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Party Packs

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NOTE: If you are experiencing a problem setting up a party on your account, or if you have questions about how this process works that are not answered by the guide below, please visit the Webkinz Insider "It's a Party" section. Help can be found there. CLICK HERE


Party Feature

On May 12th, 2010, the Party Shop feature was added to Webkinz World. Players can schedule parties in the Clubhouse and invite up to eight friends to attend. To schedule a party, a player must purchase one of five Party Packs from the W Shop. The Clubhouse Party Packs cost 1,000 KinzCash each. Then, the player drags the pack into the room, just like opening a gift.

Players can also hold parties in their pet's rooms. Players can purchase one of five House Party Packs from the W Shop. These Party Packs cost 750 KinzCash each.

From this point, the player can plan the party games, set up the loot bags, send out invitations, and schedule the party itself. Parties last for 30 minutes. Games are scheduled at intervals during the party. Get your free cake or popcorn by clicking on the cake or popcorn machine during the party. You may need to sit in a chair at the table to click on and receive your cake. Loot bags are given out in the last five minutes of the party.

> Click HERE to view all of the party prizes.

Planning a Party

To plan a party you must first buy your favorite party pack. Once you buy the pack, head to your room and drag it into the room just like opening a holiday gift bag.

Party Games


The party host selects four games to be played during the party.

Click HERE to learn more about the party game options.

Loot Bags

To get a loot bag, the players attending the party must click on the "Grab a Loot Bag" button which that appears at the top of the screen 5 minutes before the party ends. The loot bag contains three party prizes.

The party host will also receive a loot bag.

While setting up the party, the host may choose to add items from their dock to the loot bags. They may select up to nine items from their dock. If the host has added prizes, their loot bag will contain 4 prizes. If any loot bags are not picked up, the extra items donated by the host will be returned to their dock.


Click HERE to view all of the different party prizes.





Party Time


When your cell phone is set to the correct color zone, a pre-party timer and "Go to Party" button will appear in your pet's room. Click on it to go to your party. The button may appear in your room even if the phone is not on or is set to another color zone.

If the button does not appear, try going to another room, logging in and out, and clearing cache. It is important to note that you should take your items out of storage so that your dock is showing before you click "Go to Party."

Parties happen in "True KinzTime". This means that the time on the invitation is the KinzTime you need to go to the party. Depending on the type of account you have (Asian, European, or American), you may need to add or subtract some hours from the clock on your wall to figure out what time you should turn on your computer.

For help figuring out what time to be online, visit the WIki Time Chart, HERE.

Party Rooms

Each of the party rooms has a specific theme, and a special type of cake or food.

Players get a piece of the cake or food by clicking on the special food in the room. Then one of the special foods will be placed in the user's dock.

Players may leave the party, switch Webkinz, and return to the party. Do this right after a game to have time to get back in before the next game.

Cheerleader Party Room

File:cheerleaderpartyroom.png File:cheerleaderpartyroompack.png Cheerleadercheesecake.png Pieceofcheerleadercheesecake.png

"Don't forget to practice your routine in between party games (and grab a piece of cake!)"

Special Food: Piece of Cheerleader Cheesecake

Space Party Room

File:spacepartyroom.png File:spacepartyroompack.png Blackforestspacecake.png Pieceofblackforestspacecake.png

"Hold your party in outer space! Don't forget your Solar Suit!"

Special Food: Piece of Black Forest Space Cake

Enchanted Party Room

File:enchantedpartyroom.png File:enchantedpartyroompack.png Moonberrymagiccake.png Pieceofmoonberrymagiccake.png

"Party like a princess in this magical castle themed party room!"

There is wonderful music playing on the piano, and you can take a short nap in the dragon bed!

Special Food: Piece of Moonberry Magic Cake

Big Top Party Room

File:bigtoppartyroom.png File:bigtoppartyroompack.png Clowncake.png Pieceofclowncake.png

"Bring in the clowns! Party under the big top during your next circus-themed party!"

Special Food: Piece of Clown Cake

Blockbuster Party Room

File:blockbusterpartyroom.png File:blockbusterpartyroompack.png Partypopcornmachine.png Bagofpartypopcorn.png

"Lights, Camera, ACTION! Don't forget to grab some popcorn during your party!"

Special Food: Bag of Party Popcorn

Valentine Party Room

The Valentine Party Room was first introduced to the W-Shop on Feb. 3, 2011. It was seasonal item and was removed approximately March 2, 2011.

Valentinesdaypartyroompack.png Boxofchocolates.png Pieceofchocolate.png

"The Valentine's Day Cafe is the perfect place to hold your party. Chocolates are on the house."

Special Food: Piece of Chocolate

Spring Celebration Party Room

The Spring Celebration Party Room was first introduced to the W-Shop on ?

File:springcelebrationpartyroompack.png File:chocolatecoveredcarrotbasket.png File:chocolatecoveredcarrot.png

"What better way to celebrate Spring than to have a party at the Clubhouse."

Special Food: Chocolate Covered Carrot

Beach Party Room


The Beach Party Room was first introduced to the W-shop on June 22, 2011.

"Whether sitting by the pool or napping in the hammock, your guests will love our summer themed party room!"

Special Food: Beach Party Ice Cream Cone

Halloween Party Room

Halloweenpartyroompack.png Creepycookies.png Creepycookie.png

The Halloween Party Room was first introduced to the W-shop on Sept 28, 2011.

"Host a creepy Clubhouse party with this boo-tiful party pack."

Special Food: Creepy Cookie

Christmas Party Room

Christmaspartyroompack.png Eggnog.png Classofeggnog.png

The Christmas Party Room was introduced to the W-shop in late 2011.

"Add some holiday spirit and Christmas cheer to your pet's party!"

Special Food: Glass of Egg Nog

Winter Party Room

File:winterroompartypack.png Snowconemachine.png Partysnowcone.png

The Winter Party Room was added to the W-shop in January 2012.

Special Food: Party Snow Cone

Parties in Your Pet's Room

Parties in Your Pet's Room were added to Webkinz World in September 2010.

A Party in Your Pet's Room is held in your Webkinz house.

Unlike Clubhouse Party Packs, the party is held in one of your rooms and no decorations are added. When your party is about to begin, be in the room where you want the party; your guests will be prevented from leaving that room to go to other rooms in your house.

Parties in Your Pet's Room cost 750 KinzCash.

Setting up a Party in Your Pet's Room is the same as setting up a Clubhouse Party (see Planning a Party below).

You can choose one of five Party Packs for your Party in Your Pet's Room. The Room Party Packs will have a house symbol on them.

File:Birthday Boy Pack.PNG File:Birthday Girl Pack.PNG File:Garden Part Pack.PNG File:Pizza Party Pack.PNG File:Tea Party Pack.PNG
Birthday Boy Party Birthday Girl Party Garden Party Pizza Party Tea Party

In February 2011, Ganz added a Valentine's Day House Party Pack. In April 2011, Ganz added a Spring Fling House Party Pack. In October 2011, Ganz added a Halloween House Party Pack. In Christmas 2011, Ganz added a Christmas House Party Pack. In Winter 2011, Ganz added a Winter House Party Pack.

Valentinesdayhousepartypack.png Springflinghousepartypack.png Halloweenhousepartypack.png Christmashouseparty.png Winterhousepartypack.png

Party Games

Four games can be selected by the party host to be played during a party. The order is determined by the host.

A message will appear at the top right of the screen letting you know how long it is until the next game. When it is time for the game you must click "Go to Game" to play the individual games. The multi-player games are automatically loaded on your screen.

The multi-player games (Pinata, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and Hot Potato) all require three pets to play. If there are fewer than three, a message will appear that the game will not be played.

Balloon Pop

This is played just like regular Balloon Darts, but you only get 3 darts and the power meter is a little different for measuring your speed. The prizes seem to be mostly KinzCash, but "Loot Bag Prizes" have also been won, including food items, Dancing Shoes, Party Banners, Party Place Settings, and Jumbo Sunglasses. The Valentine Party and Spring Celebration versions are also shown below.

File:balloonpopgame.png File:valentinepartyballoonpopgame.pngFile:Springcelebrationpartyballoonpopgame.png

Beanbag Toss

Toss the beanbag into the basket. You get 5 tries, and earn 20 KC for each one you get in the basket. Get them all in and you get a bonus! The Valentine Party and Spring Celebration, Halloween and versions shown.

File:beanbagtossgame.png File:valentinebeanbagtoss.png File:Springcelebrationbeanbagtoss.png File:Beanbagtosshalloween.png


Requires at least 3 players. Players take turns hitting Wacky or the Heart (Valentines Day Party). When the pinata breaks everyone wins jellybeans!

When your pet's name is highlighted, click on the pinata with your mouse. It can take a number of tries to break it. You will see it starting to crack. The Valentine Party and Beach Party, Halloween, and Winter versions are also shown below.

Image:Pinantagame.png Image:Valentinepinatagame.png Image:Beachpinatagame.png Image:Pinatahalloween.png


Jellybean Challenge

This game is played just like the Jellybean Challenge offered on the Daily Activities page. Hint: The jar holds somewhere around 600 jellybeans. The Beach Party, Halloween, and Winter versions are also shown.

File:jellybeanchallengegame.png File:Beachjellybeanjar.png File:Jellybeancounthalloweenparty.png

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Requires at least 3 players. This game starts by showing you the donkey. Then the screen goes black and you have to try to remember where the donkey is by attempting to put the donkey's tail on him in the correct location. Then it will show you where you got it and how close everyone else is. The person with the tail closest to the proper location wins 100 KC.


Hot Potato

Requires at least 3 players. This game's objective is to be the last one to pass the potato before the end of the game. When you have the potato, you can chose how fast you want to pass the potato to the next person: slowly, quickly, or hold and pass. The last person to pass the potato wins 100 KC. The Valentine Party, Spring Celebration, Beach Party, Halloween, and Winter versions are also shown below.

File:hotpotatogame.png File:valentinehotpotatogame.pngFile:Springcelebrationpotatogame.png File:Beachpotatogame.png

Party Packs Retiring

Party Packs Retiring August 25th, 2020.

Due to ongoing technical issues with Webkinz Party Packs, that often cause them not to start, they will be retired from the W Shop at midnight, August 25th. Any Party Packs that you currently own will remain in your Dock and can still be used, however we cannot guarantee that they will work properly, due to these ongoing issues.

Even though this feature is being removed, the party continues in Webkinz World! You can always meet up with your friends at the Kinzville Park and at the Webkinz Clubhouse, and it’s always fun to challenge your friends to games at the Tournament Arena. You’ll also notice that some of the loot bag prizes will be appearing on Webkinz prize wheels in the future.

Don’t forget to keep the party going by downloading the Webkinz Desktop Application, so you can enjoy Webkinz for years to come!

This has been Ella McWoof, reporting for Webkinz Newz.

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