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Poster Collection

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Picture Name Exchange Value
384-1.png Ballerina Poster - Bear (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
1632-1.png Booger's Times Tables Poster (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Caringvalleyposter.png Caring Valley Poster (WIGEV) Webkinz Foundation
1810-1.png Cars Poster (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Charmforestposter.png Charm Forest Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
Cheekymonkeyposter.png Cheeky Monkey Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
2269-1.png Cheerleader Spirit Poster (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Chickenposter.png Chicken Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
Chimpanzeeposter.png Chimpanzee Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
Chortletorteposter.png Chortletorte Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
2043-1.png Classic Fifties Poster (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
2536-1.png Country Living Framed Print (WIGEV) Feature Code Items
Cowgirlwantedposter.png Cowgirl Wanted Poster (WIGEV) Virtual Figures & Figure Specific Items
Craftykimmyposter.png Crafty Kimmy Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
Crocodileposter.png Crocodile Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
2223-1.png Dragster TCG Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
Eagleposter.png Eagle Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
Eaudeskunkperfumeposter.png Eau de Skunk Perfume Poster (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Frameddjcubconcertposter.png Framed DJ Concert Poster (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Fredroverposter.png Fred Rover Poster (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
464-1.png Funky Boy Band Poster (WIGEV)_W_Shop_&_PJ's_Outlet_Items
File:garnetposter.png Garnet Poster (WIGEV)_Pet_Special_Foods
3000-1.png Go-Go Googles Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Goldfishposter.png Goldfish Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2535-1.png Hanging at the Pad Poster (WIGEV)_Feature_Code_Items
2689-1.png Harvest Time Poster (WIGEV)_Click-to-Win_Items
3001-1.png Husky Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2537-1.png It's a Jungle In There Framed Print (WIGEV)_Feature_Code_Items
5760-1.png Jumbleberry Fields Poster (WIGEV)_Wheel_&_Game_Prizes
6035-1.png Keeping the Park Clean Poster (WIGEV)_KinzVille_Park
File:Languagesposter.png Languages Poster (WIGEV) Webkinz Newz Prizes
2996-1.png Let Me Help You Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Littlelambbedposter.png Little Lamb Bed Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2997-1.png Love Puppy Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2999-1.png Lunar Lugbotz Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Monkeymonkeymovieposter.png Monkey & Monkey Movie Poster (WIGEV)_Wheel_&_Game_Prizes
1681-1.png Monkey & Monkey Poster (WIGEV)_Wheel_&_Game_Prizes
Monkeymonkeyposter.png Monkey and Monkey Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Movieposterset.png Movie Poster Set (WIGEV)_W_Shop_&_PJ's_Outlet_Items
Msbirdyposter.png Ms. Birdy Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
3002-1.png Nafaria Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Orcawhaleposter.png Orca Whale Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Partyatthecoralcoveposter.png Party at the Coral Cove Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Partyposter.png Party Poster (WIGEV)_Clubhouse_Events
2265-1.png Pennant Poster (WIGEV)_W_Shop_&_PJ's_Outlet_Items
2315-1.png Persephone Lightbox Poster (WIGEV)_Feature_Code_Items
2018-1.png Polar Plunge Poster (WIGEV)_Click-to-Win_Items
2224-1.png Pool TCG Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Puppypatrolcarposter.png Puppy Patrol Car Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
3003-1.png Quizzy Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2221-1.png Quizzy TCG Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
1017-1.png Rock On Poster (WIGEV)_W_Shop_&_PJ's_Outlet_Items
Salleysseashellart.png Salley's Seashell Art (WIGEV) Adventure Park Items
Skaterpigposter.png Skater Pig Poster (WIGEV)_Virtual_Figures_&_Figure_Specific_Items
Smoothiemovesposter.png Smoothie Moves Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
404-1.png Space Poster (WIGEV)_Curio_Shop_Only_Items
4437-1.png Sparkling Gem Poster (WIGEV)_Gem_Hunt_Prizes
Strengthofthechampionsposter.png Strength of Champions Poster (WIGEV)_KinzVille_Academy_Prizes
2998-1.png Supermodelz Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
1505-1.png Superstar Poster (WIGEV)_W_Shop_&_PJ's_Outlet_Items
Sweethearttartposter.png Sweetheart Tart Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Treasuresofthecrystalseaposter.png Treasures of the Crystal Sea Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
File:Webkinz10framedposter.png Webkinz 10 Framed Poster (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Webkinzfrankensteinmovieposter.png Webkinz Frankenstein Movie Poster (WIGEV) Webkinz Newz Prizes
Webkinzmummymovieposter.png Webkinz Mummy Movie Poster (WIGEV) Webkinz Newz Prizes
Webkinzvampiremovieposter.png Webkinz Vampire Movie Poster (WIGEV) Webkinz Newz Prizes
2538-1.png Wheel of WOW Framed Poster (WIGEV)_Feature_Code_Items
Whimsydragonposter.png Whimsy Dragon Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2225-1.png Wishing Well TCG Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Witchbathtubposter.png Witches' Bathtub Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
2222-1.png Zangoz TCG Poster (WIGEV)_Trading_Card_Items
Zumposter.png Zum Poster (WIGEV)_Zumwhere_&_Zumbuddies

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