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Palace Princess Theme

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Theme History

The Palace Princess Theme is made up of Rare items sold in the Curio Shop.

The Palace Princess Theme was introduced to Webkinz World in October 2009.

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
4902-1.png Ascended Princess Throne Rare 2,250 KC
File:Baronessbath.png Baroness's Bath Ganz eStore Regular: 9,000
Deluxe: 7,000
4986-1.png Baroness Bookshelf Rare 2,400 KC
4955-1.png Bellacourt Blooming Flower Rare 350 KC
4960-1.png Contessa Candle Lamp Rare 950 KC
4954-1.png Contessa Candle Wall Sconce Rare 800 KC
4915-1.png Enchanted Dreams Bed Rare 2,600 KC
4958-1.png Entitled Tapestry Rare 680 KC
4901-1.png Exalted Armoire Rare 1,425 KC
4976-1.png Her Serene Highness Sofa Rare 1,850 KC
4990-1.png Magic Maiden Mirror[1] Rare 900 KC
File:Palaceprincessflooring.png Palace Princess Flooring Ganz eStore Regular: 2,000
Deluxe 1,500
File:Palaceprincesswallpaper.png Palace Princess Wallpaper Ganz eStore Regular: 2,500
Deluxe: 2,000
4905-1.png Royal Reign Rug Rare 850 KC
4959-1.png Sovereign Stained Glass Window Rare 960 KC
4953-1.png Spoiled Royal Side Table Rare 1,250 KC
4903-1.png Viscountess Vanity Chair Rare 780 KC
4904-1.png Viscountess Vanity Table Rare 1,000 KC
  1. The Magic Maiden Mirror is call the Princess Magic Mirror in the dock.

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