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Pet Of The Month

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Overview of Pet Of The Month (POTM)

Every month, Ganz chooses a type of pet to feature as the Pet Of The Month. If members own the Pet Of The Month, they may participate in extra activities all month long! If members adopt a Pet Of The Month pet DURING its special month, they also receive a special Pet Of The Month Exclusive Gift in addition to the regular Adoption Gifts.

If a Regular Sized Webkinz Pet is Pet of the Month, its Lil' Kinz equivalent pet will not count as a Pet Of The Month pet, even if it's the exact same kind of pet (but smaller).

Pet Of The Month Exclusive Gifts

Every time you adopt a pet when it is Pet of the Month, one of the bonus gifts will be an exclusive Pet of the Month Item. If you own a Pet of the Month but do not adopt it during its month you will not receive a Pet of the Month item, but you will be able to participate in special daily activities for your pet. Below are pictures of the Pet of the Month exclusive items. > Click HERE to view the WIGEV section for these items.

Air Hockey Arcade Unit
Amazing Music Machine
Balloon Blower
Banana Split Seeds
Blooming Dandelion
Bouncy Bed Trampoline
Building Block Nafaria Statue
Carnival Carousel
Caramel Apple Seeds
Carnival Strength Tester
Cloud Machine
Crystal Sea Glass Flooring
Crystal Sea Wallpaper
Crystalline Pond
Deep Sea Driving Submarine
Dex Dangerous Telescope
Dex's Lugbot Lookout
Donut Plant Seeds
Flying Saucer
Frosty Snow Making Machine
KinzAir Seat
Kinzville Cuckoo Clock
Lurking Lagoon
Magic 9 Ball
Magic Genie Lamp
Newton's Giant Cradle
Party Machine
Pickup Truck
Playful Picture
Rainbow Shower
Rocky Shores Lighthouse
Steam-Powered Moving Picture Machine
Stellar Star Blaster
Super Stunt Unicycle
Volcanic Geyser


Special Pet of the Month Contests

During March 2012, Webkinz Newz had a floaty-click Click-to-Win event to celebrate the Webkinz Duck. The prize was a Duck Billed hat.


List of Pet Of The Month Pets

This is a list of Webkinz Pet of the Month Pets, organized by their Featured Month. For additional information on the pets listed below, please see the Full List Of All Webkinz Pets.


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Oct 07 Webkinz Frog HM001
Nov 07 Webkinz Black Bear HM004
Dec 07 Webkinz Chihuahua HM104


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 08 L'il Kinz Golden Retriever HS010
Feb 08 Webkinz Cow HM003
Mar 08 L'il Kinz Pig HS002
Apr 08 Webkinz Pink Poodle HM107
May 08 Webkinz Panda HM111
Jun 08 Webkinz Elephant HM007
Jul 08 Webkinz Cheeky Monkey HM080
Aug 08 Webkinz Clydesdale HM139
Sep 08 Webkinz Bullfrog HM114
Oct 08 Webkinz Pug HM105
Nov 08 Webkinz Hippo HM009
Dec 08 Webkinz Polar Bear HM116


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 09 Webkinz Bulldog HM126
Feb 09 Webkinz Googles HM021
Mar 09 Webkinz Yorkie HM070
Apr 09 Webkinz Alley Cat HM042
May 09 Webkinz Cocker Spaniel HM011
Jun 09 Webkinz Pink Pony HM117
Jul 09 Webkinz Spotted Frog HM142
Aug 09 Webkinz Grey Arabian HM098
Sep 09 Webkinz Leopard HM031
Oct 09 Webkinz Golden Retriever HM010
Nov 09 Webkinz Pug HM105
Dec 09 Webkinz Koala HM113


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 10 Webkinz Schnauzer HM159
Feb 10 Webkinz White Terrier HM106
Mar 10 Webkinz Himalayan Cat HM165
Apr 10 Webkinz Lion HM006
May 10 Webkinz Skunk HM213
Jun 10 Webkinz Pig HM002
Jul 10 Webkinz Bengal Tiger HM166
Aug 10 Webkinz Pink Googles HM208
Sep 10 Webkinz Persian Cat HM110
Oct 10 Webkinz Pink Poodle[note 1] HM107
Nov 10 Webkinz Jack Russell HM168
Dec 10 Webkinz Polar Bear HM116


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 11 Webkinz Silverback Gorilla HM335\
Feb 11 Webkinz Blufadoodle HM453
Mar 11 Webkinz Caterpillar HM434
Apr 11 Webkinz Caramel Lion HM175
May 11 Webkinz Grey Owl HM344
Jun 11 Webkinz Silversoft Cat HM555
Jul 11 Webkinz Clown Fish HM219
Aug 11 Webkinz Rooster HM346
Sep 11 Webkinz Pelican HM211
Oct 11 Webkinz Black Cat HM135
Nov 11 Webkinz Walrus HM332
Dec 11 Webkinz Reindeer HM137


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 12 Webkinz Grey Langur HM226
Feb 12 Webkinz Pom Pom Kitty HM444
Mar 12 Webkinz Duck HM148
Apr 12 Webkinz Hedgehog HM130
May 12 Webkinz Wombat HM429
Jun 12 Webkinz Okapi HM445
Jul 12 Webkinz Pucker Fish HM438
Aug 12 Webkinz Barred Owl HM451
Sep 12 Webkinz Glamorous Gorilla HM477
Oct 12 Webkinz Midnight Monster HM412
Nov 12 Webkinz Red Squirrel HM404
Dec 12 Webkinz Moose HM375


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 13 Webkinz Aardvark HM490
Feb 13 Webkinz Springbok HM627
Mar 13 Webkinz Bull Terrier HM492
Apr 13 Webkinz Fleecy Sheep HM435
May 13 Webkinz Majestic Tiger HM480
Jun 13 Webkinz Cuddly Koala HM636
Jul 13 Webkinz Tree Kangaroo HM362
Aug 13 Webkinz Blossom Sea Turtle HM640
Sep 13 Webkinz Charming Panda HM655
Oct 13 Webkinz Black Wolf HM700
Nov 13 Webkinz Patchy Puppy HM660
Dec 13 Webkinz Snow Yeti HM494


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2014 Webkinz Arctic Polar Bear HM342
Feb 2014 Webkinz Pink Punch Cheeky Dog HM495
Mar 2014 Webkinz Bichon Frise HM668
Apr 2014 Webkinz Butterscotch Retriever HM690
May 2014 Webkinz Lilac Guinea Pig HM681
Jun 2014 Webkinz Curly Camel HM658
Jul 2014 Webkinz Holstein Cow HM687
Aug 2014 Webkinz Sloth HM9113
Sep 2014 Webkinz Airedale Terrier HM628
Oct 2014 Webkinz Rockabilly Rooster HM652
Nov 2014 Webkinz Sifaka Lemur HM638
Dec 2014 Webkinz Sparkle Harp Seal HM686


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2015 Webkinz Fennec Fox HM631
Feb 2015 Webkinz Sassy Skunk HM719
Mar 2015 Webkinz Poofy Poodle HM708
Apr 2015 Webkinz Sterling Cheeky Cat HM496
May 2015 Webkinz Springy Kangaroo HM603
Jun 2015 Webkinz Billy Goat HM629
Jul 2015 Webkinz Mohawk Puppy HM645
Aug 2015 Webkinz Tuxedo Cat HM654
Sep 2015 Webkinz Tie Dyed Pony HM677
Oct 2015 Webkinz Labradoodle HM372
Nov 2015 Webkinz Darling Dino HM621
Dec 2015 Webkinz Pink Dalmatian HM673


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2016 Rockerz Lion HM5103
Feb 2016 Porcupine HM368
Mar 2016 Pirate Parrot HM742
Apr 2016 Knit Sock Monkey HM747
May 2016 Cheer Pup HM750
June 2016 Raccutie HM753
July 2016 Donkey Pinata HM757
August 2016 Blossom Giraffe HM766
September 2016 Rockerz Cow HM5101
October 2016 Black Panther HM216
November 2016 Bulldog Puppy HM679
December 2016 American German Shepherd HM705


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2017 Webkinz Zig Zag Zebra HM778
Feb 2017 Webkinz Lovely Love Kitten HM748
Mar 2017 Webkinz Alpine St. Bernard HM663
Apr 2017 Webkinz Carrots Bunny HM754
May 2017 Webkinz Longhorn Steer HM707
Jun 2017 Webkinz Berry Cheeky Monkey HM768
Jul 2017 Webkinz Camo Croc HM709
Aug 2017 Webkinz Curly Lion HM728
Sep 2017 Webkinz Puggle Puppy HM759
Oct 2017 Webkinz Orange Soda Pup HM717
Nov 2017 Webkinz Stache Dach HM795
Dec 2017 Webkinz Snow Soft Kitty HM762


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2018 Eskimo Dog HM823
Feb 2018 African Chimpanzee HM820
Mar 2018 Blue Bay Dolphin HM833
Apr 2018 Howdy Horse HM756
May 2018 Fleecy Sheep HM435
Jun 2018 Scribbles Pup HM751
Jul 2018 Shiba Inu HM822
Aug 2018 Cuddle Cat HM821
Sep 2018 Chocolate Milk Cow HM834
Oct 2018 Sweet Spice Cat HM839
Nov 2018 Snow Cap Ferret HM831
Dec 2018 Frosty Fawn HM844


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2019 Love Giraffe HM847
Feb 2019 Lovestruck Panda HM874
Mar 2019 Sparkle Penguin HM872
Apr 2019 Leopard Cub HM845
May 2019 White Lion HM832
Jun 2019 Pitbull Puppy HM850
Jul 2019 Ribbon Unicorn HM862
Aug 2019 Corgi Dog HM868
Sep 2019 Pretty Elephant HM863
Oct 2019 Patchwork Cat HM852
Nov 2019 Black and White Springer HM869
Dec 2019 Ragdoll Cat HM871


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2020 Two Toned Llama HM873
Feb 2020 Sherbet Bunny HM134
Mar 2020 Butterscotch Bunny HM878
Apr 2020 Ostrich HM876
May 2020 Black and White Friesian HM851
Jun 2020 Husky Pup HM881
Jul 2020 Pebble Horse HM879
Aug 2020 Sheepdog HM880
Sep 2020 English Cream Retriever HM859
Oct 2020 British Bulldog HM883
Nov 2020 HM
Dec 2020 HM


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2021 HM
Feb 2021 HM
Mar 2021 HM
Apr 2021 HM
May 2021 HM
Jun 2021 HM
Jul 2021 HM
Aug 2021 HM
Sep 2021 HM
Oct 2021 HM
Nov 2021 HM
Dec 2021 HM


Featured Month Pet Name Item Number
Jan 2022 HM
Feb 2022 HM
Mar 2022 HM
Apr 2022 HM
May 2022 HM
Jun 2022 HM
Jul 2022 HM
Aug 2022 HM
Sep 2022 HM
Oct 2022 HM
Nov 2022 HM
Dec 2022 HM
  1. The Pink Poodle was released in special pink packaging for October 2010 to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Pet Of The Month Videos

Pet Of The Month Videos are located in the Music Starz Section of Webkinz World. If you have the Pet Of The Month, watch your pet's video and you can download the song for free from Music Starz. If you have the pet, the option "Download Song" will be highlighted.

Click on a song name to learn more about the song and the video.

Month Pet Video
April 2009 Alley Cat Where Did You Get Those Stripes?
May 2009 Cocker Spaniel The Dog on the Front of the Tag
June 2009 Pink Pony The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town
July 2009 Spotted Frog I Love Being a Spotted Frog
August 2009 Grey Arabian I Wanna Run
September 2009 Leopard I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots for You!
October 2009 Golden Retriever Cats & Dogs - Why Do We Always Fight?
November 2009 Pug Hug a Pug
December 2009 Koala Koala Holiday
January 2010 Schnauzer Moustache Louie
February 2010 White Terrier A Dog with a Bow in her Hair
March 2010 Himalayan Cat Cat's Pajama Party
April 2010 Lion It's Good to be the King
May 2010 Skunk I'm Misunderstood
June 2010 Pig Piggy Plum Pie
July 2010 Bengal Tiger Tiger Tiger
August 2010 Pink Googles Go Go Go Googles
September 2010 Persian Cat Nine Lives
October 2010 Pink Poodle I Dream in Pink
November 2010 Jack Russel Terrier Just Wanna Be Your Friend
December 2010 Polar Bear Iceman Blues
January 2011 Silverback Gorilla Do You Want to Party?
February 2011 Blufadoodle Stay Away From Me
March 2011 Caterpillar It's a Wonderful World
April 2011 Caramel Lion Caramel Soup
May 2011 Grey Owl Let's Make the World a Better Place
June 2011 Silversoft Cat Dear Miss Kitty
July 2011 Clown Fish I Like to Clown Around
August 2011 Rooster It's a Beautiful Day
September 2011 Pelican Let's Go Fishin'
October 2011 Black Cat Scaredy Cat
November 2011 Walrus[2] The Coolest Thing is Everything
December 2011 Reindeer My Favorite Time of Year

As of now there are no Pet of the Month videos for 2012 or 2013. Please note that it still says to go to Music Stars.

  1. The Duck Billed Hat is different from the Looney Tunes Promotion Yellow Duck Billed hat.
  2. Ganz originally announced that the Domino Cat would be the POTM for November 2011, but later they changed it to the Walrus.