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Nafaria is the queen of the bad fairies. She used to be friends with Alyssa (queen of the good fairies), until they had a fight and Nafaria founded the bad fairies. Some fairies joined Nafaria, and some stayed with Alyssa. She wears a purple dress and purple shoes, and she has purple hair and purple eye shadow. She makes appearances in the Charm Forest (sometimes replacing your good fairy which leaves you with nothing), Magic Mire, and in the game Tulip Trouble 2. She also appeared in the September 2011 Nafaria Star Trading.



Nafaria can be found in the following books:

W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure
Superstar Spring Break

Trading Card


Nafaria and the Crops


In March of 2008, Nafaria invaded all of the gardens in Webkinz World with weeds! But then all of the gardens grew back faster than ever.

Special Items

In addition to the Nafaria star items found on the Nafaria Star Trading page, Webkinz World has the following Nafaria items:

2438-1.png Charm Credenza
2283-1.png Fairy Topiary
Magiccharmforestbadfairytshirt.png Magic Charm Forest Bad Fairy T-Shirt
Charmforestwindow.png Charm Forest Window
Nafariaplush.png Nafaria Plush
3002-1.png Nafaria Poster
Nafariaspurpleslippers.png Nafaria's Purple Slippers
Nafariasstainedglasswindow.png Nafaria's Stained Glass Window
Nafariaspottedvine.png Nafaria's Potted Vine
File:nafariabobblehead.pngNafaria Bobblehead