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Pets Say the Cutest Things

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Your pet gives many funny responses to activities and events in Webkinz World. This page is a summary of those responses.



In July, 2011, Ganz updated the things that pets say. Pets began saying more things, more often. The newest sayings are lumped together and are said by your pet (in the dock picture) upon logging into Webkinz World or may be randomly said as your pet does various activities in Webkinz World. This is not a complete list!

Newest Log In Sayings of Your Pet

These sayings were added in July 2011 and mostly occur upon logging into Webkinz World. The probability of particular sayings does seem to be affected by the happiness, hunger, and health levels of your pet.


As far as pet owners go, you're the best!
Can I please have a new outfit?
Can we go shopping today?
Can we go to the Kinzville Park? Pleaseā€¦
Can we play in the tournament arena today?
Can we visit the arcade?
Could you see if there's something to eat?
Did you miss me?
Have a fabulous day!
I'm bored
I can't wait to start playing!
I could use a morsel or two.
I don't feel so good
I love Webkinz World!
I need a new outfit.
I need food for get up and go.
I think I need to see a doctor
I think I'm coming down with something.
I think you forgot to feed me.
I want a new outfit.
I'm feeling under the weather. I want to see Dr. Quack.
I'm glad you're back because I could use a snack!
I'm so glad you came today!
I'm the luckiest pet in the whole world
Is that food I smell?
Is there some food coming my way soon?
Isn't it a magical day?
It's a Beautiful Day in Kinzville!
It's a great day to play!
It's a great day, isn't it?
Lets be best friends 4-ever!
Let's be friends 4-Ev-er!
Let's go play in the park
Let's hang out in the clubhouse today!
Let's play for a while and then have a snack!
Let's redecorate my room.
Movin' slow 'cause I'm feeling low.
My tummy hurts. Can you make it feel better?
Quizzies is fun
*Rumble* *Rumble* . . . My tummy's making funny noises!
So many places to play... what should we do first?
Sometimes eating is the best
Thank you for looking after me.
That's grrrr 8
Thinking of all the fun we're going to have is making me hungry!
This is so much fun!
Today, it's all good!
Today my name is Ineedahug.
We are going to be best friends 4-ever!
We should have a snack soon.
We're going to have so much fun today!
What are we going to do today?
When are we going to munch on something?
When was the last time we played a game?
Will you buy me a new outfit?
Woo Hoo! You're back!
Woo hoo! You're back! Can you make a snack for me please?
You are GRRRR-8!
You are the best owner a pet could have!
You rock!
You spoil me!
You take such good care of me!
You should check my health - I don't feel great.
You're a good caregiver.
You're such a good food shopper.

What Your Pet Says When You Enter Its Room

Your pet will greet you with a cheery phrase each time you enter your room in Webkinz World immediately after logging into your account.

You're back! What cool things are we gonna do today?
I am SOOO ready to play!
I was bored, but now I'm ready to be adored!
Oh yeah! My day just got a whole lot better!
Yee hah! Let's go have some fun!
Cool! You're back! Let's play!
Hey alright! Let's do something!
I'm ready to play with my favorite pal... YOU!
You're here! Now we can play!
You're back! Let's have some fun!
Woo hoo! Look who's back!
Are we best friends or what!
It's time for a snout shout out! Welcome back!
It's going to be fun now that you're here!
Hey! Yay! Woohoo! Awesome!!
Hi there! Did you come here to play with me?
You're back! That makes me smile!
Aha! I sense a fun time approaching...
What in Webkinz World are we gonna do today?
I was chillin', waiting for you to get home!
Who's a lucky pet? Me! Me! ME!!
I love it when you come to see me!
I'm so excited! What are we going to do today?
Hey there! I knew you didn't forget about me!
Games and quizzes and fun... yes!
Welcome home! Let's have some fun!
I was resting my smile for when you came back!
Nap time can always wait for play time!!
Hello, Hello, Hello! I'm happier now!
It's just not the same around here without you.
Yippee! Time for some F-U-N!
You came back! I knew you would!
Alright! Wassup? Wanna do something?
I'm so happy to see you!
I missed you! Did you miss me?
Alright! Let's get to having some fun!
I was a little lonely, but now I'm a lot happier!

Your Pet's Responses to Receiving Gifts


Adoption of a Pet of the Month

Wow! Check out those amazing gifts!
I'm pet of the month - and you got those gifts for adopting me!
Look at those Pet of the Month gifts! Those are amazing!

Immediately upon buying your pet any W-shop item

This is just like going to the mall!
Thanks! You take good care of me!
You're always so generous to me!
I like shopping. You buy the best stuff.
You're a good shopper.
I like shopping at the W Shop.
Whoo hoo! Who doesn't like shopping?
Let's hear it for shopping! Thanks!
It's fun spending Kinzcash, isn't it?
I like going to the W Shop with you!
Thanks. You're the best.
Wow, thanks for buying that for me!
Getting a gift is great!

Buying your pet's favorite W-shop item (found in your pet's bio)

Wow! I've always wanted one of those!

Buying several large items

Wow! I'm surprised all that fit in that cart!

Upon purchasing a Crown of Wonder at the Curio shop

It looks like you brought me a very special surprise!

What Your Pet Says When You Feed It

   Image:Superchef response.png   Image:Partyinsidemouth.png

W-shop, the right pet specific food, and regular appliance recipes

That was awesome! So tasty!
Oooh, I could go for another one of those!
Mmmm! Good eats!
Sweet! That was great!
Yummy yum yum yum!
That tastes out of this world!
Mmm to the Mmmax!

Megastove recipes, superchef recipes, & farm fresh foods

Responses to Megastove Recipes

What a culinary delight!
That is one tasty combination!
Wow! So many flavors all in one!
Yum! It's like an explosion of taste!
That truly tickles the taste buds!
Delightful AND delicious!
I guess that growling WAS my stomach...
Mmmmm! A gastronomic masterpiece!
Thank you for such a superb treat!
Bye bye hunger!

Responses to Super Chef Recipes

Amazing! You really are a Super Chef!
It's like nothing I've ever tasted before!
Wow! You have some superb culinary skills!
I never could have imagined that flavor combination!
Yum, yummy, and gimme yum-more!
A true taste sensation!
Your skills on the grill are truly unmatched!
You have truly piqued my picky palette!
Woot! My taste buds are still tingling!
You are undoubtedly the most grand of gourmets...!

Responses to farm fresh foods

I feel great! Must be that Farm Fresh food I just ate!
Mmmm! Farm Fresh food is so yummy!
All that hard work really paid off!
Wow! That Farm Fresh food tastes so refreshing! I love it!

Jumbleberries, Pickleberries, Sugarberries, Moonberries

Jumbleberry Responses

I love Jumbleberries!
Yummy! Fresh berries!
That was juicy!
What a refreshing snack!
I love fresh berries!
The joy of Jumbleberries!

Sugarberry Responses

I love Sugarberries!
Yummy! Fresh berries!
Sugary goodness!
What a sweet snack!
I love fresh berries!
Sweet! A Sugarberry!

Pickleberry Responses

I love Pickleberries!
Yummy! Fresh berries!
Freshly picked berries are tasty!
That was the perfect Pickleberry!
I love fresh berries!
Awesome! A Pickleberry!

Moonberry Responses

I love Moonberries!
Yummy! Fresh berries!
Wow! A rare Moonberry!
Moonberries are marvelous!
I love fresh berries!
Moonberries taste amazing!

Springtime Eggs

I love chocolate eggs!
I love Spring Celebration!
Yum! Can I have another?

Vacation Island Buffet Foods

Yum! I love the island buffet!
A nice little taste of the islands...
Mmmm! Island awesome!
Wow! Such unique island flavors

Gunk, Blech, Gak & Creme de Rien

Well, if there's nothing ELSE to eat.

I guess I can drink that..

It doesn't look very nice, but I guess I'll eat it...

Rainbow Gak
If that's an acquired taste, count me out!
Ugh, tastes like swirly swill...
Colorful, but bland.

Rainbow Blech
Tastes like a recipe for disaster...
I really hoped that would have tasted better...
Some things shouldn't be made into a sandwich...

Rainbow Gunk
All the colors of yuck...
I don't think that improved the taste any...
Looked better than it tasted...

Tastes like Gunk, only sweeter...
That's a whole lot of Gunk for one mouthful
Definitely NOT one of my favorites

Creme de Rien
Tastes like cream of nothing good...
Fancy name for something that tastes terrible.
Now my tummy's rumbling for a different reason...

Your pet's favorite food (as listed on their biography)

Wow! That tasted amazing!
I'll never get sick of eating that!
I could eat that every day of the week!
Imagine a whole world of that. Yum!
Wow! That was my favorite food!
MMM!!! My favorite!
I don't know about you, but that's my fav!
That's my favorite. How'd you know?
That's my all time favorite thing to eat!
It's a party inside my mouth!
Now that's what I call delicious!

The wrong pet specific food

I'd prefer a snack meant for me!
That's not one of my favorite foods.
I think that snack is meant for someone else.
Em... sorry, but YUCK!
You're lucky you don't have to eat that.
I'd rather eat one of my favorite foods instead.
Have you actually tasted that? Yeech!
Yuck, I almost gagged on that.
Yuck! You wouldn't buy this if you had to eat it.
That's an okay snack but I'd like something else.
I think I want something else to eat.

The same unpleasant food over & over

Feed me something new, please.
I don't think I can eat any more of that.
I'd really like to eat something else.
I'm bored of eating that.
Can you please feed me something else?
Ugh. Not another one.
Isn't there anything else to eat?

A nonfood item

I'd have a tough time chewing on that!

Any food item when your pet's hunger levels are 100%

Ohh, I'm full. Thanks.
I can't eat another bite for at least five minutes.
No more for me. My stomach's full.
Oooh, I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
I ah...think I've had enough.

Responses of Your Pet to Nafaria Star Trading

Responses if You Cancel a Trade
Good idea.
Maybe we should have given her a chance.
I don't trust her either.

Responses if You Trade with Her and She Takes Star Without Trade She's mean!
Responses if You Successfully Trade With Her

Responses of Your Pet to Webkinz Challenges

Responses of your pet to viewing a challenge
We can do this!
This is fun!
Let's play!
Can you win those prizes for me?
I hope we win some prizes!
This looks challenging!

Responses if pet completes part of a challenge
I love it when we get a new challenge!
We have a new challenge!
Look...a new challenge!
I love those prizes!
I wonder what our next challenge will be...

Talking to Your Pet

In Your Webkinz House


You can ask your pet questions in your Webkinz World house. In the upper righthand corner there is a menu of questions accessed by the "Ask Pet" button. These are some of the responses that you may get, and some of the responses are dependent on your health, happiness, or hunger levels.

Responses to: "How are you feeling?"

if Your Pet is Sick
(you will know it is sick by the thermometer & ice pack on its head):

I wonder what Dr. Quack is up to? Hint, hint.
My tummy hurts. Could we visit Dr. Quack?
Could we maybe go to the clinic?
Oooh, I don't feel so well...
I think I've gotten sick...
I think I have to go to the doctor.
Please take me to the clinic.
Maybe Dr. Quack could help me feel better.
I think I'm coming down with something.
I don't think I can play until I visit Dr. Quack.
I think I could use some TLC from Dr. Quack..
I think I gotta go see the doctor.
Can we go to the clinic now? Can we, huh?
I'm definitely coming down with something.
I think we should go see Dr. Quack.

if Your Pet's Health Meter is Very Low (ice pack on head)
I'll be really sick if you don't help me soon!
My health needs your attention!
I'm really not well.

We'll both feel better when I'm healthy!

if Your Pet's Health Meter is Medium Low (ice pack on head)
You should check my health - I don't feel great.
I could really use some exercise.
I'm worried I could get sick.
I think I am coming down with something.
I feel a bit off!
I'm a little dizzy!
I'm not feeling very well.
Maybe I should have my temperature taken.
I'm going to need some exercise!
I'm a little under the weather.
I need to eat healthier foods.
I've got a headache.
Can I have some vitamins?
I could really use a nice salad.
I think I need some vitamins.
Do you know how to get to the clinic?
Something's not right with my health.
I think I have a fever.
I'm not well. Please help!
I need to get my health up.

if Your Pet's Health Meter is Medium High
There are so many cool things to do here!
You and I should go play some games!
I feel fine today.
I am ready for some Quizzy's!
Feeling good! How about you?
You are good at keeping me healthy!
Thanks for taking care of me.
I am in good health.
You are such a good caregiver!
I love the arcade! Hint, hint...

if Your Pets Health Meter is High
Thanks for caring for me!
I'm feeling fine today!
I feel so healthy!
Everything is a-okay!
Today, it's all good!
I feel fine! Thanks for taking care of me!
I'm feeling fine! Time for some fun!
Healthy foods are so good for us!
You and I are fine!
You should be proud of yourself!

Responses to: How are you doing?

Happiness Meter Low
I'm feeling a little sad. Just a little.
I want to laugh and play with you!
Wanna do something?
I could use something to cheer me up.
Moving slow, 'cause I'm feeling low.
Ooh, my happiness is looking a little low.
I bet you can make me happy again.
I'd feel better if we did something fun.
Turn a frown upside down?
Are we having fun yet?
Let's make like a tree and leaf!
I'm bored.
When was the last time we played a game?
Sure could use a little fun...
Can we have some fun? Can we, huh?
Psst, a favorite food will make me a lot happier.
Know any jokes? I could use a laugh.
Can you help me feel happier?
How about a little Quizzy's? That's fun!
Let's get happy!
I wonder if Quizzy is bored too? Hint, hint.
It's gotta be ten minutes since I've had any fun.

Happiness Meter Medium Low
Let's get happy!
What to do when you're feeling blue?
Let's do something fun!
Are we having fun yet?
What do you like to do when you're blue?
I'm feeling a little glum, chum.
What's going on in the Arcade - hint, hint!
I could use a little fun...
Today my name is Ineedahug.
What's that? You need a hug? Me too!
I'll be happier when we do something fun!
Can we play a game? It would cheer me up.
What can we do for fun?
Let's visit Tabby at the Employment Office!
I wonder if there are any 'Things to Do'?
Let's check out Today's Activities!
I'm kind of bored.
I'm blue, how about you?
I don't feel happy at all.
I want to get happy.
Is it time to have fun yet?
I'm feeling a little sad...just a little.

Happiness Meter Medium High
Can we do a job yet?
Want to play some games? Let's go together!
Let's visit the Tournament Arena!
Games rule! Let's go to the arcade!
Hey, let's go window shopping!
Playing with you is the best!
I bet you're good at arcade games!
You and I have great times together!
Trivia is fun! Let's go see Quizzy!
Let's go do some trivia at Quizzy's!
I bet you're a great game player!
Thanks for making me smile!
I'm so glad you're here.

Happiness Meter High
I'm very happy!
I'm glad I'm your pet.
You're good with pets.
I'm so happy!
I'm having a blast!
Want to play at the Tournament Arena?
You make me happy!
We always have so much fun together!
It's fun hanging out with you!
You get two thumbs up from me!
We're best buds, right?
We are good buddies!

Responses to: "Do you want something to eat?"

Hunger Meter Low
I'm really low on food.
Veggies always make me feel better.
I think I need some medicine soon!
Let's do this after I eat.
Can you give me something to eat?
My belly feels empty.
I'd polish off any food right now!
I'm sooooo hungry.
I think I need something healthy to eat.
I could sure use some food!
Let's eat, now!
Did you remember my food?

Hunger Meter Medium Low
I need food for get up and go.
I feel awful...I need something good to eat.
I've got the munchies!
I think you forgot to feed me.
I need food!
I want to eat.
What's that? Did someone say food?
Let's chow down!
Let's eat!
When's feeding time?
I'm getting hungry!
It's chow time!
It's been a long time since I ate something.
I'd really like to eat.
Food? What a great idea!
Hunger Meter Medium High
Please give me a bite to eat.
May I have a small snack?
When are we going to munch on something?
Why don't we have a little something to eat?
Is that food I smell?
We should have a snack soon.
I could use a nibble.
I'm a little bit hungry.
I could use a morsel or two.
Can you see if there's anything to eat?
I'm hungry! How about you?
Come's eating time!
Is there some food coming my way soon?
What's on the menu? Just curious...

I could eat.
Hunger Meter High
I love the good eats you give me!
Mmm, that tastes like another one!
Thank you for looking after me.
You take such good care of me!
You take good care of me.
You're such a good food shopper.
It's happy time for my tummy!
Sometimes eating is the best.
You always have delicious food for me!
Yummy in the tummy!
You give me the tastiest treats!
I like eating with you!

Responses to: "Want to do something?"

Sweet! Any ideas?
Sure, what do you want to do?
Do I? That's what I've been waiting for!
Great idea. What did you have in mind?

Responses to "Want to go to the... Arcade? Quizzy's? W-Shop?"

Want to read the newspaper??
I am so there! Let's do it!
Click on that Things to Do menu, and let's go!
You read my mind. Let's go!
I was hoping you'd say that!
Do I? Lead the way!

Responses to: "You're such a good pet!"

That's because you're so good with pets!
You're the best-est friend I ever had.
I like playing with you.
Aw, you're just saying that! Really?
Thanks! You're great too!

Responses to: "Want to get some exercise?"

I'd love to!
Lead the way, I will follow!
I was hoping you'd ask.
Alright, I'm cool with getting some exercise.
Who wouldn't want to get some exercise?! Sounds like fun!

Responses to: "Want to play with some toys?

I'm always up for playing!
Great idea. You pick.
I love playing with toys.
Do you even have to ask?

Responses to: "Anything happen while I was gone?"

Nothing much, it's not the same without you.
I had a big party. Just kidding.
I had a few naps.
I cleaned up. It looks good doesn't it?

In the Webkinz Stadium Ready Room

When you enter a Stadium Competition, as the competition time starts, your pet will appear in a "ready room" to prepare for the competition. The rooms appear different depending on what competition you have entered (beauty or cooking or running, for example). In the "ready room", you can talk to your pet by clicking on the "Speak" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and these are some of the responses you will get. The questions and responses are the same in all the "ready rooms".

File:Stadiumready_saying.png    File:Stadiumready_saying2.png

Responses to "Are you ready to compete?"

You made sure I was!
I sure am!
It's now or never!

Responses to "You can do it!"

I'm happy you believe in me!
You really think so?

Responses to: "You're going to be great!"

You're my favorite cheering section!
I owe it all to you!
You're great for my confidence!

Responses to "Remember your training!"

How could I forget?
I'll make you and Ms. Cowaline proud.
After so many classes, it will be like second nature...

Responses to "Don't forget to have fun!"

I'm having fun already!
I'm smiling already!
OK, I won't!

Responses to "Just do your best and I'll be proud of you!"

I'm glad you're in my corner!
Your support means so much to me!
Aw, that's really nice to say!

Responses to "No matter how hard it gets, don't give up!"

I never quit!
I perform best under pressure!
I'll make you proud!

Responses to "Concentration is the key!"

Sorry, what were you saying?
I'll make sure I stay sharp!

Responses to "You've got mad skills!"

Can't argue with that...!
You know it!
When you're right, you're right...

Responses to "You'll be best if you just believe in yourself!"

The power of positive thinking...
I'm the best...I'm the best...I'm the best...
I believe.

What Your Pet Says to Certain Activities

   Image:Goingtowshop.png      Image:Highscoreresponse.png

Some of these responses may only occur when an item is newly placed in your room or when you first log in to visit your pet each day.

Pet sayings while washing at sink

These sayings occur not in your dock picture but in the window that appears when you use an interactive sink
Don't forget the toothpaste!
I need some toothpaste.
My mouth will feel so fresh
Thanks for taking care of me
I'm going to look awesome
This will make my smile look wonderful
I'll be all neat and tidy
Time for a wash
I'm going to look great
Are you going to rince my face?
Time to rince off the bubbles
Yay it's rinse time
Pick up the washcloth and then get some soap!
Just use the brush over my fur to brush it!
My fur is going to look so good!
Are you going to brush my fur!?
Yeah! My fur needs a good brushing!

Pet sayings while in the bathub

These sayings occur not in your dock picture but in the window that appears when you use an interactive bathtub
More bubbles!
They're getting bigger...!
Where'd you go?
Achoo! There you are! Hee-hee!
I like using the sponge for shampooing.
Pop the bubbles or use the shower head for rinsing.
Rinse time!

While using an interactive item (pool, trampoline, etc.) from the W-shop

I'm having so much fun!
Look at me!
Thanks for buying this for me!
I could do this all day!
This is fun!
This is awesome!
Awesome! Sweet!
Yee haw!
You're the best in the whole world!
I'm so glad you bought this for me. Thanks!

After swimming in pool, running on treadmill, or jumping on trampoline

After Running on Treadmill
I walked a far way, except I didn't go anywhere.
Running is great!
I like jogging.
I'm a good walker.
Phew, I bet my feet are all stinky.
Phew, I think I might need a bath.
That was a great workout.
Phew, I'm tired now.
I like exercising. It's very good for me.
I must have walked a long way.
I feel so energized!
My feet are a little sore.
After Jumping on Trampoline
I love my trampoline! Thanks for buying it for me!
I feel energized!
I felt like a rubber ball. Just like!
I didn't know that jumping around could be so tiring!
Phew, I think I might need a bath now.
I still feel like I'm going up and down.
That was a good workout.
I jumped so high, I almost touched a cloud.
My legs feel kind of rubbery now.
That was a blast!
After Swimming in Pool
I like making waves!
I feel refreshed!
I like exercising. It's very good for me.
Swimming feels so good on a hot day!
I was swimming just like a fish!
Did you see how fast I was swimming?
Swimming is very good exercise. It's fun too!
It's good to know how to swim.
I love swimming!
That was a great workout.

After flushing the toilet

I feel so much better now!
I made sure I flushed. You should flush every time.
I'm glad I took a time out.
When you gotta go, you gotta go.
I'm SO glad you bought a toilet.
That was a relief.
All done, let's play now.

After getting dressed

Thanks for outfitting me!
I dig the new threads! Thanks!
Ooh, look at me now! I'm stylin'!
They say clothes make the Webkinz!
You have great taste in clothes!
These clothes are FABulous!
All dressed up and somewhere to go!
I'm dressed to the nines!
I think they call this Pet casual.
I am lookin' fashionable!
Sweet! Thanks for the clothes!
You sure know how to spoil a Webkinz!
I'm lookin' awesome!
Thanks! Everything fits perfectly!

After playing an arcade game

After achieving a personal high score even for the very first time you play a game
That's your best ever. I'm liking this game!
You got your best score. That rocks!
Best ever! Best ever! You did it!
You rocked! That's your best ever!
Your new high score! I knew you could do it!
Cool, that's our best score so far!
Yee haw, that's our best score ever!
Whooo hooo! You beat our high score!
You did it! You beat your best score!
Way to go, you beat your own high score!
Did you know? That's your new best score!
You've really improved. Look at your score!
Check out your new best score! You did it!
Personal High Score Achieved!
That's your highest score yet!
After achieving a daily high score in the arcade
Whoo hoo! We're with the champions!
Guess what? We're on the overall high score list!
We're one of the Webkinz World Champs!
You did it! We're top 5 now!
Your name is going on the overall score list!
Overall High Score Achieved!
We were on a roll you're top 5 now!
You rocked! That's your best ever!
Yippee! We're on the overall high score list now!
Cool, that's our best score so far!
We're really kicking! We're top 5!
That was so cool! You're one of the best now!
You got best score. That rocks!

While in the Runway room

Upon receiving a runway score
I think I'm becoming a fashion icon!
I feel like a celebrity!
I like to strut my stuff.
I think it's time to change my outfit.
Yikes! I've been busted by the fashion police!
When you give lots of the lowest score to other people.
Being mean all the time makes me sad.

After seeing the ghost during Don't Rock the Boat at Vacation Island


After going to the Spa at the (Travel Agency)

I feel wonderful!
That was great!

When going to Quizzy's (including earning a sticker)

When answering questions at Quizzy's
Excellent. Don't stop now!
I like coming to Quizzy's!
I think this is a good way to get Kinzcash!
I like this. It's like being on TV!
You're good in school, aren't you?
Let's win some Kinzcash and buy something.
This is like being paid to go to school!
I bet you'll be teaching your teachers soon!
Ooh, I can feel it. I'm getting smarter!
Wow, the things I'm learning!
Right on! Keep going!

Second group for Quizzy's
I'm learning a lot. Can I go to school with you?
I bet you're going to get A's at school!
I'm going to be the smartest Webkinz around!
Look at all the Kinzcash we're earning!
If only they had Quizzy's at school!
Maybe we won't have to go to school now!
Ooh, I'm getting smarter by the minute!
If we did this every day, we'd be rich!
If only this counted as homework, huh?
We're making money now!

Earning a Sticker at Quizzy's
I wish stickers counted on report cards!
Wow! I feel so intelligent!
Will you just look at that cool sticker?
I really like getting stickers. It's so cool!
Getting stickers is awesome!
Wow, a new sticker!
Getting a sticker is like getting an A!
We got a sticker! Yeah!
Whoo hoo, got a sticker!

Glitch Sayings

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