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Many of these maze guides are currently under construction. If you have any tips or advice for a particular maze, feel free to click "edit" at the top of the maze page to add what you know. Don't worry about making it look "perfect". Just getting the information on the page is the most important part. The layout can always be cleaned up later.

Thank you to everyone who contributes!

How To Play

Movement and jumping are controlled from the keyboard as follows:


To look up, down, right or left press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse to move the view.


Banner Blitz

File:Bannerblitzlogo.png Bannerblitztrophy.png

Name Level
Easy Peasy Easy
Short and Sweet Easy
Cake Walk Easy
Hedge Your Bets Easy
Around the Bend Medium
Up and Down Medium
Lucky 7 Medium
Home At Last Medium

Banners Abound

File:bannersaboundlogo.png Added February 2011. Bannersaboundtrophy.png

Name Level
Assorted Easy
Proliferate Easy
Overflow Easy
Multiply Medium
The Buzz Medium
Plentiful Hard

Dead End Dangers

File:deadenddangerslogo.png Added July 2010. FIle:deadenddangerstrophy.png Removed April 2011. Returned July 2011.

Name Level
The Steps Easy
The Forks Easy
The Slide Medium
Quatroplex Medium
Climbing Tentacles Hard
Freefalling Hard

Fantastic First Flags

File:fantasticfirstflagslogo.png Added July 2010. 6724-fia.png Removed March 2011. Returned June 2011.

Name Level
In All Directions Easy
High And Low Easy
Rolling And Strolling Medium
Up And Over Medium
Mind The Drop Hard
Three Worlds Hard

Flag Fortune

File:flagfortunelogo.png Added November 2010. Flaggortunetrophy.png

Name Level
Good luck! Easy
Toss-up Easy
Prosperity Easy
Megabuck Medium
Good Fortune Medium
Fortune 65 Hard

Flag Order Forage

Coming Soon. Flagorderforagetrophy.png

Name Level
Coming Soon.

Floor Flag Follies

File:floorflagfollieslogo.png Added July 2010. File:floorflagfolliestrophy.png Removed November 2010. Returned July 2011.

Name Level
Slippery Slopes Easy
Going Up? Easy
Sea Legs Medium
Elevator Or Stairs? Medium
Golden Pyramid Hard
Drop Out Hard

Frosty Finish

File:frostyfinishlogo.png Added January 2011. File:frostyfinishtrophy.png

Name Level
Winter Whirl Easy
Frozen Fall Easy
Speed Sledding Easy
Chilly Course Medium
Tumbling Snow Medium
Arctic Artery Hard

Galloping Garden

File:Gallopinggardenlogo.png Added February 2011. Gallopinggardentrophy.png

Name Level
Green House Easy
Window Box Easy
Cottage Romance Easy
Roman Garden Medium
Renaissance Garden Medium
Royal Botanical Hard

Halloween Hunt

File:halloweenhuntlogo.png Added October 2010. File:Halloweenhunttrophy.png Removed November 2010.

Name Level
Treat Track Easy
Trick Trail Easy
Hop To Treats Easy
Fall Find Medium
Snow Scare Medium

Hedge Maze Mania

File:hedgemazemanialogo.png Added September 2010. File:Hedgemazemaniatrophy.png

Name Level
Fountain Fun Easy
Dizzy Double Easy
Topiary Triple Easy
Triangle Trouble Medium
Hedged In Medium

Holiday Hustle

Image:Holidayhustlelogo.png Added December 2010. Holidayhustletrophy.png Removed January 2011.

Name Level
Sweet Scavenge Easy
Jingle Jumble Easy
Present Pursuit Easy
Ornament Hunt Easy
Slalom Search Medium
Caroling Corners Medium
Jolly Junction Medium
Yuletide Split Medium

Jewel Jaunt

The object of these mazes is to find a certain number of jewels. The jewels (or unlucky junk) can be found by walking your hamster through diamond-shaped sparkles coming from the ground. The sparkles are only found in rooms, so you don't have to worry about finding sparkles in the tubes.

File:Jeweljauntlogo.png Jeweljaunttrophy.png

Name Level
Trivial Track Easy
Quick Corners Easy
Skipping Stones Easy
Bobbing for Baubles Easy
Shiny Shakedown Medium
Polished Peril Medium
Brilliant Bounds Medium
Sparkling Finish Medium

Leap of Faith Flags

FIle:leapoffaithflagsogo.png Added July 2010. Leapoffaithflagstrophy.png Removed February 2011.

In June 2011, Ganz brought this maze set back with some changes.

Name Level
Drop On By Easy
Plastic Prism Plunge Easy
Double Drop Easy
Falling 4U Medium
Drop Dilemma Medium
Elevator Frustration Medium
Back Tracks Hard
Sheer Chutes Hard
Velocity Vertigo Hard

Looping Laps

File:loopingapslogo.png Added October 2010. File:loopinglapstrophy.png

Name Level
Domestic Dash Easy
3 Story Speedway Easy
Green Gardens Easy
Summer Stroll Easy
Split Rush Medium
Hamster Heights Medium
Straightaway Scurry Medium
Lucky Looper Medium

Pennant Plunge

File:pennantplungelogo.png Added October 2010. File:Pennantplungetrophy.png

Name Level
Seasonal Signs Easy
Penthouse Pennants Easy
Ensign Exploration Easy
Condo Colors Medium
Annex Emblems Medium
Hodgepodge Hunt Medium

Petal Pursuit

FIle:petalpursuitlogo.png Added October 2010. File:Petalpursuittrophy.png

Name Level
Bachelor Button Easy
Everlasting Easy
Euphorbia Easy
Eucalyptus Easy
Bittersweet Medium
Poppy Medium
Periwinkle Medium
Rhododendron Medium

Rapid Rally

Coming Soon. Rapidrallytrophy.png

Name Level
Coming Soon.

Ripe Roundup

File:riperounduplogo.png Added January 2011. FIle:riperounduptrophy.png

Name Level
Volcano Round Up Easy
Operation Round Up Easy
Heads Up! Easy
Can It Be Done? Easy
I Found It! Medium
Absolute Amble Medium
Nervous Harvest Hard

Room Rummage Flags

File:roomrummageflagslogo.png Added September 2010. FIle:Roomrummageflagstrophy.png

Name Level
Rooms With A Few Easy
Range Roller Easy
Suite Search Easy
Which Niche? Medium
Lost in Lodgings Medium
Last Place Medium

Shrewd Searchers

File:shrewdsearcherslogo.png Added August 2010. Shrewdsearcherstrophy.png Removed March 2011. Re-added June 2011.

Name Level
Search Surprise Easy
Squeak and Seek Easy
Discovery Dash Easy
Hamster Hunt Medium
Scrounge Scurry Medium
Run Rummage Medium
Floor Frenzy Hard
Sprawling Search Hard
Maze Mystery Hard

Speedy Scurry

FIle:speedyscurrylogo.png Added September 2010. File:Speedyscurrytrophy.png

Name Level
Proper Plummet Easy
Frosty Finish Easy
Autumn Drop Easy
Speedy Return Medium
Zig Zagger Medium
Downtown Dash Medium

Speedy Slalom Slopes

File:speedyslalomslopeslogo.png Added September 2010. File:Speedyslalomslopestrophy.png

Name Level
Snowy Speed Easy
Tumble Twist Easy
Triple Treat Medium
Plastic Jungle Medium
Downward Dash Hard
Tangled Mess Hard

Starting Speedways

FIle:startingspeedwayslogo.png Added July 2010. 6723-fia.png Removed February 2011.

Name Level
Straightaway Speed Easy
As The Bird Flies Easy
Crossroads Easy
Trifecta Medium
Twisty Turvy Medium
Mayhem Medium
Need For Speed Hard
Long Roads Hard
Whirling Dervish Hard

Streaky Standards

File:Streakystandardslogo.png Streakystandardstrophy.png

Name Level
Cram Session Easy
Speedy Spots Easy
Little Leftovers Easy
Floor Fling Easy
A Flag Too Far Medium
Pointy Pennants Medium
Bold Banners Medium
Crafty Contours Medium

Tour De Flags

File:tourdeflagslogo.png Added November 2010. File:tourdeflagstrophy.png

Name Level
Roubaix Maze Easy
Bordeaux Maze Easy
Nice Maze Easy
Greoble Maze Medium
Marseilles Maze Medium
Toulouse Maze Hard

Tricky Treasure

File:trickytreasurelogo.png Added November 2010. FIle:Trickytreasuretrophy.png

Name Level
Gem Gardens Maze Easy
Egg Drop Maze Easy
Loopback Lookers Maze Easy
Rise and Fall Maze Medium
Trident Troubles Maze Medium
Field Trip Forage Maze Hard

Vexed Veggies Search

File:vexedveggieslogo.png Added September 2010. File:Vexedveggiessearchtrophy.png

Name Level
Pins and Tees Easy
Cold Vault Easy
8 Tracks Easy
Hidden Hive Medium
Lost Legumes Medium
Cannon Fodder Medium
Mazin' Hamsters