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Quizzy's Word Challenge

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Quizzy's Word Challenge is a Webkinz World Arcade game.



The goal of the game is to make as many words as possible and try to get the target amount of points. Longer words with less used letters are given more points, shorter words with commonly used letters are given fewer points.


You play this game with the mouse, Clicking on the letters to make words


There is no trophy for this game.


  • Try to use the letter in the center of the board as the last letter of your word, as they are worth more.
  • Restating the above tip another way, using the very middle most letter as the last letter in a word will almost always gain you more points than setting up the word in any other way.
  • Longer words score more points.
  • Try using endings such as 'ing','ed', or 's' on your words.
  • Certain words are not allowed such as names of countries and people.
  • One trick to help you earn points is related to the situations where the middle letter is an s. You can type the letters on your screen (except for the s) into an free online anagram generator and see what words it suggests. Some of the words will not be possible to use in the game because the letters don't occur on the screen from outside to inside, but sometimes the anagram generator will provide great words. This trick is also a terrific way to enhance your vocabularly if you look up or ask someone about the definition of the words the anagram generator suggests! Don't forget to add the s to the end of your word if you find one that works.


High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Quizzy's Word Challenge is 9,326 by member Bernie3.