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Pick N' Win

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Pick N' Win is a feature added to the Webkinz Newz in June 2011. It allows users to vote on daily polls, take surveys, and take daily quizzes.



Polls allow users to choose one of four options. For instance, see the poll below:
After voting, users must log in with their Webkinz World login information. They will then be awarded 25 KinzCash. After receiving your prize, you will be given the option to see the poll results. If you choose to do so, you will see a bar graph with the vote percentage:


Surveys are identical to polls except that they have multiple questions. Instead of seeing a "Vote" button, you will see a "Next" button that moves to the next question:
After completing all the questions and receiving the prize (also 25 KinzCash), users will be given the option to see the survey's results, as with a poll. Each question and its bar graph will be shown.


Quizzes allow you to choose one of four answers for a question. Only one answer is right.

If You Choose The Right Answer

If you get the answer right, you will get a login message as normal, and then receive your prize (again 25 KinzCash). There are no results to view.

If You Choose The Wrong Answer

If you get the answer wrong, you will receive a message saying "Sorry, you did not pass the quiz. Please try again!"