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Online Graphics Editors and Other Graphics Websites

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Hosting Sites

These are sites that you can upload your graphics to and then post them on the forums. You can create accounts on these websites for no charge and use them to save and manage the things that you upload.

Graphics Editors

Text, Effects & More

The only images that can be hotlinked from are text that you make with the generator. Even though forum code is provided for the other graphics they are still not allowed to be hotlinked in shops on Webkinz Insider because the Terms of Use for this site prohibit redistribution)

Doll Makers

Please note – while some of these do provide forum code it is still recommended that you save them to your computer first and upload them to a hosting site before posting them. It is too time consuming to search for each doll to see if code has been provided or not so if hotlinks to these sites are seen they will be deleted.

A star (*) after a website means that this site provides forum code which you may use to insert graphics into WI with. Even though these sites provide forum codes it is still HIGHLY recommended that you only use hosting sites for your graphics. If you do not see a * star * after the name of the site do not hotlink to graphics from these sites even if forum codes are provided.

The website is in Korean

File Reducers

Note that you should save the images you want to your computer, and then upload using a hosting site.