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Pirate Theme

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Theme History

The Pirate Theme was introduced to the wShop in ???.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
1333-1.png Below Decks Wallpaper Curio Shop KC
1302-1.png Buried Treasure Toy Box wShop 325 KC
1297-1.png Captain Dogbeard's Sleeper wShop 950 KC
1304-1.png Captain's Dining Chair wShop 225 KC
1298-1.png Captain's Dubloon Dresser wShop 500 KC
1328-1.png Captain's Quarters Flooring Curio Shop KC
1294-1.png Corsair Cannon wShop 400 KC
1292-1.png Crow's Nest Mast wShop 425 KC
1309-1.png Davy Jones' Locker wShop 725 KC
1307-1.png Dogbeard's Best Side Table wShop 120 KC
1308-1.png Dogbeard's Dining Table wShop 650 KC
3257-1.png Dogbeard's Portrait wShop 350 KC
1310-1.png Dogbeard's Treasure Map wShop 325 KC
1301-1.png Foggy Night Pirate Lamp wShop 125 KC
1293-1.png Hidden Bounty Barrel Dresser wShop 365 KC
1300-1.png Jolly Roger Coffee Table wShop 275 KC
1306-1.png Navigator's Desk wShop 475 KC
1331-1.png On Deck Pirate Flooring wShop 150 KC
1330-1.png On Deck Pirate Wallpaper wShop 175 KC
1303-1.png Pirate Flag wShop 110 KC
1264-1.png Pirate Ship's Wheel wShop 525 KC
1299-1.png Sharkbait Rowboat Sofa wShop 750 KC
1296-1.png Pirate's Rub-a-Dub Washtub wShop 995 KC
1305-1.png Riches & Spoils Pedestal wShop 215 KC

Trading Card

The Pirate Theme was featured on a couple of Webkinz Trading Cards:

3027-1.png 2951-1.png

"Ahoy mateys! When we created the pirate theme, we decided to stick with traditional pirate-like items and ideas. The crow's nest was an interesting challenge because it was so high up, but creating this allowed for the creation of other pieces of furniture that appear higher than usual like our Daredevil Super Bed. Other features of this theme include a trap door in the floor and a cool barrel dresser."

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