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Outside Yards

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Outside Yards

Buying a Yard

Outside Yards can be purchased by by all players for 1000 KinzCash in the wShop. To see other types of rooms that can be added to your Webkinz House, visit Room Types.

There is only one size of Outside Yard. It is the same size as a Large Room, 10x10.

Outside Items

There are many items in Webkinz World that can only be placed outside.

For help figuring out what goes where, please visit Where Things Go in Webkinz World.

Keep in mind that fences can only go on the two far outside edges of the yard.

Growing Plants

In Outside Yards, players can plant seeds and grow plants.

For more information on this, please see Gardening.

Graphics and Animation

Sometimes it "rains" in Outside Yards. This is an animated graphic that runs on the screen.

Keep an eye out for floating clouds around Mount Kinz in the far distance.

The appearance of ground changes with the season. There's snow in the winter, small flowers in the spring, bright green grass in the summer, and colored leaves in the fall.

The background graphics also change with the season, to match the ground graphics.