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Quizzy's Blast

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Quizzy's Blast is a quiz game that can be accessed in the Hourly Events tab of Today's Activities. It takes questions from Quizzy's Corner which you have to answer correctly to receive a KinzCash prize.

How To Play

During gameplay you are presented with a large, multi-colored dart board. Each different colored section of the board has a number on it with a plus (indicating a positive number) or a minus (indicating a negative number). The different numbers represented on the dart board are: -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5

The player gets five darts to shoot at a space on the board. At the bottom right hand corner is the power meter which signals how high or how low the dart will fly.

To shoot the dart, the player must aim for the colored ring of their choice and then click their mouse. The player is then presented with a multiple choice question. . If the player correctly answers the question, they receive 5 KinzCash along with a bonus amount depending on the number on the board. For example, if a dart was shot in a section of the board with a "-4" on it and the question was answered correctly, the player would receive 5 KinzCash and then the "bonus" of -4, resulting in 1 KinzCash in total for that round.

The goal of the game is to aim your five darts for the positive numbers, resulting in more KinzCash. You receive your total KinzCash after you've shot your fifth dart. It is recommended that the player takes a quick shot since the numbers and colors rotate around the board.

The maximum amount of KinzCash that can be won is 50.

Legend of Subjects

Depending on what color your dart lands in, you will be presented with a multiple-choice question for a certain subject.

  • Purple: The Arts
  • Blue: Social Studies
  • Green: Health
  • Yellow: Math
  • Orange: Language
  • Red: Science

More Information

See this thread in the forum for more information on Quizzy's Blast: Quizzy's Blast - Max Points Tip