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Music Starz

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Music Starz is a Webkinz World "song library" introduced on 11/23/09. It has all of the past and present Pet of the Month (POTM) videos located in one convenient spot. The videos can be sorted by date, or alphabetically by song title or pet name. You can listen and watch them all in one place! If you adopt a POTM during its month, you will be able to download a MP3 version of the song to your computer. This means you can listen to it both at home and on the go!


How it Works

File:MusicStarz1.pngWhen you enter Music Starz, the screen where the music video would come up is covered by an image of a building. There will be a current number of videos at the top in the right corner. Just below it is a drop-down menu. If you would like to sort the videos in date order, alphabetical order, or pet order, click this menu. Below the menu, there is a group of 4 videos. If the one you want to see is not there, scroll down and click the one you want to watch by using the green "Move Down" button. When you click the video, the cover art for it will appear in place of the building. Click the "Play" button and watch your video instantly!

List of Songs

Month Pet Video
April 2009 Alley Cat Where Did You Get Those Stripes?
May 2009 Cocker Spaniel The Dog on the Front of the Tag
June 2009 Pink Pony The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town
July 2009 Spotted Frog I Love Being a Spotted Frog
August 2009 Grey Arabian I Wanna Run
September 2009 Leopard I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots for You!
October 2009 Golden Retriever Cats & Dogs - Why Do We Always Fight?
November 2009 Pug Hug a Pug
December 2009 Koala Koala Holiday
January 2010 Schnauzer Moustache Louie
February 2010 White Terrier A Dog with a Bow in her Hair
March 2010 Himalayan Cat Cat's Pajama Party
April 2010 Lion It's Good to be the King
May 2010 Skunk I'm Misunderstood
June 2010 Pig Piggy Plum Pie
July 2010 Bengal Tiger Tiger Tiger
August 2010 Pink Googles Go Go Go Googles
September 2010 Persian Cat Nine Lives
October 2010 Pink Poodle I Dream in Pink
November 2010 Jack Russel Terrier Just Wanna Be Your Friend
December 2010 Polar Bear Iceman Blues
January 2011 Silverback Gorilla Do You Want to Party?
February 2011 Blufadoodle Stay Away From Me
March 2011 Caterpillar It's a Wonderful World
April 2011 Caramel Lion Caramel Soup
May 2011 Grey Owl Let's Make the World a Better Place
June 2011 Silversoft Cat Miss Kitty
July 2011 Clown Fish I Like to Clown Around
August 2011 Rooster It's a Beautiful Day
September 2011 Pelican Let's Go Fishin'
October 2011 Black Cat Scaredy Cat
November 2011 Walrus The Coolest Thing is Everything
December 2011 Reindeer My Favorite Time of Year

Music Starz CD


In July 2010, Ganz released a CD of the first twelve POTM Songs. The CD comes with a feature code that awards the player a "Music Starz Jukebox" that can be placed in a Webkinz house. The Jukebox is an interactive item that can be used to play the POTM songs.

Webkinz Video Challenge

More information can be found on the Webkinz Video Challenge page.

Go to the WebkinzNewz website and click on the Fun tab. The Pet of the Month Videos can be found at the Fun tab, and some of the recent videos have a quiz to take at the end of watching the video. You will be prompted to enter your WW username and password to receive your prize. The prize will be delivered automatically to your WW dock.

Webkinz has been making retro replay challenges where every month they choose an old POTM song and create a prize and some questions for you to answer. These challenges are just like the original video challenges.