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Polar Plunge

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Polar Plunge is a Webkinz World Arcade game. It stars the well-known polar bear character Inukshuk. Polar Plunge is also available as an app for iOS devices.



The object of Polar Plunge is to get Inukshuk safely down the hill on his sled. The hills are very dangerous and you must leap over a variety of objects to make it safely down - these include snowmen (which will slow you down, but if you are slowed down too much you will lose), trees and tree stumps (which will cause a lost game every time with no exceptions), and igloos (which will cause a lost game every time unless Inukshuk is moving extremely quickly).


Use the arrow keys to control Inukshuk. The right arrow key is used to speed up, the left arrow key is to slow down, and the up arrow key is used to jump.

The Four Courses

Please see the links below in "More Information" for complete instructions and help on how to finish each of the four Polar Plunge courses.

Kewl Runnings

Ice Cream Float

Polar Plummet

Black Diamond


The Polar Plunge Trophy

The Polar Plunge trophy is a randomly-awarded Webkinz World trophy - it is not guaranteed every time a player finishes a course. Instead, the trophy is triggered by finishing any of the four courses, the odds of winning being the following:

Kewl Runnings: 1 in 4 chance (once the course is finished)

Ice Cream Float: 3 in 10 chance (once the course is finished)

Polar Plummet: 3 in 10 chance (once the course is finished)

Black Diamond: 4 in 10 chance (once the course is finished)

The trophy currently sells for 50 KinzCash in the W Shop and is KinzPostable.

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Polar Plunge is 11,213 by member monkeecj.

Trading Card

2945-1.png 2972-1.png

More Information

See these guide threads for more help on each of the four Polar Plunge courses:

Guide to Kewl Runnings

Guide to Ice Cream Float

Guide to Polar Plummet

Guide to Black Diamond