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Pet Items Remixed

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The Pet Items Remixed are a group of items that have been sold in the Ganz eStore. Each item is a knock-off of an original Pet Specific Item for a webkinz or lilkinz pet. Below is a list of these remixed items along with a comparison to the original PSI.

Remixed Item Picture Remixed Item Name Original PSI Picture Original PSI Name Pet
Doggeddetectivedesk.png Dogged Detective Desk 640-1.png Detective Desk Basset Hound
Pawprintsstove.png Paw Prints Stove 3083-1.png Black and White Chrome Paw Stove Black and White Cheeky Dog
Plantainsnoozelane.png Plantain Snooze Lane 1218-1.png Banana Hammock Cheeky Monkey
Regalacornarmoire.png Regal Acorn Armoire 4087-1.png Amazing Acorn Armoire Grey Squirrel
Skilodgefireplace.png Ski Lodge Fireplace 637-1.png Ski Lodge Fireplace Saint Bernard
Sunshinepool.png Sunshine Pool 2586-1.png Lap It Up Pool Yellow Lab
Yellowfastcarracer.png Yellow FASTCAR Racer 3098-1.png FASTCAR Racer American Golden Retriever