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Polarberry Jam

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Polarberry Jam is a Webkinz World Arcade game. It stars the polar bear character Inukshuk who also appears in the Arcade game Polar Plunge. It was added to Webkinz World on December 17th, 2009.



The object of Polarberry Jam is to help Inukshuk collect all the berries on each level of the game. While doing so, you must avoid the yetis which will run into Inukshuk and cause a lost life.

To help you along the way, there are a number of objects that can be used to thwart those yetis:

  • Snowballs: Walk past a snowball to pick it up. Once it is in Inukshuk's hand, you may press the spacebar at any point to release it. If it hits a yeti, he will be stalled and you may walk past him without losing a life. However, the yeti is stalled for only a few seconds. Remember that you can only hold one snowball at a time.
  • Ice/Water Traps: Walk over the ice to turn it into water. If a yeti walks into the water, he will fall in and Inukshuk will be able to travel across the ice and past him. However, if Inukshuk falls into the water trap, he will be stuck for a few seconds, during which time yetis can freely walk into him. The water stays unfrozen for a significant amount of time.
  • Snow Bank: Walk over a snowbank and it will fall down onto the level below it. If a yeti is walking underneath when it falls, he will be trapped and will stay frozen for a significant amount of time. Once a snowbank reaches a new level, it may then be walked across again to repeat the action.
  • Snow Bucket and Switch: Walk past a switch and the bucket of snow at the top of the screen will release its snow and will fall into any yetis in its path on the way down, stalling them for a very significant amount of time. Multiple yetis may be trapped by this snow, but be careful because Inukshuk will be briefly trapped as well if he is in its path. The snow bucket and switch are only found on a few levels of the game.

Remember that each of these is used to stall the yetis so that Inukshuk can walk past them - it is a key aspect of the game. However, they all only keep the yetis from moving temporarily.

Once all of the berries on a level have been collected, you will move on to the next level of the game. There are 15 levels of gameplay to complete, and after all 15 have been completed for the first time, the Polarberry Jam Trophy will be awarded (see "Trophy, Badges, and Tagline" below). For more on how to make it through each specific level, see the Walkthrough below.


Use the arrow keys to maneuver Inukshuk: the left and right arrow keys move him left and right, respectively, while the up arrow is used to climb ladders.

Press the spacebar to throw snowballs after they have been picked up.


The scoring system for Polarberry Jam is very simple. Here are the basics:

  • Points are awarded for gathering berries. In each level, each berry picked up is worth a certain amount of points. The points per berry increase on average by six and a half points each later level.
  • Points are awarded for each time a yeti is caught in one of the traps, which include all snowballs, snowbanks, water traps, and snow buckets. Multiple yetis caught in the snow from a bucket are worth multiple points. The amount of points per yeti increases by one each level until Level 11.
  • It is important to note that Level 11 does not have ANY yeti traps and therefore the amount per trap is not available.

However, Ganz has set up the scoring system so that every time the game is completed the score is exactly 29,594. What happens is that there is a certain amount of points that will put the score "on track" to reach that specified amount at the end of the game.

  • If you trap very few yetis and your score is below the "on track" score, during Level 13 the yeti traps are worth 17 points UNTIL you get one that is ANY value which will put you "on track." For example, if your score is 20,843 in Level 13, any following yeti trap will bring your score up to 20,853 adding 10 points instead of 17. From that point on, your score is "on track" and every following yeti trap is worth zero points. If you do not have enough points to be "on track" in Level 13, you will continue to get points into Level 14, and possibly into Level 15.
  • If you trap a lot of yetis and your score is above the "on track" score, as soon as your total amount goes above the "on track" score (in any level) the next yeti trap you receive will not give the required amount and instead give just enough to put you "on track." From then on, all yeti traps are worth zero points.

A different way of explaining it:

  • There is a total of 300 points that can be earned during the game from yeti traps. It is possible to get many more, but 300 is the limit that has been set (a base score would yield 29,294 points, and every game ends with 29,594 points). You can achieve as many points along the levels as you can until you get past 300. As soon as the amount of points you receive from a yeti trap in any level would put you past that 300 total, you only receive enough to put you exactly at 300. Afterwards, all yeti traps are worth zero points.

Despite the scoring issue explained above, the chart below shows the amount of points possible in each of the levels of Polarberry Jam.

Level Number of Berries Points per Berry Total Berry Points Points per Yeti Trap
Level 1 10 75 750 5
Level 2 10 82 820 6
Level 3 11 88 968 7
Level 4 12 95 1045 8
Level 5 12 101 1212 9
Level 6 13 108 1404 10*
Level 7 14 114 1596 11*
Level 8 14 121 1694 12*
Level 9 15 127 1905 13*
Level 10 16 134 2144 14*
Level 11 17 140 2380 N/A
Level 12 18 147 2646 16*
Level 13 20 153 3060 17*
Level 14 22 160 3520 18*
Level 15 25 166 4150 19*

* The amount awarded for yeti hits on Level 6 or even lower can be one of three values: the amount shown in the chart, zero, or enough points to put the final score "on track" to 29,594 at the end.


Below is a gallery of all of the levels of Polarberry Jam - click on a picture in order to see the full size version. In addition, below the pictures are helpful tips specific to each level of the game. Although there is no one way to complete a level, these tips can be used as a general strategy for completing them.

Level 1

The first level of the game is very straightforward - there are only two yetis to avoid. This is the first time to be able to use water traps and snowballs to avoid the yetis. On the far left and right portions of the screen, if you can get the yetis to follow you on the small ladders and platforms, do so: walk from the end of the screen onto one of the water traps and the yeti will follow and fall in.

Level 2

Again a very straightforward level, the best tip for Level 2 is to use the platforms to your advantage: On the middle left and middle right platforms, use Inukshuk's ability to fall off the edges onto the lower levels strategically. Have the yetis follow you onto the ice traps. The snowbank can be used well to trap yetis walking on the level below.

Level 3

This is the first time in the game that it begins to become imperative to have a snowball with you at all times, and that rule will follow true for the entire rest of the game. Try to grab the berries on the top levels first, because it is much easier to go down from the top than up from the bottom. Make sure to use the right edges of each platform strategically, as Inukshuk can quickly fall off each one.

Level 4

A major tip for Level 4 is to fall from the top of ladders down WHILE the yetis are climbing them - Inukshuk will be able to fall past them without being touched which can make for a quick escape. On the top part of the screen, use the ice trap carefully: if you activate it too quickly, you may be trapped with a yeti coming after you and no place to go. However, if time permits, fall into the ice trap and get back up again, as it takes less time for Inukshuk to be released than the yetis.

Be careful when grabbing the snowball at the bottom right - if the yetis are coming down the central ladder, there may not be enough time to make it across the screen before they reach you - plan grabbing the snowball and berries in that area wisely. The snow bucket does not come in handy often in this level because of its poor location, so you may ignore it.

Level 5

Plan your time on the topmost level wisely - get as many berries as you can while you are up there. Also make sure to use the snow bucket with care, because it may be extremely important to activate right when there are some yetis climbing that middle ladder. If yetis have been knocked by the snow from the snow bucket, take this time to grab the berries at the bottom of the screen and work back up to the top again later, time permitting. Otherwise, it is best to get as many as possible at the top first and then grab those at the bottom.

While getting berries from the bottom of the screen, the ice traps may be your only hope of survival - use them often to trap the yetis. If you are trapped on the left or right portion of the screen with a yeti coming from one side and another climbing down the ladder, activate the ice trap and have the one yeti get caught in it, then walk in that direction to avoid the yeti coming down the ladder. Try to keep a snowball in hand at all times for extra caution.

Level 6

Plan your time on each section of this level well - it most likely won't be long before one of the yetis will reach your position. Try to reach the highest levels as often as possible and get the berries up there, because from the top of the screen you may fall onto the level directly below, the level below and to the right or left (this is an important move to make), and all the way to the very bottom of the screen.

Keep a snowball in hand at all times in case of no chance of getting past a particular yeti. Keep in mind that you do not have to climb all the way down the tallest ladders to reach the snowballs - you may also fall where any of the levels meet the ladder. Try not to climb the tallest two ladders unless you are sure you can make it to one of the levels above without a yeti coming down from the top and getting you before you can make it.

Level 7

This level takes a lot of planning and can be very difficult if not executed well. It is extremely important to get a snowball as soon as possible and use it only when absolutely necessary, as Inukshuk should have one in hand at all times. Have yetis follow you along the outside levels and pass over the ice to trap them, similar to what was done in Level 1. Remember that you can fall off the sides of ladders while yetis are climbing them and still not hit the climbing ones, so use this to your advantage. If you ever get trapped, use your snowball to save you and then lure any other yetis onto the ice platforms to trap them. Afterwards, pick up another snowball as soon as possible!

Level 8

The general rule for Level 8 is to make sure to NEVER climb a ladder that has a yeti on the top platform. Make sure to keep Inukshuk on the top of non-yeti-occupied platforms as often as possible. More than likely there will be multiple times during this level that you will need a snowball to pass a yeti on the ground, so keep one with you at all times!

Use the taller two platforms to fall directly on to the other two to avoid walking on the ground. In addition, try to "lure" yetis off of the platforms and on to the ground for better access to the tops of platforms once you can fall down on to them. Grab as many berries as possible in one section of the level at once to avoid needing to go back for them later in the game.

Level 9

Level 9 can be one of the most difficult levels of the game, and often needs a lot of luck in order to complete it. The problem occurs if Inukshuk begins to climb a ladder and afterwards a yeti starts to climb down that same ladder, leaving no chance of escape. To avoid this, try to only climb ladders if you are SURE no yetis will begin to climb down before you reach the top, and try to climb down ladders if a yeti is currently climbing down in the same direction as you at the same time. Also, it is a good idea to "lure" yetis into climbing down certain ladders and not others, as they are prone to climbing down ones you are standing underneath.

Take as little time as possible collecting berries between climbing the ladders. Most importantly, keep a snowball with you at ALL times because this will definitely save lives when there is absolutely nowhere to go (you can find the snowballs at the bottom platform on the far left and right, and the top platform in the middle). Finally, make sure to not begin climbing a ladder if a yeti is directly behind you - if he is too close he will run into you as you begin to climb. In this instance, it may be necessary to throw a snowball at him instead and then climb.

Level 10

Level 10 can be an easy level if you use the yeti traps wisely. From the very beginning, go down to the level below and grab a snowball. Remember that later this is the only part of the level where there will be a supply of snowballs to pick up. The general rule for Level 10 is to spend most of your time on the top and bottom parts of the screen, and as little time as possible in the central part - it is much easier to be trapped in the middle especially if you are climbing up and down the ladders.

When on the top part of the screen, use the ice traps very wisely as you can trap yetis in them and continue to the very topmost ledges without any threats from yetis following behind. When at the very top ledges, plan a fall off of them with care to make sure you can get down to the middle level without interference from yetis climbing up the ladders. Use your ability to fall off the sides of the very middle ledge strategically.

Level 11

Level 11 can be one of the most difficult levels in the game if it is not played correctly, especially since there are no snowballs to help you in this level. The basic strategy is to try to stay away from the bottom part of the screen, and pay attention to when the two tallest ladders can be used safely to make it up to the top. The most important thing to do in this level is to stay in the middle/top sections and fall off the sides of the ledges into safety when needed - this will get Inukshuk away from numerous encounters with yetis.

Make sure to grab as many berries in a section at once as possible, since it is too difficult to keep traveling back and forth repeatedly. If you get stuck on the bottom of the level, your first option is to try to outsmart the yetis by luring them into positions so you can use the small ladders safely or fall off the edges of the platform to keep them from reaching you. If you become trapped so that there is absolutely no way to get past two or more yetis in the center section, you must move to one of the two tall outer ladders. If possible, try to plan your climb of these ladders well so that there is less chance of a yeti climbing down it as you climb up. If there are chances throughout the level you can climb these even if you are not trapped, take the time to do so, as the top part of the screen is always the safest since you can fall down to lower levels at ease off the sides of each platform.

Level 12

A seemingly easy level at first glance, Level 12 is actually one of the most difficult levels in Polarberry Jam to accomplish without losing any lives. There are two very important strategies to follow in this level:

  • NEVER risk falling down to the very bottom of the screen - stay on the ladders at all times!! Once you reach the bottom, there is absolutely no escape if a yeti decides to climb down there with you, or if you simply don't have enough time to climb that middle ladder into safety again. If possible, only fall down to reach berries at the bottom of the screen at the very end of the level so they are the last to be reached.
  • Fall off the top side platforms onto the tall middle ladder as often as possible - if you do, you can land about halfway down the ladder and will be able to climb up it to the top platform even if there are yetis climbing below you. Be careful to only do this if there are no yetis on the top platform, and don't jump if there are yetis climbing farther up on the ladder, since you will run into them. If possible, let yetis on the top platform fall onto the lower side platform that you are standing on and THEN fall onto the middle ladder, which will clear a spot for you on that top platform.

Following these strategies will avoid some lost lives in this level, but there still may be circumstances in which there is no escape from a yeti or two. In these cases, make sure to try to have a snowball with you as a backup plan, although snowballs can only be found at the top platform so are difficult to reach. A final strategy is to fall off the side ladders while yetis are climbing them (same as Level 4) which will save a fraction of time in order to make it to safety somehwere else.

Level 13

Level 13 is a part of the game in which you must usually take whatever is happening and do what is necessary right then and there - there aren't as many general strategies to follow for it. Your most important weapon in this level is the snowball, since it is one of the easiest levels to get caught in a way that you will need to use it.

The best idea for level 13 is to stay in either the bottom or the top portions of the screena and NOT in the middle, since travel between the two sections is very difficult - if a yeti is climbing on one of the connecting ladders or is near them, there will be no way to reach the top from the bottom. When on the bottom of the screen, use the water traps as often as possible by luring a yeti to follow you and the activating one of the traps, just like what was done in Levels 1 and 5. When on the top part of the screen, it is much easier to avoid the yetis because of the different platforms to climb into and change directions. If you are ever caught with a yeti climbing one of the ladders onto the topmost platform, just fall off the side and you will not hit the climbing yeti, same as was done in Levels 4 and 12. From the top part of the screen, it is also important to fall off the bottommost ledge down to the part of the game below to escape yetis, because this is an easy and safe way to get around.

Level 14

Level 14 is another of the most difficult levels in Polarberry Jam. It is more important than ever to keep a snowball with Inukshuk at all times, because it will come in handy many, many times when trying to complete the level. Note right away that the bottom part of the screen is MUCH safer than the top part, and to stay down there as often as possible. If traveling to each part of the screen, try to grab as many berries in one place as possible, since it is hard to continue back and forth between them.

The more ladders on the platform on which you are standing, the better, because it will definitely be tricky getting out of the way of yetis if there are no ladders to climb up or down. Stay away from the very middle and the topmost ledge for this reason, since it is easy to get trapped. Otherwise, simply try to lure yetis onto certain ladders to be able to make escapes, and keep that snowball ready in case there is absolutely no way to get past a group of yetis that have trapped you.

Level 15

Luckily, the last level of Polarberry Jam is slightly more easy than the ones directly before it. Because there are so many ladders and platforms, it is easy to outsmart the yetis and stay safe. For the most part, there will be a lot of waiting in this level, as you wait for yetis to move OFF of one of the three sections where you want to go and move ON to the section where you currently are standing. The reason for doing this is so that you can safely make your descent onto a section where there are less yetis to bother you.

Get as many berries as possible on the section you are on, and get to the very top part of the ledge. From here, you can drop down to any of the platforms of the adjacent section besides the topmost one - this is the key way to move around instead of using the ground. Keep in mind that from ANY of the platforms on one of the sections you can drop to the one directly below on another section.

Once all the berries on Level 15 have been collected, you have finished the game! If this is your first time, you will be prompted with this screen:

And the Polarberry Jam Trophy will be added to your dock!

If this is your second or more time completing the game on that particular account, you will receive this message instead:

For more on the trophy, see "Trophy, Badges, and Tagline" below.

General Tips

These basic tips should apply to all levels of the game, and can be integrated wherever you need help completing a level. For help with each specific level of Polarberry Jam, see the Walkthrough above.

  • Pick up a snowball in the beginning of each round in case you get cornered by a yeti. It is usually imperative to keep a snowball handy at all times throughout the game.
  • Remember that Yetis can climb the ladders, and they will sometimes try to "follow" you. It is thought that yetis will make a point to go in the same direction as Inukshuk, so on levels such as Level 9, try to "lure" the yetis into climbing up or down a ladder, so that you can make your own climb on a different one without fear of the yeti starting on the other end.
  • When you are walking, crack the ice a little more/less than halfway, and when the Yeti comes after you, it will crack the ice and be stuck for a short amount of time. Be careful, however, on the ice. You can crack it for the Yeti to fall in, but you may get trapped and fall in too.
  • You can run and climb faster than a Yeti, so if one is coming after you, you can lose them just by running away if you have somewhere to go and don't end up cornered by another one.
  • If you are near a ladder that connects two horizontal walkways on separate levels, you can walk past the ladder and fall to a lower level. This can prove to be a great maneuver for dodging a Yeti if the Yeti is climbing the ladder and you're at the top. Simply walk off the edge of the ladder and sail over the Yeti's head.
  • While you can climb the ladders, you can't get off the ladders partway between walkways. You have to keep climbing until you reach the next walkway. Make sure you have a destination in mind without any yetis before climbing any ladders, to avoid meeting one once you reach the desired platform.
  • If a snow bank falls on a yeti, he is frozen for a few seconds. While he is frozen, you can make the snow bank in which he is frozen fall again and freeze him again. If he is still frozen at the bottom level, you can completely remove him from the game. Using this method, you can clear all the yetis from the game and gather berries in peace!

Trophy, Badges, and Tagline

The Polarberry Jam Trophy is awarded after the first completion of Level 15 on an account (see the trophy message above at the end of the Walkthrough). This trophy can only be won one time per account, and cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost.

In addition to a wonderful trophy, Polarberry Jam also rewards two badges and one tagline for MyPage.

The two badges are the Jam Master Badge, and the Jam Lightning Badge:

  • The "Jam Master" Badge is awarded for finishing the game using eight or less snowballs on the yetis throughout the entire game.
  • The "Jam Lightning" Badge is awarded for finishing the game quickly, within a certain amount of time. However, the specific amount of time it takes is currently unknown.

The tagline is called Polarberry Jamster:

  • It is currently unknown what triggers this tagline to be awarded.

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Polarberry Jam is 29,594 first achieved by member monkeecj.

More Information

Please see this guide in the forum for more on Polarberry Jam: Guide to Polarberry Jam