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Quick Draw

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Quick Draws are found in the Hourly Events section of Today's Activities.  During the hour which the event is being promoted, a clickable arrow will appear next to the event.

How to Play

Quick Draws give you 4 scratch tickets.  When you click on the six blue boxes, a coin will scratch them off to reveal the numbers on your ticket.  If your number matches the winning number shown on the bottom of the card, you win the item that is advertised.

Image:Quick Draw.gif


Prizes vary in the Quick Draws.  Usually the prize will be a random Wshop item, but occasionally a more valuable item like an eStore item will be offered as a prize.

Prizes are hard to win because it is unlikely that the number on your ticket will be the winning 6-digit number.


If you win a Quick Draw, you will be awarded with the advertised item and with a Quick Draw winner badge if it is your first time winning a Quick Draw.