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Petallastar Pop

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Petallastar Pop is a blender recipe made with corn on the cob, granola cereal, and honey.

It was solved by Webkinz Insider member RachaelC10/20 on May 6, 2012.

It was released on November 10, 2010, along with four other recipes: Aminkle Grog, Falleafals, Murkiibuns, and Pokeydokees.

This recipe was solved one year, five months, and twenty-six days after its release date.

Petallastar Pop was unsolved for over a year which makes it one of only nine secret recipes to have ever reached that milestone. The others are: Aminkle Grog, Boiled Wyvernacle, Epochiquox Glimmer, Gladdugrumble, Spiny Sporcues, Spranklebeek, Tusslepuff, and Yummytummy Tumbler.

Appliance Ingredients
File:Blender Large.png 92-1.png 1529-1.png 96-1.png
Blender Corn on the Cob Granola Cereal Honey

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