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Quizzy's Corner Theme

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Theme History

The Quizzy's Corner Theme was first offered for sale at the eStore in July 2010.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Points
Questionscoreboard.png Question Score Board Ganz eStore
(Advantage Exclusive)
Questionwalllight.png Question Wall Light Ganz eStore 1500/1000
Quizzysbonussign.png Quizzy's Bonus Sign Ganz eStore 3000/2000
Quizzyscontestantpodium.png Quizzy's Contestant Podium Ganz eStore 3000/2000
Quizzysfloorlight.png Quizzy's Floor Light Ganz eStore 2500/1500
Quizzysgameshowflooring.png Quizzy's Game Show Flooring Ganz eStore 2000/1000
Quizzysgameshowwallpaper.png Quizzy's Game Show Wallpaper Ganz eStore 2000/1000
Quizzyshostpodium.png Quizzy's Host Podium Ganz eStore 4000/3000
Quizzysscoreboard.png Quizzy's Scoreboard[1] Ganz eStore 6000/5000
Quizzystrophypiece.png Quizzy's Trophy Piece Ganz eStore 4000/3000
Quizzystvsetcamera.png Quizzy's TV Set Camera Ganz eStore
(Advantage Exclusive)
Quizzystvsetlight.png Quizzy's TV Set Light Ganz eStore 2500
  1. The Quizzy's scoreboard is nonfunctional, and is solely decorative.

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