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Noisy Items Collection

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4361-1.png Jivinjukebox.png 5476-1.png

  • To hear an item's sound, just click on the item's name.
  • If an item's name isn't "clickable", we don't have the sound recorded yet.
  • Know of an item we've missed? Please let us know HERE.
Picture Name Item Type
Afterpartydjbooth.png After Party DJ Booth Ganz eStore
Antiquebathroomsink.png Antique Bathroom Sink wShop
1416-1.png Antique Toilet wShop
Athleticsoakingtub.png Athletic Soaking Tub Kinzville Academy
Babymonitor.png Baby Monitor wShop
3152-1.png Back Country Outhouse Exclusive
2836-1.png Balloon Blower POTM Exclusive
4708-1.png Banana Boom Box Sig. Chimp. PSI
6734-1.png Big Bark Clock Tower Sig. Sm. Beagle PSI
5297-1.png Birdbath Spa Pink Cockatoo PSI
Blufadoodledialtonephone.png Blufadoodle Dial Tone Phone Ganz eStore
4361-1.png Bobbin' Robin Jukebox Robin PSI
Bubblewrapchair.png Bubble Wrap Chair Exclusive Item
3817-1.png Bubbly Blue Bathtub Blue Trigger Fish PSI
120px-7634.gif Bunny Ski Hill Ganz eStore
5114-1.png Carnival Carousel POTM Exclusive
3153-1.png Carnival Strength Tester POTM Exclusive
2437-1.png Charm Armoire Magical Forest (Fairy Falls)
2282-1.png Charm Box Magical Forest (Fairy Falls)
2438-1.png Charm Credenza Magical Forest (Fairy Falls)
Charmforestwindow.png Charm Forest Window Magic Mire
4253-1.png Cheery Chimney Fireplace Christmas wShop
104px-4120.gif Circus Organ Grinder Ganz eStore
180-1.png Clawfoot Bathtub wShop
2792-1.png Cloud Machine POTM Exclusive
Cloudybathtub.png Cloudy Bathtub Zumwhere
Daffodilbathroomsink.png Daffodil Bathroom Sink W Shop
1421-1.png Daffodil Toilet wShop
6800-1.png Day Outdoors Bathtub Springer Spaniel PSI
5078-1.png Diamond Piano
(Liebestraum No. 3, Liszt)
Diamond Doggie PSI
FIle:dreaminpinkpiano.png Dream in Pink Piano Ganz eStore
Dropthebeatstereo.png Drop The Beat Stereo wShop
Drumrollsnare.png Drum Roll Snare Figure Specific Item
Drumset.png Drum Set Spree Game (Kinzville Mall Item)
Electrickeyboard.png Electric Keyboard Spree Game (Kinzville Mall Item)
Elegantswansink.png Elegant Swan Sink wShop
Festivefountain.png Festive Fountain Seasonal wShop 2011
3482-1.png Flop N' Slop Bathtub Floppy Pig PSI
519-1.png Football Tub wShop
85px-4132-1.gif Fountain of WOW Ganz eStore
2596-1.png Frosty Snow Making Machine POTM Exclusive
2057-1.png Funky Girl Bathtub wShop
1425-1.png Funky Girl Bathroom Sink wShop
1422-1.png Funky Girl Toilet wShop
4956-1.png Gas Pump Exclusive
119px-4042.gif Ghostly Grand Piano
(Webkinz Theme Song)
Ganz eStore
140px-Gokarttrack_anim.gif Go Kart Track Ganz eStore
Luxurylifegoldtub.png Golden Tiered Tub Ganz eStore
74px-5076.gif Grand Palace Harpsichord
(Rondo Alla Turca, Mozart)
Ganz eStore
95px-6750.gif Groovin' Googles Jukebox
(Go Go Go Googles, POTM Song)
Ganz eStore
4134-1.png High End Kitchen Sink Ganz eStore
Hightechbathtub.png High-Tech Bathtub wShop
Hightechsciencesink.png High-Tech Science Sink wShop
1418-1.png High-Tech Science Toilet wShop
Drumkit.png Hopping Drum Kit PSI
89px-5348.gif Hot Chocolate Machine Ganz eStore
5371-1.png Howling Ridge Sig. Timberwolf PSI
Icemandrums.png Iceman Drums Ganz eStore
Iciclewindchime.png Icicle Wind Chime Winterfest
Icyarcticorgan.png Icy Arctic Organ
(Allegro from Concerto in A Minor,
Antonio Vivaldi and arranged by J.S. Bach )
Harp Seal, Signature PSI
2526-1.png Icy Ocean Bathtub Seal PSI
Kinzcoaster2.gif Kinz Coaster Ganz eStore
2790-1.png Kinzville Cukoo Clock POTM Exclusive
120px-5242.gif Kung Fu Zangoz Bopper Ganz eStore
91px-6227.gif Lashing Lightening Machine Ganz eStore
5714-1.png Jumbleberry Bath Wheel & Game Prizes
1150-1.png Luxury Hot Tub Rare
79px-6066.gif Milkshake Machine Ganz eStore
Mingchaugong.png Ming Chau Gong Ganz eStore
Moltenlavavolcano.gif Molten Lava Volcano Ganz eStore
Mountainminecartride.png Mountain Mine Cart Ride Deluxe Membership
File:movieslate.png Movie Slate Webkinz Newz
7376-1.png Mud Bathtub Mud Hippo PSI
5902-1.png Musical Ice Box Ice Fawn PSI
Neonsaxophonesign.png Neon Saxophone Sign Webkinz Newz Prize
(Video Challenge)
Nurseryrecordplayer.png Nursery Record Player
(Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major K. 545, Mozart)
W Shop
5323-1.png On the Farm Alarm Clock Rooster PSI
120px-4875.gif Origami Water Wheel Ganz eStore
2791-1.png Party Machine POTM Exclusive
6294-1.png Peaceful Plains Piano
(Fur Elise, Beethoven)
Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra PSI
File:Polkadotpiano.png Polka Dot Piano Polka Dot Cow PSI
6101.gif Pink Popcorn Machine Ganz eStore
Porcelainsink.png Porcelain Sink wShop
1296-1.png Pirate's Rub-a-Dub Washtub wShop
611-1.png Porcelain Toilet wShop
Porcelainbathtub.png Porcelain Bathtub wShop
6153-1.png Pot of Gold Pond Rainbow Armadillo PSI
Recesslunchbag.png Recess Lunch Bag Kinzville Academy Recess Prize
6736-1.png Relaxing Longtub Ferret PSI
7712-1.png Rock Around the Croc Clock Rock Candy Croc PSI
Rocketdropride.png Rocket Drop Ride Deluxe
2313-1.png Salon Sink Feature Code Items
5209-1.png Sapphire Bathtub Sapphire Spaniel PSI
Seabluebathroomsink.png Sea Blue Bathroom Sink wShop
Seabluebathtub.png Sea Blue Bathtub wShop
1414-1.png Sea Blue Toilet wShop
120px-7572.gif Snowball Throwing Snowman Ganz eStore
4250-1.png Songbird Stereo Canary PSI
File:Soundsofthecityboombox.png Sounds of the City Boom Box Ganz eStore
File:Soundsofspringstereo.png Sounds of Spring Stereo
(The Four Seasons Concerto No. 1 "La Primavera", Vivaldi)
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Ganz Parent Club
Sparkler.png Sparkler Clubhouse Parties Item
StarCollectorsCarousel.png Star Collector's Carousel W-shop
2604-1.png Stellar Star Blaster POTM Exclusive
6125-1.png Storm Cloud Throne Thunderbird PSI
Stpattysjukebox.png St. Patty's Jukebox Webkinz Newz Click to Win Ad Prize
5476-1.png Strawberry Jammin' Jukebox Strawberry Cloud Leopard PSI
7520-1.png Sunflower Spa Sunflower Lion PSI
120px-4348.gif Sweetheart Symphony Piano
(Canon in D, Pachelbel)
Ganz eStore
File:sweetsoundsharp.png Sweet Sounds Harp Ganz eStore
2215-1.png Tin Bucket Tub wShop
File:topaztoilet.png Topaz Toilet Topaz Terrier PSI
Tornadoclosetdisorganizer.png Tornado Closet Disorganizer Ganz eStore
Townsquaretree.png Town Square Tree Seasonal wShop 2011
4164-1.png Traditional Taiko Drum wShop
3434-1.png True Blue Birdbath Blue Jay PSI
636-1.png Wallowing Tub Hippo PSI
120px-Wateballooncannon_anim.gif Water Balloon Cannon Ganz eStore
File:webkinzaviarywallpaper.png Webkinz Aviary Wallpaper Ganz eStore
File:webkinzdayyear5fireworksmachine.png Webkinz Day Year 5 Fireworks Machine Clubhouse Event Prize
3204-1.png Webkinz Theme Music Box
(Webkinz Theme Song)
2867-1.png Wetlands Pond Bathtub Duck PSI
1935-1.png Witch's Brew Bathtub Black Cat PSI
2750-1.png Wooden Trough Bathtub Pinto Horse Bathtub
1411-1.png Zingoz Bubble Blower Exclusive
911-1.png Zingoz in a Box wShop
Zumwheremusicbox.png Zumwhere Music Box Zumwhere
Zumwheremusicmaker.png Zumwhere Music Maker Zumwhere

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