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Profile Guide

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PROFILE BACKGROUND: This is the image that is the main background of your Profile.

  • You must first find an image you want to use as your background and save it on your computer. Be sure you "Remember" where you saved the image!
  • Create a New Album or Add Album. You MUST be sure to select "PROFILE" ALBUM (Public or Private Albums will not work for this.)
  • You will see a link that says CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD PICTURES, it will then direct you to a page that looks like the BELOW:


  • Click on BROWSE button and open the specific Image File. This is where its handy to "Remember" where you saved your image!
  • Then click on the UPLOAD PICTURES Button.
  • If the file Uploaded correctly it will direct you to the next page like BELOW Showing the Background Image, You can customize the Caption as you wish.


  • Now you want to click directly on the Background Image and it will take you to the screen like pictured below.
  • You want to grab the PICTURE URL by clicking on the address like below and highlighting, RIGHT CLICK on it and select COPY.


  • You then want to return to your Main Profile Page and from there click on CUSTOMIZE PROFILE.
  • You will then see a screen like below. This is where it may look a lil intimidating, but dont let it!
  • In the First Box at the the will see the box that says BACKGROUND IMAGE, right click on it and select PASTE so that the saved PICTURE URL will auto enter itself into the box.


  • Click PREVIEW to see what the background image will look like.
  • Yay!

CONTENT BACKGROUND: This is the image that is behind the text of your visitor messages. Basically you follow all the steps above..only difference is that you will enter the PICTURE URL addresses in all other BACKGROUND IMAGE Boxes from the Customize Profile Page. You can really have fun using multi-background images to create an unique look.

SUGGESTION: Solid backgrounds work best for Content Backgrounds..they are easier on the eyes!

CONTENT COLOR Background: If you don't want to use a specific image for the content background or the Profile Background for that matter.. simply specify a COLOR. Just click on the rectangle and a color wheel will pop-up for you to select from.

If you don't like any of their colors, you can enter ANY valid color code. I use the following website for more color options:


HYPERLINKS COLOR: will make all hyperlinks on your profile the color you choose. On this same screen you can further customize all text colors.

Text Color: Will specify the color of any text. Hyperlink Color: Will specify the color of any text that direct to a link.

PREVIEW FEATURE: You will see that PREVIEW Box several times on your Customize Profile screen.utilize that option as you play with different color codes to get a preview of how the colors coordinate with the Background Images you have already entered.

SAVE!: Once you have put in everything on the CUSTOMIZE PROFILE screen, please PLEASE don't forget to SAVE YOUR CHANGES!!!



  • Your profile is like your own homepage, Let your profile represent YOU! Get Creative!
  • Decorate it during Holidays for a fun surprise for your visitors.
  • TWEEK! TWEEK! A profile, like your own home is always a work in progress, you will become a PROFILE Master the more you play with the customization options and get more familiar what options do what.
  • I dont want to bash those beautiful neon colors, but keep in mind using colors that are easy on the visitors eyes, they will want to stay longer.
  • When in the HIDE USER CUSTOMIZATIONS link located at the top below the profile picture.
  • Its fun to coordinate your avvie image, album cover images and profile image to "accessorize" your profile.
  • Themes are always fun-rainbow, candy, webkinz, you name it.

Remember, the possibilities are ENDLESS!