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Painting Class

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General Description

In Painting Class, your Webkinz is required to copy a Painting Goal that has been hung on the wall. You accomplish this by using a contraption that looks a lot like the old Spin Art machines. First you select the Table Speed. The faster the table spins, the more splattered the paint will be. The slower the table spins, the paint will be more concentrated in the middle. You select your paint colors from the palate using a dropper. The dropper allows you to select a little bit of paint or a lot of paint. Then you use the dropper to drip paint on the spinning canvas. Once you complete your masterpiece, click on the word "Judge" to have it scored. A number score will be assigned to your art by the computer based on how close it is to the Goal. It doesn't have to be perfect for you to pass, just close enough.

Painting Class Screenshot


Level 5

File:action_kiss.jpgWhen you complete level 5 with your first pet you will get the Blow a Kiss action.

Level 10

As each pet passes level 10 you will receive one Academy Painting Class Gift Box From it you may choose ONE item:

(The art spinner is newer than the other prizes and was added in June 2016.)[1]

If seven pets pass level 10, you will have enough boxes for all seven prizes.
Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.


The radius of the paint splatter is roughly equivalent to the amount of paint in the dropper. The depth and pointedness of the involutions are determined by the speed. [2]

Here is a chart for choosing the speed of the wheel.


If you have tips that could help others in this class please add them here!

  • There are no time limits on the painting class.