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Pickapakora is a sandwich maker recipe made with pickles, tacos, and watermelon.

It was solved on May 29, 2008, and not solved by a Webkinz Insider member.

The recipe was released on May 29, 2008, along with four other recipes: Bluchetta Grillon, Cloyin' Hoipolloi, Misrateru Druppling, and Spinneretti.

This recipe was solved just eleven hours after its release!

Appliance Ingredients
File:Sandwich Maker Large.png 1526-1.png 1537-1.png 91-1.png
Sandwich Maker Pickles Tacos Watermelon

The Webkinz Newz has this to say about the recipe: "If you're looking for a great appetizer, this is the dish for you. Puff pastry stuffed with a delicious cheese mixture and surrounded by buttered greens is a true taste sensation!"

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