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PSFs and PSIs

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Every pet in Webkinz World comes with a Pet Specific Food (PSF) and a Pet Specific Item (PSI).

>> Looking for pet release dates and status information? Click HERE to go to the Full List of All Webkinz Pets.
>> Click HERE to view pictures of these items.
Pet Name PSF[1] PSI[2]
10 Year Magic W Pup Magic W Ice Pop Happy 10 Years Bed
Aardvark Termite Delight Ant Hill Thrill Pit
Afghan Hound Chowlow Stylish Salon Seating
African Wild Dog, Signature Wild Beast Brisket Gyrostalker
Airborne Puppy Winged Wet Food Cloud Control Station
Airedale Terrier Elegant English Muffins Deluxe Grooming Chair
Alley Cat Spiced Salmon Strudel Big City Window
Aloha Dolphin Saltwater Sushi Hang Ten Surfboard
Alpaca Wheat Grass Smoothie Fully Wooly Recliner
Alpine St. Bernard Frozen Chocolate Fondue Barrel Hot Tub
American Albino (Horse) Sugar Cube Satay Garden Stripes Table
American Buffalo Green Grass Gremolata Roamin the Plains Grill
American Cocker Spaniel Doggie Bone Burger FASTCAR Racer
American German Shepherd Off-Duty Donut Puppy Patrol Motorcycle
American Golden Retriever Best In Show Brownies Celebration Throne
Amethyst Hound Amethyst Twist Amethyst Bed
Angora Bunny Crunchy Carrot Chutney Cozy Carrot Couch
Apatosaurus Cycad Caesar Long Neck Deck Chair
Apprentice Owl Magic Potion Punch Spellbound Perch
Aquamarine Puppy Aquamarine Angel Cake Aquamarine Furniture Set
Aquarius Retriever Melon Moons Aquaritarium
Arctic Fox Winter Snow Crepes Frozen Tundra Treadmill
Arctic Fox, Signature Frozen Fish and Chips Daring Den Slide
Arctic Hare, Signature Wintry Raspberry Tea Snowdrift Hideaway
Arctic Polar Bear Polarberry Punch Peek a Boo Pond
Aries Ram Charred Celestial Cauliflower Shimmering Stained Glass Window
Asian Elephant, Endangered Peanut Butter and Banana Split Asian Elephant Sanctuary Set
Australian Shepherd, Signature Rancher's Roast Beef Country Sensation Stage
Autumn Owl Fresh Fish Cornucopia Fresh Fall Perch
Baby Penguin Salt Water Slushy Polar Playpen[3]
Badger Hot Honey Hoagie Badger Hill
Ballet Pup Sugarplum Sorbet Pink Tutu Table
Banana Print Monkey Chocolate Dipped Bananas Bouncy Banana Bed
Barn Owl, Signature Gourmet Cricket Cocktail Sneaky Silo
Barred Owl Rocky Rodent Mice Cream Hollow Lounger
Basset Hound Kibble Kabob Detective Desk
Bat Freaky Fruit Frappe Batwing Chair
Batik Elephant Batikka Masala Batik Loveseat
Beagle Beagle Bagel Bits Paw Print Dining table
Beagle, Small Signature Off Leash Quiche Big Bark Clock Tower
Beaver Barkberry Smoothie Beaver Lodge Bed
Beaver, Signature Birch Branch Breadsticks Log Lodge Pool
Bedtime Puppy BFF Buttery Popcorn Pizza Party Perch
Bengal Cat, Signature Wild Salmon Souffle Cozy Canopy Bed
Bengal Tiger Gaur Garbour Rock Ledge Bed
Bengal Tiger, Endangered Stealthy Steak Tatar Bengal Tiger Sanctuary Set
Bernese Mountain Dog, Signature Swiss Apple Quiche Alps Rescue Station
Berry Cheeky Monkey Very Berry Ice Pop Banana Buggy
Betta Fish Mosquito Burrito Fins of Stone Punching Bag
Bichon Frise Cotton Kibble Candy Fluffy White Bubble Bath
Big Top Elephant Greatest Peanuts on Earth Three Ring Swing
Billy Goat Alfalfa Fajitas Tasty Bouncy Sofa
Black African Rhinoceros, Endangered Savanna Shoot Sandwich Black African Rhinoceros Sanctuary Set
Cauliflower Sheep Fresh Garden Salad Salad Dressing Fountain
Black and White Cat Catnip Chips & Dip Yarn Ball sofa
Black and White Cheeky Dog Kibble-Chip Ice Cream Black & Chrome Paw Stove
Black Bear Honey Bee Roast Cave Bed
Black Bear, Small Signature Honeycomb Custard Golden Honey Waterfall
Black Cat Fried Bat Cakes Witch's Brew Bathtub
Black Footed Ferret, Signature BBQ Prairie Wings Burrowing Cliffside Slide
Black Fresian (Stallion) Horseshoe Huckleberry Hotcakes Haybale Sofa
Black Lab Kibble A La King Autumn Paw Print Window
Black Lab, Small Signature Mini Meatballs Frantic Frisbee Flinger
Black Panther Cervidae Cacciatore Chic Black Couch
Black Poodle Licorice Canapes Poofy Poodle Chair
Black Wolf Beef and Black Bean Stew Komrade Couch
Blonde Cockapoo Doggy Bone Cone Summer Watering Hole
Blonde Dachshund Vanilla Cannoli Gold Armchair
Blossom Fish Seedy Seaside Smoothie Underwater Garden
Blossom Sea Turtle Sea Sponge Cake Sea Floral Cave
Blue Google True Blue Bubble Soup Crazy Confetti Chest
Blue Jay Bright Blue Seed Drop Stew True Blue Birdbath
Blue Lamb True Blue Fruities Baby Blue Bumper Car
Blue Springtime Chick Blue Candy Corn Feed Blue Easter Egg Chair
Blue Triggerfish Coral Cordon Bleu Bubbly Blue Bathtub
Blue Whale Grilled Krill Thrill Whale Sized Wardrobe
Blueberry Cheeky Dog Blueberry Soda Blueberry Bumper Car
Blufadoodle Doodle Noodles Blueberry Fountain
Border Collie Cream of Collieflower Soup Best in Show Throne
Border Terrier, Signature Continental Breakfast Around the World Plane
Boston Terrier Boston Baked Bones Puppy Collar Clock
Bottlenose Dolphin Hot Herring Hermits Cookies Leaping Dohphin Fountain
Boxer Champion Treats Boxing Ring Trampoline
Brilliant Bandit Dazzling Donuts Brilliant Ball Gown
Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty Perfect Purple Punch Sleek Sequin Armoire
Brown Arabian Horse's D'oeuvres Horse Show Victory Photo
Brown Bear, Endangered Honey Glazed Salmon Brown Bear Sanctuary Set
Brown Boston Terrier Charred Baseball Steak Championship Pool
Brown Cow Brown Cow Float Chocolate Milk Fridge
Brown Dog Savory Sweet Meat Treat Patchwork Sofa
Brown Sugar Puppy Marbled Ice Cream Professional Dessert Mixer
Bubblegum Cheeky Cat Spaghetti and Gumballs Gumball Pit
Bubblegum Mammoth Bubblegum Sundae Super Sticky Sofa
Bubblegumasaurus Bubbly Gumbo Giant Gumball Wardrobe
Budgie Tropical Tapioca Budgie Striped Sofa
Bull Frog Savory Swamp Stew Lord of the Pond Throne
Bull Terrier Bulls Eye Biscuits Sturdy Stone Lantern
Bull Terrier, Signature Super Steak 'n' Eggs Weightlifter's Station
Bulldog Bangers & Mash Fire Hydrant Fridge
Bulldog Puppy Big Game Bacon Nachos Sports Fan Couch
Bushbaby Butterscotch Beatles Super Secret Safe
Butterscotch Retriever Butterscotch Pancakes Tennis Ball Launcher
Buttons Bear Stitched Up Cupcake Cute Quilting Table
Calico Cat Candy Catnip Calicoat Closet
Calico Cat, Signature Kitten Caboodle Strudel Cat's Meow Garden
Camel Neem Nog Desert Oasis Pond
Camo Croc Florida Key Lime Pie Swamp Hovercraft
Camo Rhino Disguised Fries Conceal Appeal Lounger
Canary Sunflower Seed Soup Songbird Stereo
Cancer Crab Moon Cake Water Sign Waterfall
Candy Apple Camel Caramelted Apple Pie Jawbreaker Sorter
Candy Corn Mouse Petrifying Popcorn Pumpkin Carving Station
Candy Googles Rainbow Swirl Lollipop Cotton Candy Hammock
Candy Leopard Jelly Bean Burritos Candy Counter Fridge
Candy Pup Gummy Bones Candy Pup Tent
Cape Mountain Zebra, Endangered Wild Flower Fondue Cape Mountain Zebra Sanctuary Set
Capricorn Goat Capricorn on the Cob Capricorn Window
Caramel Lion Caramelized Eland Flan Paws and Claws Armoire
Cardinal Honeysuckle Samosa Cardinal Nest Chair
Carousel Horse Candied Carousel Corn Dogs Ferris Wheel Lamp
Carrots Bunny Carrot Cake Crepes Springtime Clock
Cat Chocolate Bar Blue Ball Cap
Caterpillar Leafy Layer Cake Butterfly Costume
Celestial Unicorn Soaring Star Sorbet Celestial Swing
Chameleon Leaf and Locust Linguine Color Changing Chair
Charcoal Cat Roasted Mousemallows Paw Print Fireplace
Charming Panda Bamboo Biscuits Bamboo Chute Swing
Charming Rat Enchanted Cheese Tricky Magical Blackboard
Cheeky Bunny Carrot Cake Cupcakes Happy Hoppy Tulip Patch
Cheeky Cat Puffer Fish Pastry Cheeky Cat Range[4]
Cheeky Dog Berried Bone Bonbons Cheeky Dog Grill
Cheeky Monkey Junglicious Banana Shake Banana Hammock
Cheer Pup Rah Rah Ravioli Confetti Launcher
Cheetah, Signature Rapid Rib Eye Sunny Savanna Oasis
Cherry Blossom Bird Cherry Blossom Cheesecake Cherry Blossom Bird Loveseat
Cherry Soda Pup Creamy Cherry Cheesecake Charming Cherry Bumper
Cheshire Cat Gringer Snap Cookies Freaky Forest Tree Perch
Chi Chi Chihuahua Decadent Doggie Dish Chic Wardrobe
Chickadee Stuffed Caterpillar Calamarata Treetop Lamp
Chicken Candy Corn Compote Egg Chair
Chihuahua Bueno Bone Burritos Poco Fiesta Throne
Chillaxin Penguin Frosty Sardine Sandwich Arctic Airplane
Chillin' Sea Lion Chilled Shrimp Cocktail Max'n and Relax'n Beach Chair
Chimpanzee Rain Forest Stir Fry Jungle Gym Chair
Chimpanzee, Signature Creme Brulee avec Bugs Banana Boom Box
Chimpanzee, Small Signature Chocolate Chimp Pancakes Banana Split Sundae Station
Chinchilla Pachamanchilla Playful Dust Pit
Chinese Dragon Fire Spice Ramen Ancient Dynasty Trunk
Chipmunk Sweet Peanut Pie Acorn Barbecue
Chipmunk, Small Signature Acorn Escargot Nutty Conveyor Belt
Choco Cheeky Dog Chocobones Cereal Melting Chocolate Chair
Chocolate Lab Carob Chip Cookies Cocoa Basket Bed
Chocolate Pup Fine Fudge Truffles Lots of Chocolate Booth
Chow Chow Puffy Pedigree Pastry Ornate Oriental Spa
Chow Chow, Signature Signature Stir Fry Empire Tower Bed
Cinnamon Dachshund Cinna-Bones Cinnamon Bun Bed
Citrus Dragon Citrus Sherbert Sorbet Lemonade Stand
Cloud Sheep Wooly Waffles Float Away Fantasy Fridge
Clouded Leopard, Endangered Wild Game Gratin Clouded Leopard Sanctuary Set
Clover Cat Four Leaf Catnip Playful Pot of Gold
Clover Lion Lucky Steak Medallion Hidden Clover Den
Clover Puppy Lucky Pupcakes Pot-O-Gold Safe
Clown Fish Algae Alfajore Underwater Television
Clydesdale Horse Braised Bannock Bites Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace
Cocker Spaniel Beef-Flavored Gumdrops Bone Fridge
Cocker Spaniel, Signature Purebred Pudding Majestic Dog Mansion
Cocoa Dinosaur Sweet Cocoa Con Carne Prehistoric Stove
Cocoa Lab Caramel Ice Pop Frozen Treat Fridge
Collie Collie Lolly Ossilily Plant
Colorblock Monkey Tropical Fruit Candy Colorblock Couch
Colorsplash Tiger Rainbow Spaghetti Bowl Finger Painting Easel
Cookies 'n Cream Guinea Pig Crunchy Chocolate Tacos Cocoa Power Shower
Cookies and Cream Koala Cookie Crumb Sundae Cupcake Forklift
Cosmic Bear Moon Rock Candy Levitating Loveseat
Cotton Candy Bunny Carnival Candy Carrots Suddenly Spring Trampoline
Cotton Candy Puppy Ice Cream Cupcakes Cotton Candy Closet
Cotton Candy Sheep Fluffy Muffins Pink Bubble Machine
Cotton Top Tamarin Tropical Trail Mix Cozy Cotton Couch
Cougar, Endangered Leaping Lamp Kebabs Cougar Sanctuary Set
Cow Candy Grass Milk Truck
Cow, Signature Cowzone Cozy Hayloft Hideaway
Coyote Prairie Omelette Canyon Crosswalk
Cream Soda Pup Creamy Creme Brulee Cream Soda Sprinkler
Crocodile Mollusk Medallions Rockin' Crock Swamp
Cuddly Koala Eucalyptus Tea Cozy Pink Pajamas
Cupcake Pup Cupcake Pops Cupcake Baker's Table
Curious Mouse Covert Cookies Tricky Dollhouse Safe
Curly Camel Milkshake Mirage Sand Dune Den
Curly Lion Curly Fries Majestic Wardrobe
Dachshund Tenny Roasted Weenies Dashin' Dachshund Treadmill
Daisy Pig Trough Toffee Daisy Flower Bed
Daisy Tortoise Delicious Daisy Danish Daisy Driver
Dalmatian Five Alarm Chili Rapid Rescue Fire Truck
Dama Gazelle, Endangered Acacia Leaf Lasagna Dama Gazelle Sanctuary Set
Darling Dino Sparkling Sundae Prehistoric Pond
Dazzle Dachshund Swanky Sorbet Pup Star Vanity
Deer Buck Potluck Great Outdoors Window
Deer, Signature Grilled Sugar Beet Salad Friendly Forest Window
Diamond Doggy Diamond Dipped Sugar Cone Diamond Piano
Diggity Dino Prehistoric Pizza Triassic Toy Box
Dire Wolf Mammoth Burger Tar Pit Oasis
Dodo Bird Goofy Grapefruit Gelato Homemade Helicopter
Domino Cat Delectable Domino Cookie Domino Effect Area Rug
Donkey Flapjacks Gold Mine
Donkey Pinata Cheerful Churros Festive Candy Fridge
Donut Pup Donut Sandwich Cup of Cocoa Tub
Dreamy Sheep Midnight Snack Day Dreamer's Window
Duck Cheese and Quackers Wetlands Pond Bathtub
Dutch Bunny, Signature Boerenkoleslaw Tulip Tower Windmill
Eagle Flying Fish Fricassee Majestic Soaring Sofa
Earth Dragon Wild Herbal Tea Forest Hollow Cave
Earth Fawn Flower Flapjacks Forest Floor Trapdoor
Elephant Tender Leaf Cookies Bigtop Cart
Eluvant Luv Potion Pop True Luv Wishing Well
Emerald Lab Emerald Eclairs Emerald TV
Emperor Dragon Dragon's Dessert Flambe Timeless Treasure TV
Enchanted Elephant Karmic Korma Mystical Magic Carpet
Enchanted Goat Beguiling Bagel Wise Enchanter Outfit
English Bulldog, Signature Great Puppy Poundcake Double Decker Bus Bed
English Spot Bunny, Signature Carrot Bisque Spot of Tea Slide
Fabled Goose Sing Along Snacks Story Time Throne
Fancy Flamingo Watermelon Punch Luxury Lounge Chair
Fantail Goldfish Daphnia Dafina Fantail Table
Fennec Fox Wild Egg Omelet Sand Dune Buggy
Ferret Foot Long Feast Relaxing Longtub
Fiesta Bull Quirky Quesadillas Fiesta Dining Table
Fiesta Chihuahua Fandango Fries Pinata Rocking Horse
Fire Fawn Fireweed Flambé Molten Meals Oven
Fire Songbird Seared Seed Buns Sizzling Seat
Fleecy Sheep Grazed Glazed Greens Sweet Sweater Stand
Floppy Eared Bunny Frozen Carrot Pops Carrot Car
Floppy Pig Mud Pie Flapjacks Flop N' Slop Bathtub
Floral Fox Seedle Delight Fantastic Flowerbed
Flower Frog Lotus Blossom Tea Lily Pad Trampoline
Fox Squirm-Berry Ice Cream Fancy Fox Kitchen Counter & Cabinet
Fox, Small Signature Sly Lamb Pie Sly Slide
Fox Terrier After Run Bun Windy Moors Den
Friendly Dragon Friendly Dragon Fruit Soarbet Friendly Dragon Stone Statue
Friendly Monster Booberry Gumball Slimy Monster Bathtub
Frog Buggy Jelly Lily Pad Water Bed
FrooFroo Fox Crayfish Cocktail Elegant Settee
Garnet Rover Birthstone Snowcone Garnet Desk + Chair + Poster
Gecko Sticky Spider Cider Leafy Lounger
Gelato Parrot Tropical Fruit Frenzy Sprawling Candy Centerpiece
Gemini Butterfly Nocturnal Nectar Twin Side Tables
German Shepherd Pretzel Bone Puppy Patrol Car
German Shepherd, Signature Signature Schnitzel Puppy Patrol Command Station
German Shepherd, Small Signature Off Duty Donuts Flock Watch Tower
German Short Haired Pointer, Signature Cinnamon Strudel Doggie Diving Pool
Ginger Cat Gingerbread Paw Prints Bakers Oven
Gingerbread Puppy Gingersnap Pie Gingerbread Bed
Giraffe Tall-y Lolly Long Neck TV
Giraffe, Signature Evergreen Ice Cream Sky High Shower
Glacial Fox Freshly Frozen Nuggets Frozen Fun Slide
Glamour Gecko Creme de Cricket Glitz 'n' Glamour Disco Ball
Glamorous Gorilla Glam Hors D'Oeuvres VIP Booth
Glitzy Dragon Classy Creme Brulee Winged Wardrobe
Gobbler Turkey Cranberry Gobbler (Same as Golden Turkey) Healthy Harvest Dining Table
Gold & White Cat Tuna Caramel Corn Milk Carton Fridge
Golden Fawn Marigold Muffin Golden Canopy Bed
Golden Deluxe Dragon Golden Whimsical Wontons Fictional Fireplace
Golden Eagle Soaring Sizzling Scallops Golden Lamppost Lounger
Golden Lion Tamarin Wildflower Nectar Rainforest Sleeping Bag
Golden Pegasus Golden Gyro Hidden Hot Spring
Golden Retriever Marzipan Bone Retriever Treadmill
Golden Retriever, Signature Golden Syrup Pancakes Golden Tuxedo
Golden Retriever, Small Signature Canine Carat Cake Golden Glide Water Slide
Golden Turkey Cranberry Gobbler (Same as Gobbler Turkey) Golden Feast Dining Table
Googles Googles Noodles Googles Scrying Pond
Gorilla Crunchy Shoots & Roots Great Gorilla Hanging Chair
Grape Soda Pup Grape Soda Cap Gummies Soda Can Fridge
Green Earth Puppy Farm Fresh Frittata Playful Pup Topiary
Green Peppermint Unicorn Green Magic Mint Smoothie Green Mystical Ice Sculpture
Green Seadragon Seashell Soup (2) Ocean Emeralds Side Tables
Green Shimmer Snake Twinkling Tiramisu Shimmering Star Lamp
Green Sloth Slow Cooked Stew Lazy Days Hammock
Gray & White Cat Flounder Flan Cat Trick Trampoline
Grey Arabian Alfalafel Three Wishes Genie Lamp
Grey Langur Fruited Fungi Fritters Jungle Journey Balloon
Grey Owl Frozen Mice Lollies Nocturnal Night Lamp
Grey Squirrel Munchy Acorn Meringues Amazing Acorn Armoire
Grey Tabby Cat, Small Signature Felime Pie Catnip Canopy Gazebo
Grey Wolf Braised Venison Cacciatore Red Hooded Riding Car
Grey Wolf (Plush) Caribou Stew Howl and Prowl TV
Griffin Shimmering Sapphire Skewers Fabled Fireplace
Grizzly Bear Cub Sandwich Hibernation Hammock
Groovy Gorilla Boppin' Blueberry Shake Bongo Trampoline
Groundhog Two Seasons Cake Woodland Burrow Bureau
Grumpy Cat Bad Tempered Tuna Crotchety Cat Bed
Guinea Pig Petite Pellet Palette Hidey House Lounger
Gypsy Vanner Travelers Trail Mix Elegant Vardo Wagon
Harmony Crane Zen Bento Box Good Fortune Kimono
Harmony Dragon Harmony Dragon Fruit Soarbet Harmony Stone Statue
Harmony Puppy Tranquil Tenderloin Carefree Cushion
Harp Seal, Signature Flounder Quarter Pounder Icy Arctic Organ
Harvest Sheep Pumpkin Parfait Autumn Tree Slide
Hedgehog Floating Snail Fondue Hedgy Hedgehog
Himalayan Cat Sherpa's Pie Yeti Mountain Window
Hippie Hippo Groovy Grass Gelato Peace and Loveseat
Hippo Stubbly Grass Nibbles Wallowing Tub
Hippopotamus, Signature Short Grass Samosas Muddy River Raft Ride
Hippie Hippo Groovy Grass Gelato Peace and Loveseat
Holiday Husky Gingerbread Biscuits Dog Sled Bed
Holidoodle Green Mint Shortbread Candy Cane Slide
Holland Lop Bunny Carrot Cream Cone Homemade Carrot Juicer
Holstein Cow Udderly Delicious Sundae Milk Jug Fridge
Hopping Bunny Jellybean Jumble Hopping Drum Kit Set
Horse (Brown) Sweet Clover Cake Racetrack Treadmill
Hound Dog Hunk-a-Hunk of P.B.&J. Rock and Roll Outfit
Howdy Horse Lasso Linguine High Noon Chair
Hummingbird Honeysuckle Sticky Buns Brilliant Hibiscus Chair
Husky Frosted Kibbly Chunks Northern Nights Bed
Hyena Sub-Saharan Sandwich Fifteen Minutes Mic
Iberian Lynx, Signature Reptile Ravioli Iberian Lynx Sanctuary Set
Ice Cream Pup Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream Sandwich Maker
Ice Cream Scoop Snail Sprinkles and Cream Waffles Hot Fudge Willow Tree
Ice Dragon Mythical Milkshake Ice Tower Lookout
Ice Fawn Frosted Ice Cakes Musical Ice Box
Ice Penguin Hot Fish Soup Slippery Slide
Ice Swan Frozen Fruit Cocktail Ice Palace Window
Iceberg Bear Frosted Mug Cake Hot Springs Bath
Icy Mist Leopard Polarberry Float Glacier Mist Fridge
Iguana Leafy Lizard Linguini Sunny Siesta Sofa
Irish Setter Discus Biscuits Dog Show Trophy Display
Jack Russell Double Decker Steak Cake Bow Wow Bone Tree
Jackalope Folklore Smores Tall Tails Forest
Jelly Bean Puppy Jelly Bean Jam Jelly Bean Big Screen
Kangaroo Poppin' Peach Melba Desert Jumper Jeep
Key Lime Dino Cretaceous Crustacean Soup Ancient Egg Fridge
King Charles Spaniel Noble Nachos Turret Tower Window
King Charles Spaniel, Signature Royal Feast Palatial Platform
Knit Sock Dog Cozy Tea Comfy Knitted Chair
Knit Sock Monkey Banana Ice Pop Knitted Outfit
Koala Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries Wacky Eucalyptus TV
Koala, Signature Exquisite Eucalyptea Outback Elevator
Labradoodle Scrumptious T-Bone Steak Tennis Ball Swing
Labradoodle, Signature Labracadabra Chow Cocoa Cafe Booth
Lady Ostrich Charming Caviar Luxurious Pink Bubble Bath
Ladybug Crunchy Leaf Coleslaw Sweet Spotted Wardrobe
Lamb Leafy Splurge Lasagna Little Lamb Bed
Lamb, Small Signature Crispy Hay Squares Woolly Carnival Canon
Lava Dragon Magical Magma Marshmallows Molten Magma Bed
Lemon Lime Gecko Locust Leckerli Lemon-Lime-Time Clock
Leo Lion Sunny Sirlion Roaring Roasting Pit
Leonberger Baked Bean Bratwurst Puppy Grub Tub
Leopard Garlicky Gazelle Tenderloin Wilds of the Jungle Sofa
Leopard Lizard Cricket Croquette Lizard Lounge Chair
Libra Eagle Well-Balanced Breakfast Balance Perch
Licorice Fish Jelly Guppies Taste Tester Fountain
Lil Blue Piglet Blue Marzipan Truffles Blue Spring Greenhouse
Lil Green Duckling Sweet Springtime Green Custard Green Spring Swing
Lil Green Piglet Green Marzipan Truffles Green Spring Greenhouse
Lil Orange Goat Orange Spring Rolls Orange Sweet Garden Silo
Lil Peanut Pup PB&J Popcorn Cute & Cozy Couch
Lil Pink Goat Pink Spring Rolls Pink Sweet Garden Silo
Lil Purple Duckling Sweet Springtime Purple Custard Purple Spring Swing
Lil Purple Goat Purple Spring Rolls Purple Sweet Garden Silo
Lil Purple Piglet Purple Marzipan Truffles Purple Spring Greenhouse
Lil Yellow Duckling Sweet Springtime Yellow Custard Yellow Spring Swing
Lilac Guinea Pig Papaya Punch Wild Flower Spa
Lion Zebra Dog Monarch of the Beasts Throne
Lion, Signature Meaty Mane Entree Savanna Mane Stage
Lioness Kudu Katsudon Queen of the Jungle Throne
Lionfish Two-Prong Prawn Kabobs Underwater Fireplace
Llama Bromegrasserole Woolly Woven Rug
Lollipop Pup Polarberry Pop Lollipop Lamp
Lollipop Snail Rainbow Meringues Candy Car
Longhorn Steer Grasslands Griddlecakes Wild West Ranch Sign
Lop Bunny, Signature Creamy Carrot Soup Cozy Lop Crop
Lots of Dots Rhino Polka Dot Cookies Polka Dot Drum Set
Love Dino Beautiful Bon Bon Bouquet Cloud Nine Window
Love Frog Candied Rose Petals Love Pond
Love Kitten Valentine's Vittles Heart Air Balloon
Love Lion Heartfelt Tuna Melt Lovely Stained Glass Window
Love Monkey Blushin' Banana Bread Lovely Monkey Armchair
Love Puffin Cherished Cheesecake Lovely Tree Swing
Love Puppy Sweetheart Tart Tender Hearts Loveseat
Love Spaniel Passion Fruit Salad Heart Warming Tub
Lovely Love Kitten Rose Petal Tea Candy Heart Couch
Lovely Panda Friendship Fortune Cookies Pink Blossom Hideout
Luck Dragon Whimsical Wontons Fictional Fireplace
Lucky Dino Shamrock Smoothie Emerald Armchair
Lynx Rocky Rib Rack Relaxing Rocky Sauna
Magical Hippogriff Chocolate Mice Mythical Tapestry
Magical Retriever Presto Pesto Pizza Sparkling Star Bed
Magnificent Macaw Squakamole Platter Treasure Map Throw Rug
Majestic Tiger Water Buffalo Wings Royal Fountain
Mallard Duck Wild Grain Granola Bar Playful Pond
Manatee Mangrove Leaf Manicotti Mangrove Treasure Trove
Maple Moose Maple Walnut Squares Gourmet Cupcake Maker
Marble Cat, Signature Meowing Marble Cheesecake Ancient Dig Site
Marshmallow Bunny Miniature Marshmallow Plate Marshmallow Seeds
Marshmallow Chipmunk Roasted Chestnut Candy Kebab Mellow Marsh
Meerkat Kalahari Quiche Desert Tree Sunning Station
Midnight Carousel Horse Licorice Snow Cone Prize Klaw Machine
Midnight Monster Musty Mushrooms Underpass Hideaway
Midnight Owl Nighttime Nibbles Midnight Snack Fridge
Miniature Dachshund, Signature Tiny Hotdog Sliders Hot Dog Shop
Mini Pincher Dog Bittersweet Hazelnut Pretzel Secret Statue Safe
Mint Chocolate Cow Minty Fresh Fudge Waffle Bowl Mixer
Minty Moose Mistletoe Cookie Dough Ice Cream Polar Lamp Post
Minty Reindeer Peppermint Pastry Candy Cane Canopy Bed
Mistletoe Mouse Festive Cheese Fondue Treats For Santakinz
Misty Puppy Grape Pupsicle Hungry Pup High Chair
Mocha Pup Coffee Bean Biscuit Chocolate Fountain
Mohawk Chihuahua Headbanging Hot Sauce Mosh Ball Pit
Mohawk Monkey Funky Monkey Split Shock Rockin Dress, Stickers and Shoes
Mohawk Puppy Punksicles Rocking Wardrobe
Monkey Jungle Sandwich Monkey Business Sofa
Moon Fox Moon Mudslide Blue Moon Lagoon
Moose Chocolate Mousse Great White North Throne
Moose, Signature Maple Syrup Brownies Forest Ranger Tower
Mountain Goat Rocky Mountain Sundae Sloping Summit Chair
Mud Hippo Mud in Your Eye Pie Mud Bathtub
Music N' Dance Pup Jumpin' Juice Box Funky Moves Music Player
Musical Dalmatian Orchestra Pitted Olives Music Conductor's Tuxedo
Mutt Burger and Bun Webkinz (Mutt) Dragster
Mystic Moon Bear Moonberry Yogurt Half Moon Hammock
Mystic Pony Supernatural Spaghetti Starlight Stable
Mystical Crab Surreal Sushi Platter Wondrous Treasure Bed
Mystical Mouse Cosmic Cheesecake Mind Reader's Outfit
Mystical Otter Stardusted Donuts Cryptic Crystal Ball
Mystical Panda Star Shimmer Sippers Sun's Embrace Bed
Mystical Purple Hedgehog Marvelous Macaroni Wishing Well Spa
Mystical Squirrel Whimsical Waffles Charmed Cabinet
Narwhal Arctic Codcakes Arctic Tusk Tub
Neon Pallas Cat Florescent Frozen Yogurt Neon Futon
Neon Winged Zebra Frosted Candy Flowers I Love Webkinz Sign
Night Mare Red Hot Habaneros Unstable Stable
Normande Cow, Signature Foie Grass Silo Storage Tower
Northern Trails Buffalo Prairie Grass Pudding Nomad Tent
Northern Trails Wolf Wanderer's Trail Mix Totem Pole Safe
Ocelot, Signature Cha Cha Chili Aztec Cat Fountain
Okapi Triple Truffle Tartufo Personal Rainforest Sauna
Old English Sheepdog Sheepherder's Pie Double Decker Bus
Opal Owl Jeweled Eggs Benedict Forest Treasures Safe
Opal Pup Candied Opals Opal Dining Chairs & Table
Opossum Delectable Insectables Countryside Gazebo
Orange Soda Pup Sherbet Float Soda Bottle Fridge
Orange Tabby, Signature Duck a L'Orange Cool Cat String Swing
Orangutan Fancy Fig Smoothie Treetop Tower
Orca Whale Chinook Salmon Stew Breaching Orca Pond
Oriole Flying Berry Flan Canopy Hammock
Panda Bamboo Cannelloni Ming Vase Panda Fridge
Panda, Signature Signature Sushi Rolls Bamboo Chute Slide
Papillon Dog Artsy Appetizers Pop Art Portrait
Parakeet Sweet Parakeet Frites Flying High Hideaway Chair
Patchwork Cow Patterned Pastry Cute Quilted Tent
Patchwork Leopard Quilted Cake Cute Quilted Couch
Patchy Puppy Twisted Fruit Slushy Backyard Bubble Maker
Peace Out Puppy Tofu Tapioca Peace 'n Love Van
Peace 'n Love Puppy Organic Veggie Burger Chillaxin' Couch
Peace Puppy Peaceful Pasta Plasma Peace Sign
Peace Unicorn Peaceful Pancakes Harmony Hammock
Pearl Pup Deep Pan Pearl Pizza Pearl Sideboard & 2 Placesettings
Pegasus Rainbow Souffle Rainbow Cloud Couch
Pelican Spicy Curry Cod Seaside Peli-scope
Penguin Fishsicle Icy Fishing Hole Fridge
Penguin, Signature Flying Fish and Chips Frozen Fountain
Peppermint Puppy Minty Marble Cake Candy Cane Seeds
Peppermint Snail Minty Cookie Sandwich Peppermint Snow Racer
Peridot Dog Gemstone Scones Peridot Tables & Lamp
Persian Cat Fluffy Tuna Tartufo Super Fluffy Sofa
Petal Print Giraffe Pressed Petal Tea Purple Satin Flower Seat
Petal Print Skunk Wild Flower Wrap Playful Flower Pot
Petal Puppy Garden Fresh Veggies Fragrant Flower Bed
Phoenix Papyrus Papayas Pyre Nest Bed
Pig Mud Burger Fortune Telling Pig
Pig, Signature Homemade Apple Core Pie Muddy Marsh
Pine Marten Lucky Irish Omelet Shamrocking Swing
Pink and White Cat Succulent Sweet Sushi Pink & White Scratching Post Chair
Pink and White Dog Sparkliglitter Spiral Pink Roses
Pink Cockatoo Peckish Pink Icy Birdbath Spa
Pink Dalmatian Cream Soda Slushy Sapphire Lamp Post
Pink Glitter Fish Crispy Kelp Salad Glamorous Glitter Vanity
Pink Googles Jumbled Googles Caboodles Google Gem Zen Garden
Pink Greyhound Ready? Set? Go Gelato! Photo Finish Photo
Pink Hippo Grass Glazed Donut Bubblegum Balloon
Pink Lamb Mighty Melon Fruities Precious Pink Bumper Car
Pink Pony Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo Beautiful Blush Treadmill
Pink Poodle Pink Poodle Parfait Pink Convertible
Pink Punch Cheeky Dog Berry Berry Smoothie Buffet Fruit Juicer
Pink Zebra Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Striped Safari SUV
Pinktastic Peacock Minnow Meat Pies Fan Tail Chair
Pinto Painted Pinto Bean Salad Wooden Trough Bathtub
Pioneer Pig Haystack Sleeping Nook Sweet Cornbread Muffin
Pioneer Pony Bountiful Bread Table Homestead Fries
Pirate Parrot Swordfish and Chips Buried Treasure Beach
Pisces Fish Cosmic Coral Kabob Underwater Archway
Pixie Bunny Toffee Toadstools Secluded Garden Cellar
Pixie Fox Secluded Garden Granola Secluded Garden Shed
Pizzazzy Puppy Pinkberry Punch Designer Gown
Plum Porcupine Electric Purple Drum Set Plum Crazy Crumble
Plumfadoodle Sour Plum Drops Flower Patch Pond
Poinsettia Lion Festive Fruitcake Gingerbread Oven
Polar Bear Frozen Iceberg Chili Arctic Window
Polar Bear, Endangered Signature Seal Meal Polar Bear Sanctuary Set [5]
Polar Gummy Gummy Honey on Toast Chocolate Coin Pond
Polka Back Fish Polka Dot Donut Bits Friendly Anemone Stove
Polka Dot and Striped Bobcat Polka Dot Donut Spotted Tea Trolley
Polka Dot Cow Crunchy Chip Cookies Polka Dot Piano
Polka Dot Dalmatian Hot Peppermint Sticks Polka Dot Fireplace
Polka-Dot Puppy Purple Candy Pieces Polka Dot Shower
Pom Pom Chinchilla Pom Pom Pasta Pom Pom Pattern Rug
Pom Pom Dino Polka Dot Cream Puffs Cheerful Trampoline
Pom Pom Kitty Pomegranate Punch Spirit Squad [6]
Pomeranian, Signature Royal Supper Royal Pup Portrait
Poodle Lobster Kibble Bisque Pretty Poodle Vanity
Poofy Poodle Sweet Fluffy Bon Bons French Chaise
Porcupine Pokey Porridge Porcupine Sculpture
Portuguese Water Dog Barkalhau Heated Hound Hot Tub
Portuguese Water Dog, Signature First Dog Doughnuts Water Dog Falls
Poshy Poodle Ritzy Rice Balls Chic Divan Couch
Pot Bellied Pig Chilly Chocolate Float Take It Easy Trough
Pot Bellied Pig, Signature Pig Out Pizza Lazy Muddy River
Powder Puff Porcupine Waterlily Puffs Powder Puffy Couch
Prairie Dog Prairie Berry Muffins Hide and Go Burrow
Prehistoric Mammoth Frosted Fossil Flakes Cave Painting
Pretty Kitty Fishy Finger Cakes Ribbon Tutu Dress
Pretty Panda Bamboo Bruschetta Beauty Tiara + Dress
Pretty Peacock Flower Petal Porridge Cool Breeze Plumage Fan
Pterodactyl Pterrific Pterodactyl Ptoast Dawn of Time Window
Pucker Fish Luscious Lip Loaves Luscious Lip Leather Sofa
Pug Wrinkled Pug Cake Puggy Bark-o-Lounger
Pug, Small Signature Gourmet Dog Biscuits Precious Purse Swing
Pumpkin Puppy Tricker Treats Jack-O-Lantern Chair
Purple Floral Fawn Apple Blossom Tarts Cozy Log Hideaway
Purple Floral Fox Flowerbed Flapjacks Blossoming Flower Tree
Purple Goldfish Undersea Omelet Aquarium Castle Toybox
Purple Lamb Purple Passion Fruities Perfectly Purple Bumper Car
Purple Monster Monster Mash Eye Scream Fuzzy Creature Couch
Purple Panther Sour Grape Moon Chews Nocturnal Clock
Purple Springtime Chick Purple Candy Corn Feed Purple Easter Egg Chair
Quirky Carnival Cub Carnival Candies Carnival Candy Cart
Quirky Carnival Unicorn Twisted Candy Apple Quirky Carnival Wagon Bed
Rabbit Carrot Cake Supreme Rabbit Eared Television
Raccoon Rascal's Ratatouille Curbside Cuisine Fridge
Raccoon, Signature Masked Meatballs Panoramic City Window
Raccutie Delightful Dumplings Pink Racc-liner
Radiant Rhino Sparkling Soda Sunny Savannah Window
Ragdoll Cat, Signature Seared Scallops Designer Catwalk
Rainbow Armadillo Colorful Candy Bouquet Pot of Gold Pond
Rainbow Hedgehog Rainbow Rock Candy Cookies Playful Gardener's Outfit
Rainbow Pegasus Rainbow Marshmallow Kebobs Floating Cloud Haven
Rainbow Rascal Spectrum Snow Cone Swing in the Sky
Rainbow Sparkle Fawn Fizzy Lemonade Twinkling Harp
Rainbow Zebra Herbivore Smores Rainy Rainbow Window
Rainforest Boa Coiled Curly Fries Radiant Rose Bush
Rainforest Frog Waxworm Wontons Orchid Bathtub
Razzle Dazzle Dog Sparkling Pork Chops Jeweled Fountain
Red Panda Bamboo Tofu Crimson Red Robes + Headdress + Sandals
Red Panda, Endangered Bamboo Fondue Himalayan Forest Sanctuary Set [7]
Red Peppermint Unicorn Red Magic Mint Smoothie Red Mystic Ice Sculpture
Red Squirrel Peppermint Pinecone Carefully Carved Lamppost
Red Velvet Bunny Red Velvet Carrot Cake Red Velvet Couch
Red Velvet Fawn Red Velvet Pancakes Forest Travelers Luggage
Red Velvet Raccoon Creamy Cocoa Luxurious Clock
Red Wolf, Endangered Root Deer Float Red Wolf Sanctuary Set [8]
Reindeer Spiky Sedge Soup Far North Sleigh
Renaissance Palace Butterfly Flowery Flutterpie Fine Perfume Bath
Rhino Rhino Diner Roulade Shinin Rhino Truck
Ribbon Lion Licorice Linguini Ribbon Cave Window
Ribbon Unicorn Sparkleflower Sandwich Once Upon a Time Dresser
Ribbon Yorkie Yorkshire Fish and Chips Fine Ribbon Bed
Ring-Tailed Lemur Toasted Grub Sub Leaping Lemur Trampoline
Robin Instant Insect Rice Bobbin Robin Jukebox
Rock Candy Croc Hard Candy Cane Rock Around the Croc Clock
Rockabilly Rooster Cornbread 'n Beans Rooster Roadster
Rockerz Bulldog Mosh Pitatoes Rockin' Drum Set + Outfit [9]
Rockerz Bunny Microphone Snow Cone Boom Box Bed + Outfit [10]
Rockerz Cat Funky Fish Sticks Dressing Room Vanity + Outfit [11]
Rockerz Cow Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies Groovy Solo Stage + Outfit [12]
Rockerz Coyote Acoustic Angel Cheesecake Rockin' Radio Interview Station + Outfit [13]
Rockerz Dog Spicy Chicken and Rice Reggae DJ Booth + Outfit [14]
Rockerz Fox Foxy Falafels Autograph Signing Station + Outfit [15]
Rockerz Horse Blueberry and Bluegrass Cobbler Country Banjo Stage + Outfit [16]
Rockerz Leopard Groupie Grouper Sandwich Webkinz Rockerz Name in Lights + Outfit [17]
Rockerz Lion Heavy Metal Meatballs Shock Rock Stage Flare + Outfit [18]
Rockerz Monkey Hardcore Hoagie Punk Stunt Stage + Outfit [19]
Rockerz Papillon Dog Pop Soda Rockin' Recording Booth + Outfit [20]
Rockerz Poodle Disco Ball Cereal Disco Dance Floor + Outfit [21]
Rockerz Puppy Backstage Burger Heartthrob Performance Platform + Outfit [22]
Rockerz Raccoon Purple Velvet Glam Cakes Pyro Performance Stage + Outfit [23]
Rockerz Zebra Performer Fruit Punch Rock Star Backstage Wardrobe + Outfit [24]
Rockhopper Penguin Octopot Pie Rockhopper Chopper
Rooster Bright n’ Early Breakfast On the Farm Alarn Clock
Rose Lion Flower Tart Secret Garden Bench
Rosy Satin Cow Velvety Strawberry Smoothie Sleek Satin Bed
Rosy Satin Guinea Pig Silky Smooth Sorbet Satin Curtains
Rottweiler Chewy Spiced Spatzle Cool Pooch Pool Table
Ruby Retriever Red Ruby Sundae Ruby Window
Sabertooth Tiger Prehistoric Pie Saberstripes Sofa
Sagittarius Buck Bullseye Meat Pie Fire Sign Carousel
Samoyed Chewy Chapon Con Carne Frozen Pond
Sapphire Pegasus Gemstone Sugar Cone Winged Piano
Sapphire Spaniel Sparkling Sapphire Steak Sapphire Bathtub
Sassy Skunk Swanky Caesar Salad Scented Bubble Bath
Schnauzer Schnauzer Schnitzel Schnauzer Jalopy
Scorpio Snake Milky Way Milkshake Astronomer's Desk
Scottish Terrier Mince and Tatties Bagpipers Trampoline
Scribbles Pup Squiggly Pasta Doodle Chair
Sea Horse Teeny Tiny Shrimp Dumplings Bright Light Sea Lamp
Sea Otter Juicy Abalone Macaroni Cozy Water Bed
Sea Turtle, Small Signature Algae Green Tea Swell Shelter Bed
Seafoam Sparkle Dolphin Precious Pearl Cupcake Brilliant Bubble Geyser
Seal Bubbly Fish Pop Icy Ocean Bathtub
Seaspray Dolphin Mackerel Macaroni Seaspray Sub
Sequin Fox Dazzling Danishes Fabulous Staircase Slide
Sequin Peacock Flan Flambe Lavish Lounger
Shamrock Dragon Candy Clovers Gushing Green Geyser
Shark Lost City Throne Spicy Reef Patties
Shar Pei Peking Puppy Food Wrinkled Paper Lanterns
Sheep Creamy Steamed Kudzu Counting Sheep Machine
Sherbet Bunny Creamy Carrot Sherbet Springtime Basket Chair
Shih Tzu Bow Wow Chow Mein Shaggy Sofa
Shimmer Bunny Spotty Biscotti Polka Dot Dresser
Short-Haired Yorkie, Signature Yorkshire Pudding Handbag Bed
Siamese Succulent Tureen Of Sardine Stylish Siamese Settee
Siamese Cat, Signature Shrimp Pad Thai Noble Stone Monument
Siberian Husky, Signature Alaskan Baked Salmon Northern Research Igloo
Sifaka Lemur Forest Fruit Salad Tall Tree Hideaway
Silk Sparrow Seared Seed Sautee Silky Smooth Drapes
Silkie Chicken Sunflower Seed Sorbet Silky Soft Sofa
Silverback Gorilla Shoots & Roots Pizza Mysterious Pool
Silversoft Cat Nifty Noodle Yarn Ball Culinary Cat Counter
Sizzling Swan Fish Fillet Flambe Fiery Fountain
Skunk Toadstool Fritter Black and White Skunk Fridge
Sleepover Cub Supreme Sundae Sleepover Sofa Bed
Sleepy Woodland Dragon Crunchy Bark Bites Cedar Toy Trunk
Sloth Sweet Leaf Salad Speedy Jungle SUV
Snow Leopard Frigid Filet Mignon Snow Leopard Couch
Snow Leopard, Signature Cozy Cocoa Alpine Cave
Snow Yeti Abomina Bowl of Chili Sneaky Ice Cave
Snowflake Pup Snowflake Frosted Cookies Snow Globe Chair
Snowman Frosted Snowflakes Frosty Fireplace
Snowy Googles Rock Candy Frosty Snowmobile
Snowy Owl Lemming Meringue Pie Glistening Glacier Throne
Sock Elephant Sweet Savannah Tea Knitted Hammock
Snowy Summit Wolf Wolf Pack Snack Snowy Mountain Peak
Sock Monkey Copabanana Split Puppet Theater
Sour Watermelon Hound Sour Bone Treats Candy Steam Whistle
South African Springbok Grazing Gazpacho Tall Grass Trampoline
Sparkle Harp Seal Saltwater Snow Chips Frozen Ice Flow
Sparkling Pegasus Twinkly Wing Waffles Golden Chariot Bed
Splash Dragon Salt Water Taffy Sea Legend's Bed
Spooky Pup Unburied Bones Haunted Doghouse
Spotted Frog Spotted Shrimp Scampi Reeds N Rushes Sofa
Spotted Jaguar, Endangered Fresh Fish Platter Jungle Gym Slider + Tropical Dry Forest Wallpaper & Flooring
Spotted Leopard Grilled Ungulate Galette Stops n Dot TV
Spotted Sea Monster Seaweed Saute Mysterious Marsh
Spotted Seal Chocolate Chip Seafood Dip Iceberg Island
Spotted Spaniel Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich Spotted Sports Car
Spotted Turtle Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Sandwich Spotted Shell Rug
Spotty Dinosaur Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie Spotted Prehistoric Plant
Springtime Celebration Bunny Pastel Pancakes Exquisite Egg Chair
Spring Songbird Grapefruit Symphony Spring Melody Harp
Springbok (Plush) Oasis Iced Tea Desert Drive In
Springer Spaniel Spring-Skewered Sausage Day Outdoors Bathtub
Springy Kangaroo Roasted Wild Grass Floral Pantry
Squirrel Monkey Freeze Dried Bananas Mission Control Center, Space Cap, Space Center Flooring, Space Center Wallpaper, Space Jacket, Space Shuttle
St. Bernard Bacon Bone Ski Lodge Fireplace
St. Pat's Setter Setter Cereal St. Pat's Wishing Bridge
Starry Stallion Starry Snacks Stargazing Deck
Stegosaurus Primitive Pan Pizza Prehistoric Plant
Sterling Cheeky Cat Tuna Melt Medley Fun to Run Yarn Ball
Stormy Dragon Shimmering Soda Lightning Lagoon
Strawberry Chiffon Squirrel Fruit and Nut Meringues Strawberry Stove
Strawberry Cloud Leopard Strawberry Jammin' Jukebox Strawberry Shortsteak
Strawberry Cow Fruity Flakes Strawberry Bubble Bath
Striped Cheeky Cat Ribboned Pop Funky Striped Sofa
Striped Snake Seasoned Mole Dariole Bakin Snake Stove
Sun Fox Setting Sundae Solar Speedster
Sugar Coated Kitty Fairy Bread Triangles Caketop Chair
Sugar Glider Five Fruit Frozen Yogurt Mach Speed Flight Suit
Sugar Plum Cheeky Monkey Banana Cream Cake Sugarplum Princess Costume
Sugar Rush Butterfly Sweet Nectar Slushy Super Sugar Swing
Summer Beaver Cedar Sundae Warm River Spa
Sun Bear Runny Honey Sundae Poolside Sunning Chair
Sunflower Lion Lemon Sundrops Sunflower Spa
Sunset Giraffe Twiggy Pudding Tallest Toy Box
Surfin' Turtle Spicy Seaweed Salsa Tropical Beach Towel
Sweet Corn Tiger Purrfect Parfait Pumpkin Train
Sweet Tooth Tiger Crusty Cavity Crumble Starlight Mint Sofa
Sweetheart Monster Monstrous Milkshake Love Potion Cauldron
Sweetheart Pup Sweetheart Cereal Bean Bag Bed
Swirly Curl Unicorn Cotton Candy Cone Ribbons & Swirls Chest of Drawers
Swordfish Skillfully Skewered Shrimp Sunken Sword Cellar
Tartan Terrier Shortbread Biscuits Highlander Outfit
Taurus Bull Astroloroni and Cheese Zodiac Sundial
Tawny Pup Biscuit Bruschetta Puppy Picnic Table
Teacup Yorkie Tiny Tea Scones Tea for Two Table
Teal Zebra Tasty Trail Mix Wild Outdoor Tent
Texting Puppy LOL Biscuits Cell Phone Sofa
Thunderbird Warm Storm Chowder Storm Cloud Throne
Tickled Pink Cat Tickled Pink Salmon Pink and Fluffy Fridge
Tie Dye Frog Tie Dyed Fly Pie Tie Die Kaleidoscope
Tie Dyed Pony Fruity Oat Cereal Tie Dyed Pickup Truck
Tie Dyed Puppy Rainbow Chip Cookies Tie Dyed Hat, Top, Pants & Shoes
Tiger Reptile Risotto Tiger Stripe Convertible
Tiger Snake Eel Enchilada Serpentine Stream
Tigerlily Pup Tigerlily Tea Wildflower Pond
Timber Wolf, Signature Marinated Marrow Sandwich Howling Ridge
Tinkercat Rivet and Ratchet Ragout Clockwork Stove
Tinkerpup Bones N' Bolts Sandwich Clockwork Fridge
Toco Toucan Buggy Squawkamole Tropical Colors Water Fountain
Tomato Clown Fish Brine Shrimp Burgers Clownfish Car
Topaz Terrier Topaz Truffles Topaz Bathroom Set (Topaz Sink & Topaz Toilet)
T-Rex Giant Jaw Breaker Amber Armchair
Tree Frog Tree Frog Fly Soup Tree Frog Trampoline
Tree Kangaroo Tropical Fruit Flan Remote Rainforest
Triceratops Fiddlehead Feast Triassic Television
Trick or Treat Troll Bangers and Monster Mash Truck of Terror
Tropical Island Pup Fresh Flower Cocktail Beach Side Gazebo
Turkey Forage Porridge Harvest Hammock
Turtle Bugberry Pie Shell Racer
Tuxedo Cat Triple Top Hat Cake Trendy Tuxedo Armoire
Tuxedo Cat, Small Signature Sparkling Spring Water Fine Dining Table
Twilight Dragon Midnight Macaroni Enchanted Toy Chest
Undercover Cat Disguise Pops Master of Disguise Closet
Unicorn Sparkling Flower Fondue Magical Meadow Bed
Vampire Bat Cursed Cherry Soda Creepy Bat Cave
Velvety Elephant Creamy Peanut Parfait Elephants Travel Trunk
Violetwing Butterfly Flutter Nutter Pie Winged Window
Virgo Horse Zodiac Pretzel Shooting Star Shower
Waffle Wallaby Super Sweet Tarts Studio Loft Window
Walrus One Ton Won Tons Northern Lights Lamp
Warthog Tuskan Omelet Muddy Motorcycle
Weimaraner Tally-ho Hoagie Charming Charcoal Easel
Welsh Corgi Ewe Stew Royal Guard Station
West Highland Terrier, Signature Highland Haggis Enchanted Loch
Western Lowland Gorilla, Endangered Hearty Bamboo Stew Rainforest Retreat + Tropical Rainforest Walls & Floors
Whimsy Dragon Flickering Flame Fajitas Treasure Throne
White Bengal Tiger, Signature Rib Roast Royale White Tiger Crystal Fountain
White Cosmic Bear Far Out Fudge Cosmic Couch
White Mouse Cheesy Cheesecake Swiss Cheese Table
White Peppermint Unicorn White Magic Mint Smoothie White Mystical Ice Sculpture
White Persian Cat, Small Signature Candied Caspian Caviar Fortune Teller's Table
White Swan Cocktail Cattails Beautiful Swan Mirror
White Terrier Crispy Bones Scones Trailblazin Scooter
White Tiger Roaring Steak Tartare Jungle Cat Perch
Whooo La La Owl Pampered Pudding Blingin' Accessories Box
Winged Tiger Kinz Air Pilot Outfit Airline Cuisine
Wild Bactrian Camel, Signature Desert Dessert Sand Dune Sandbox
Winter Fawn Frozen Berrysicles Snowy Campsite
Wintermint Reindeer Wintermint Pastry Wintergreen Candy Cane Bed
Wombat Tasmanian Tree Tarts Down Under Burrow
Woodland Raccoon, Signature Wild Berry Sundae Cozy Tree Hideaway
Woolly (Plush) Mammoth Roots and Shoots Platter Ice Age Icebox
Yellow Fluffy Cub Honeycomb Porridge Totally Fun Toy Box
Yellow Lab Sunshine Feast Lap It Up Pool
Yellow Springtime Chick Yellow Candy Corn Feed Yellow Easter Egg Chair
Yellow Labrador Retriever, Signature Golden Rib Steak Playful Pup Bed
Yorkie Yummy Yorkie Cotton Candy Shaggy Yorkie Couch
Zebra Vanilla n’ Chocolate Striped Trifle Super Stripy Speedster
Zen Dragon Zen Dragon Fruit Soarbet Zen Dragon Stone Statue
Zig Zag Zebra Lightning Licorice Zany Wardrobe
Zircon Puppy Gemstone Dog Bone Zircon Sofa
Zombie Bloodhound Frightening Fritter Cobweb Couch
Zombie Pup Putrid Pudding Cozy Coffin Bed

Webkinz Jr.

Pet Name PSF PSI
Webkinz Jr. Tan Puppy Bowl of Dog Food Toy Box
Webkinz Jr. Blue Puppy Bowl of Dog Food Sink
Webkinz Jr. Pink Puppy Bowl of Dog Food Bathtub
Webkinz Jr. Brown Monkey Toast Television
Webkinz Jr. Purple Monkey Toast Table and Chair
Webkinz Jr. Orange Kitty Kittypop? Couch


  1. PSF = Pet Specific Food
  2. PSI = Pet Specific Item
  3. The Polar Playpen may be placed in any room. See:
  4. The Cheeky Chat Range is also referred to as Cheeky Cat Stove.
  5. Polar Pear Sanctuary Pack = Arctic Ice Spa + Arctic Tundra Flooring + Arctic Tundra Wallpaper
  6. Spirit Squad Outfit = Spirit Squad Uniform + Pom Pom Shoes
  7. Himalayan Forest Sanctuary Set = Secluded Spa + Himalayan Forest Walls/Floors
  8. Red Wolf Sanctuary Set = Endangered Island Getaway, Swamplands Wallpaper, Swamplands Flooring
  9. Rockerz Bulldog Outfit = Rockerz Black Stomping Boots + Rockerz Punk Leather Jacket + Rockerz Punk Pants
  10. Rockerz Bunny Outfit = Hip Hop Hat + Hip Hop Hoodie + Hip Hop Sneakers
  11. Rockerz Cat Outfit = Rockerz Pink Feather Skirt + Rockerz Superstar Sunglasses + Rockerz Superstar Top + Rockerz Canvas Shoes
  12. Rockerz Cow Outfit = Rockerz Braided Headband + Rockerz Flower Power Dress + Rockerz Flower Power Sandals
  13. Rockerz Coyote Outfit = Country Sweet Heart Hat + Folksinger Boho Dress + Southern Romance Boots
  14. Rockerz Dog Outfit = Island Flip Flops + Reggae DJ Top + Reggae Hat
  15. Rockerz Fox Outfit= Black Ripped Jeans + Gold Chain Shades + Zipper Denim Vest
  16. Rockerz Horse Outfit = White Cowboy Hat + White Tassel Cowboy Boots + White Tassel Leather Vest
  17. Rockerz Leopard Outfit = Red Leather Pants + Red Rocking Bandana + Rockin' White Sneakers
  18. Rockerz Lion Outfit = Rockerz Headbanging Bandanna + Rockerz Leather Jacket + Rockerz Purple Stomping Boots
  19. Rockerz Monkey Outfit = Sleeveless Black Leather Jacket + Red Plaid Pants + High Boots
  20. Rockerz Papillon Outfit = Black Tutu Dress + Pink Frame Sunglasses + Black High Heel Boots
  21. Rockerz Poodle Outfit = Funky White Hat + Groovy Bell Bottom Leather Pants + Groovy Disco Jacket
  22. Rockerz Puppy Outfit = (Rockerz) Purple Ball Cap + White Skinny Jeans + Purple High Cut Sneakers
  23. Rockerz Raccoon Outfit = Glam Rock Face Sticker + Glam Rock Jumpsuit + Glam Rock Platform Boots
  24. Rockerz Zebra Outfit = Dance Practice Shoes + Red Hood + Rockin' Red Hood + Shining Red Tutu