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Persephone (per-sef-uh-nee, the name comes from Greek Mythology) the Pink Poodle can be found in SuperModelz, in the Tournament Arena and at the KinzStyle Shop. There is also a plush of Persephone.

According to Plumpy, Persephone's favorite job at the Employment Office is Fence Painting.


Persephone can be found in the following books:

W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure

Trading Card


Special Items

There are some special Persephone items in Webkinz World:

Name Image Type
File:Persephoneplushdoll.png Persephone Plush Doll Trading Cards, Series 4
File:Persephonedesignermanikinz.png Persephone Designer Manikinz Trading Cards, Series 4
2315-1.png Persephone Light Box Poster Feature Code Item
2315-1.png Persephone Light Box Poster Replica Ganz eStore