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Party Room

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Room Overview

The Party Room is a room in the clubhouse where Webkinz can sit and chat, or host a party!



Items in Room

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
976-1.png Boomin' Black Couch wShop
496-1.png Checkers wShop
Chimpanzeeposter.png Chimpanzee Poster Trading Card Item
1612-1.png Classroom Clock wShop
Craftykimmyposter.png Crafty Kimmy Poster Trading Card Item
Eagleposter.png Eagle Poster Trading Card Item
2041-1.png Jumpin' Jukebox Rare
Littlelambbedposter.png Little Lamb Bed Poster Trading Card Item
Orcawhaleposter.png Orca Whale Poster Trading Card Item
2791-1.png Party Machine Pet Of The Month Item
977-1.png Rock & Roll Flooring wShop
970-1.png Rock & Roll Wallpaper wShop
1506-1.png Simply Stunning Dining Table wShop
1391-1.png Sparkle Plant Retired Exclusive
968-1.png Speaker Fridge wShop
1503-1.png Superstar Spotlight wShop
1495-1.png Vivid Violet Couch wShop