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Petal Print Theme

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Theme History

The Petal Print Theme is an eStore only theme introduced in July 2012.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Points
File:Butterflylatticedesk.png Butterfly Lattice Desk eStore Deluxe 3,000
File:Butterflylatticedeskchair.png Butterfly Lattice Desk Chair eStore Deluxe 2,000
File:Butterflylatticeshelvingunit.png Butterfly Lattice Shelving Unit eStore Deluxe 5,000
File:Butterflylatticesidetable.png Butterfly Lattice Side Table eStore Regular 4,000

Deluxe 3,000

File:Butterflywingmirror.png Butterfly Wing Mirror eStore Deluxe 2,000
File:Colorfulflowerlamp.png Colorful Flower Lamp eStore Regular 3,000

Deluxe 2,000

Fantasticfloralcomfychair.png Fantastic Floral Comfy Chair eStore Deluxe 3,000
Fantasticfloralcouch.png Fantastic Floral Couch eStore Regular 6,000

Deluxe 5,000

File:Greenflowerrug.png Green Flower Rug eStore Regular 3,500

Deluxe 2,500

File:Petalprintbeanbagchair.png Petal Print Bean Bag Chair eStore Regular 4,000

Deluxe 3,000

Petalprintprincessbed.png Petal Print Princess Bed eStore Regular 9,000

Deluxe 7,000

Petalprintprivacyshower.png Petal Print Privacy Shower eStore Deluxe 6,000
Petalprintrug.png Petal Print Rug eStore Deluxe 2,500
Pinkpetalsink.png Petal Print Sink eStore Regular 6,000

Deluxe 5,000

File:Petalprinttoilet.png Petal Print Toilet eStore Deluxe 4,000

Regular 3,000

Petalprintwallpaper.png Petal Print Wallpaper eStore Regular 2,000

Deluxe 1,000

Petalprintwoodflooring.png Petal Print Wood Flooring eStore Regular 1,500

Deluxe 500

Purplepetaldigitalwallclock.png Purple Petal Digital Wall Clock eStore Regular 2,000

Deluxe 1,500

File:Whitewroughtironchair.png White Wrought Iron Chair eStore Regular 4,000

Deluxe 3,000

File:Whitewroughtirontable.png White Wrought Iron Table eStore Regular 4,000

Deluxe 3,000

File:Wonderfulwingedwindow.png Wonderful Winged Window eStore Deluxe 3,000

Theme Pets

Picture Name Availability Cost
File:Petalprintgiraffeavatar.png Petal Print Giraffe Ganz eStore Deluxe Only: 12,500
File:Petalprintskunkavatar.png Petal Print Skunk Ganz eStore Deluxe Only: 12,500
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