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Quoting/Multi Quoting

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If you are posting a reply in the Webkinz Insider Forum and you would like to include another person's post in your post you can do this by quoting them. To quote posts follow the instructions below.


To quote one post look to the bottom right hand corner of the post you want to quote, click the button that says quote.
File:Quote 3.gif

It will automatically bring you to your post with the quote on it and it will show this: [QUOTE=USERNAME;POST#]their text here[/QUOTE] That code is called BB Code. Don't change any of it or it or the quote may not display corectly. You can type your message before and/or after the quote.

Multi Quoting

Multi Quoting is very similar to regular quoting except you are able to quote more than one post using this method.

Again look toward the bottom right hand corner of one of the posts you want to quote, click the button that has two overlapping speech bubbles.
File:Quote 1.gif

After you click it, it will turn green like this:
File:Quote 2.gif

Do this to each post you want to be quoted until you reach the last post you want to quote. On the last post you want to quote, click the quote button, then it will show all of your quotes.

Tip: If you want to quote multiple quotes in one post but they aren't on the same page of the thread you can go to another page of the same thread and hit the multi quote button. The system can save what posts you have hit the multi quote button on as long as you don't change threads.