png Funky Neon 'Fro CSO Item (WIGEV) Curio Shop Only Items
Happybirthdaypinata.png Happy Birthday Pinata Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
729-1.png Hot Air Balloon Rare Item (WIGEV) Rare Items
File:jellybeanjumble.png Jellybean Jumble PSF (WIGEV) Pet Special Foods
1355-1.png Jellybean Tree Retired Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Kaleidescopeskirt.png Kaleidescope Skirt Kinzstyle Shop (WIGEV) KinzStyle & KinzClothes
Kinzevesurprise.png Kinz Eve Surprise Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Largespringeggwardrobe.png Large Spring Egg Wardrobe Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Luckyleprechaunshat.png Lucky Leprechaun's Hat Deluxe Clothing Item (WIGEV) Deluxe Membership Prizes
Magicwcoaster.png Magic W Coaster Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Magicwfireworksdisplay.png Magic W Fireworks Display Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Magicwshades.png Magic W Shades Wheel of Wow Prize (WIGEV) Wheel & Game Prizes
Overtherainbowbed.png Over the Rainbow Bed Super Bed (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Overtherainbowride.png Over the Rainbow Ride Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Ponderpond2.png Ponder Pond Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
Putofgoldbackground.png Pot of Gold Background wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
6153-1.png Pot of Gold Pond PSI (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
Potofgoldslide.png Pot of Gold Slide Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
1672-1.png Prismatic Chair Retired Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Radrainbowoveralls.png Rad Rainbow Overalls Recipe Clothing (WIGEV) KinzStyle & KinzClothes
4821-1.png Rainbow Blech Recipe (WIGEV) Recipe Foods
File:Rainbowboots.png Rainbow Boots Kinzstyle Outlet (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
1235-1.png Rainbow Cloud Couch PSI (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
2431-1.png Rainbow Coffee Table Retired Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Rainbowflowerdisplay.png Rainbow Flower Display Ganz eStore [1] (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
821-1.png Rainbow Flowers wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
4723-1.png Rainbow Gak Recipe (WIGEV) Recipe Foods
4822-1.png Rainbow Gunk Recipe (WIGEV) Recipe Foods
Rainbowhat.png Rainbow Hat Deluxe Clothing Item (WIGEV) Deluxe Membership Prizes
Rainbowhologram.png Rainbow Hologram Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
676-1.png Rainbow Jelly Cactus Retired Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Rainbowpaintcan.png Rainbow Paint Can Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Rainbowpawprints.png Rainbow Paw Prints Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
1430-1.png Rainbow Pinwheel wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Rainbowracer.png Rainbow Racer Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Rainbowrover.png Rainbow Rover Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies


Rainbowslide.png Rainbow Slide Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
1229-1.png Rainbow Souffle PSF (WIGEV) Pet Special Foods
File:Rainbowstripepants.png Rainbow Stripe Pants Kinzstyle Outlet (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Rainbowwaterfall.png Rainbow Waterfall Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Rejuvenatingrainbowpool.png Rejuvenating Rainbow Pool Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
File:Retrorainbowbelt.png Retro Rainbow Belt Kinzstyle Outlet (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Shootingstarslide.png Shooting Star Slide Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Sparklerpartyhat.png Sparkler Party Hat Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
659-1.png Webkinz Wishing Well Retired Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
Wowcoupon.png Wheel Of WOW Free Spin Coupon Coupons (WIGEV) Misc. Items
5336-1.png Wheel of WOW Hat Wheel of Wow Prize (WIGEV) Wheel & Game Prizes
5341-1.png Wheel of WOW Jacket Wheel of Wow Prize (WIGEV) Wheel & Game Prizes
Wheelofwowshirt.png Wheel of WOW Shirt Wheel of Wow Prize (WIGEV) Wheel & Game Prizes
Wildwaterslide.png Wild Water Slide Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Windowtozumwhere.png Window to Zumwhere Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
3826-1.png Wonderful Webkinz Wardrobe Feature Code Item (WIGEV) Feature Code Items
Zumgardenornament.png Zum Garden Ornament Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
Zumwhereplayset.png Zumwhere Playset Zum Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
  1. Also awarded to Webkinz Friends players as part of the Flower Colletion Quest 2014.

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