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Peek-A-Newz Challenge

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Peek-A-Newz is a click-to-win contest on the Webkinz Newz website. The contest is available periodically with different characters offering different prizes to be won.

The objective of the contest is to hunt through the Webkinz Newz website looking for a particular Webkinz character. Players who find the character five different times are rewarded with a Webkinz prize.

How to Play

In order to play, you will need:

  • A Webkinz World account
  • Popups enabled on your web browser
  • To live in either the USA or Canada, but NOT in New York, Florida or Quebec

NOTE: Although the contest rules specifically exclude those who live outside of the USA and Canada, and those who live in New York, Florida, Quebec, some members from those locations have reported being able to participate anyway.

Step 1: Entering Contest

Go to the Webkinz Newz website. When a Peek-A-Newz challenge is in progress, you will see a log-in box located on the main Webkinz Newz website page; this box has been seen in the top left and right hand corner or in the center bottom of the page.

The log-in box may vary. Here are some examples:


Click on this log-in box and a log-in window will pop up. You will be asked to:

  • Confirm that you have read the official rules and regulations
  • Enter your Webkinz World ID
  • Enter your Webkinz World password
  • Submit the form

Step 2: Successful Log-In

A successful log-in will bring you to the instructions screen. This is what the instructions screen looked like for first event:

Step 3: Click Play

From the instructions screen, click "Play" to start the Peek-A-Newz challenge. This will take you back to the Webkinz Newz website all logged in and ready to play.

Step 4: Tips for Finding Peeking Character

Browse around the Webkinz Newz website and try to find the character who is hiding.

The characters hide along the edge of the ads. They are not "floaties".


A few helpful hints are
1) Don't rush to change pages. Let the entire page load.
2) Don't rush to click on the Peek-A-Newz character. Unlike the floaties the character will stay on that page until you refresh it and won't vanish.
3) Make sure to scroll down the page (or set your view to less than 100%) before you leave the page.
4) Make sure that you have opened your screen wide enough. In the pictures of Screen 2 and 3 below, the peeking character (Patty) is in the blue margin around the Webkinz Newz website.

Screen Shots Showing Where to Find Peeking Character

Screen 1 with peeking character (Patty) at center

Screen 2 with peeking character (Patty) at far right

Screen 3 with peeking character (Patty) at far left

Picture 4 with peeking character (Patty) at interior right

Picture 5 with peeking character (Patty) at top left

Picture 6 with peeking character (patty) at middle top

Step 5: Enter Security Code

Once you find a character click on it. You will receive a screen similar to the following. If it does not appear you probably still have your pop-up blocker turned on. It will need to be turned off for you to see the screen where you will enter your security code to win your prize.

File:Peek-a-Newz Keep Searching.png

After finding the character 5 times you will be awarded a prize. You will know that you have seen the peeking character 5 times because a screen requesting you to enter a security code will appear.


Winning Prizes

In order to win a prize, you need to find the hidden character 5 times during a single Peek-A-Newz event. Events usually last for 24 hours, but at least one event was repeated for several days in a row: the 2011 St. Patrick's day event in which you looked for Patty the hamster was available for several days (between 9 am and 9 pm EST), and players could participate once per day per account). In the past you needed to provide a valid email address to receive the feature code for your prize. For the latest events, you only needed to enter a security code to win the prize since the prize is now automatically entered into your dock instead of being sent to you as a code in email.

Ganz has indicated that if you exit the challenge before earning your prize, you can simply clear your web browser history and log back in at Webkinz Newz in order to continue right where you left off.

For a given user and WW account, you may only participate in a Peek-A-Newz challenge once per day. However, if you have more than one account in a household, you should be able to log into Webkinz Newz with each account and win the prize. Furthermore, for events that last more than one day, players are able to participate each of the days the event lasts.

Past Events

Picture Character Date Prize
Image:Peekwacky.png Wacky Zingoz August 5-6, 2010 Dancing Zingoz
Image:Peekarte.png Arte Fact August 20-21, 2010 Arte's Azure Zingoz Photo
Image:Peekpj.png Pollie Jean Collie September 8-9, 2010; June 6, 2011 PJ's Rares
Image:Newzum-sm.png Zofia Scheduled Sept 17-19, 2010; June 5,2011 EITHER a Zofia Zumbuddy OR a Winged Tee
Image:Peekplumpy.png Plumpy January 12, 2011; June 4, 2011 EITHER a Plumpy's Chair or Writing Desk
PeekingChefGazpacho.png Chef Gazpacho January 26-27, 2011 Chef Gazpacho Sandwich Maker
Peekingflora.png Flora the hamster February 2011 Flora's Flowerpot
Patty.png Patty the MAZIN’ Hamster March 12-16, 2011 Clover Patch
Fruits April 1- April 5, 2011 W-Shop Fruit Food Item
Image:Goldendeluxestatue sm.png Golden Dragon April 7 - 11, 2011 Golden Dragon Statue
File:Moolahmountainpan.png‎ Moolah Mountain Peak-A-Newz April 14 - 17, 2012 Random amount of KinzCash
Picture_14_12.png May Makeover May 1 - May 31, 2011; June 3, 2011 May Makeover Clothing Items
Amanda Panda June 7, 2011 Amanda Panda Chest
Moolah Mountain June 8, 2011 250 KC
File:BFFpeek.png Kinzcrew Friendship Month,
June 9 - June 30, 2011
Friendship Cupcakes
File:Robertapeek.png Adventure Park
August 19- September 2, 2011
Adventure Park Clothing Prizes
Nafaria Sept 10 - Sept 18, 2011; Sept 5-26, 2012; Feb 2013 Nafaria Themed Prizes
cowabelle.jpg Cowabelle Sept 19th - Sept 23rd, 2011 Fall Fest Prizes
File:Pumpkinpeek.png Halloween Peek-a-Newz Challenge Oct. 1-Oct. 31, 2011 Acorn Placemat Setting, Happy Halloween Banner, Leaf Glasses, Mini Pumpkin Tarts, PB & J Chococup, Small Inflatable Jack O'Lantern
File:alexpeek.png Adventure Park Peek-a-Newz November 1-11, 2011 Prizes include a series of 'Kinz inspired virtual plushies and two Adventure Park posters.
File:Nickthemazinhamsterpeek.png Spirit of Giving December 4-6, December 19-31 2011 Prizes included Bloomin' Desk Lamp, Full Earth Zodiac Costume, Full Zodiac Water Costume, Full Zodiac Fire Costume, Reindeer Candy Cane, Holly Jolly Sweater, Whimsical Window, Victorian Path Pieces, Stoogles Plush Toy
File:Alvinpeek.png Chipwrecked Peek-a-Newz Challenge Dec. 7 - 18, 2011 Packages containing one or more pieces of the Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Costumes
Elwin.png Elwin's Creative Peek-a-Newz Challenge Apr. 1-15, 2012 Prizes are a random Creative Studio Theme items.
File:Persephonepeek.png Persephone's Glam Peek-A-Newz Challenge April 16-30, 2012 Webkinz Newz exclusive Glam Boutique items
Peekwacky.png Wacky's Road Trip Peek-A-Newz Challenge May 2-23, 2012 Webkinz Road Trip-themed items
Elwin.png Elwin's MegaModern Peek-a-Newz Challenge May 24- June 6, 2012 Prizes are a random Mega Modern Theme items, including the WKN exclusive Glowing Lamp, the Glowing Vase and the Glowing Coffee Table
File:Peekplumpy.png Plumpy June 7-28, 2012 Summer Sun Dress, Ruffled Summer Sun Sandals, Summer Sun Bonnet, Kinzstyle Summertime Skirt, WKN Sensational Summer Shades
File:KimmyPAN.png Kimmy Koala June 29-July 19, 2012 CampKinz Theme Items, CampKinz Sleeping Bag, CampKinz Pup Tent, Campkinz Picnic Blanket, Letters From Camp
Elwin.png Elwin's Beach House Peek-a-Newz Challenge Aug. 1-15, 2012 Prizes are a random Beach House Theme items (including three WKN exclusives).
Rockerz Road Trip Peak-A-Newz Challenge Aug. 16 -S ept. 4, 2012 Road Trip Clothes, Road Trip Posters, 2011 Touring Van, 2012 Touring Van
File:Spookyhamsterface.png‎ Spooky's Halloween Peak-A-Newz Challenge October 18, 2012 - November 7, 2012 Happy Halloween Banner, Acorn Placemat, Haybales Lamp, PB&J Chocopuff, Mini Pumpkin Tarts, Gnarled Pumpkin Dining Chair, Gnarled Pumpkin Dining Table
File:ChefGazpacho.png Harvest Peek-A-Newz Challenge November 8-30, 2012 Red Elm Tree, Brown Elm Tree, Maroon Sweater Dress, Maroon Argyle Sweater, Kismarkle, Wurstinfurt, Yumidenum
Image:Peekpj.png PJ Collie Winter Clothing Peek-A-Newz Challenge January 10, 2013- January 31, 2013 Black Winter Buckle Boots, Brown Adventure Parka, Green Cat Ear Toque (additional 2013 Outlet winter clothing)
File:Persephonepeek.png Pink Peek-A-Newz February 1 - February 12, 2013 Pink Diving Bell Outfit, food items (specialty ice cream cones)