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Plush Theme

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Theme History

The Plush Theme was introduced to the wShop in ?.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
Comfortfoodfridge.png Comfort Food Fridge wShop 1500KC
Comfycoffeetable.png Comfy Coffee Table wShop 750KC
Cottoncrafteddresser.png Cotton Crafted Dresser wShop 980KC
Cushydiningtable.png Cushy Dining Table wShop 900KC
Lushloungechair.png Lush Lounge Chair wShop 650KC
Nocrushplushtoybox.png No-Crush Plush Toy Box wShop 650KC
Perfectlyplushdiningchair.png Perfectly Plush Dining Chair wShop 350KC
Plasmaplushtv.png Plasma Plush TV wShop 1200KC
Plushdairybar.png Plush Dairy Bar wShop 425KC
Plushflooring.png Plush Flooring wShop 250KC
Plushpillowsbed.png Plush Pillows Bed wShop 1250KC
Plushrug.png Plush Rug wShop 300KC
Plushwallpaper.png Plush Wallpaper wShop 250KC
Plushysoftsofa.png Plushy Soft Sofa wShop 775KC
Softbakedstove.png Soft Baked Stove wShop 1350KC
Softsidetable.png Soft Side Table wShop 450KC

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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