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Newz Delivery

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Newz Delivery is a job you can do at the Employment Office.

What Am I trying to Do?:

Your goal is to try to deliver all of the newspapers to the correct houses(houses with green doors) without getting three "x"'s.

How Do I Do It?:

Click on the green doors to throw a newspaper. If you make three wrong throws (throws to red doors or misses) then you fail the job for that try.

File:News devilery.PNG


Quickly scan the doors. Dont spent too much time trying to match the newspaper up perfectly with the doors. If it's close, then it counts.

If you are on the 3rd (last/hardest) level, and you come across the two-three green door ones; after matching up the first one, don't wait until they say thank you to shoot at the next one. This saves a lot of time.

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