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Prize Klaw

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The Prize Klaw was added to Webkinz World on December 2, 2009. It is similar to a real claw machine, where you move the claw and try to snatch a prize.


The Object

The object of the game is to move your claw horizontally across the screen using the in-game arrows and grab a prize. You have limited time (30 seconds), so speed is important as well. There are three levels of grip for the claw. The weakest grip is in the far right portion of the machine, the medium grip is in the middle of the machine, and the firm grip is at the left portion of the machine. If you take it to the tightest level, then you may have a good chance of getting a capsule.

Once you pick up a capsule, scroll the claw over to the Drop Zone, and try to drop it in. If you don't grab a capsule or don't make your capsule into the Drop Zone, your claw goes back to the start.

The Prizes

In the Prize Klaw you can win many different prizes. You can win KinzCash, W Shop Items, or even some items that are only available on the Prize Klaw. The methods of winning different prizes and other information about the prizes can be found below.

Capsule Colors

  • If you get a red capsule, you will win a random W-shop item.
  • If you get a yellow capsule, you will receive KinzCash.
  • If you get a green capsule, you will get an exclusive Prize Claw Item. There are four exclusive Prize claw items:
5737-1.png 5729-1.png 5830-1.png 5798-1.png
Kinz Pinz Bowling Shirt Lunar Lugbots Toy Poncho Floppy Plush Zingoz Bounce Ball Wiletters.png

Prize Tips

  • The amount of drops that can be completed within the time limit depends on the speed of your computer, so plan carefully. With a fast computer you may be able to get up to four drops, as long as you do the first three in the light grip area, then take the fourth chance in the firm grip area. If you can make your fourth drop by about the :09 mark, you should be able to move it to the drop zone in time.
  • Be careful when dropping the prize into the Drop Zone. If you have a few extra seconds, use them to align the Capsule perfectly. If it is only slightly off, the capsule may bounce off and you will not get your prize.