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Ms Birdy's Assistant

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Ms Birdy's Assistant is a job in the Employment Office that you can do if you have finished 100 Language Arts questions at Quizzy's Corner.


What Am I trying to Do?

In Ms Birdy's Assistant, you are given words to type. You must finish typing all words before the timer runs out.

How Do I Do It?

Type the words on the screen as they appear. As you progress through the levels, the words will get longer and harder and the time will be shortened.

Before you begin, you will be given the following directions:


On the first level, you will be allowed 60 seconds to type 15 words. Click the link below to see the screen for level 1.

Picture of Screen for Level 1

On the second level, you will be allowed 90 seconds to type 25 words. Click the link below to see the screen for level 2.

Picture of Screen for Level 2

On the third level, you will be allowed 90 seconds to type 30 words. Click the link below to see the scrren for level 3.

Picture of Screen for Level 3

If you type an incorrect letter, you will receive a two second penalty. During those two seconds, you will not be able to type any additional letters on the word. The two second penalty is completed when the yellow call out with the red message that says "-2 seconds" disappears from your computer screen.


Upon successful completion of all the words, you will receive the following message:



  • Make sure you know how to use the keyboard well. If some of the words are too hard for you to type, try typing slower and don't mind the clock!
  • Typing an incorrect letter will result in the computer "freezing" for a two second penalty. These two second penalties will slow you down and probably disrupt your typing cadence. Your chance of success is probably better if you slow down and type the words correctly than if you type fast with a lot of mistakes.
  • If you do type an incorrect letter, stop typing, and wait the full two seconds until the computer unfreezes (you will know it is complete when the "-2 seconds" disappears from your screen). No letters typed during the two second penalty time period will be recognized by the computer (even if they are the correct letter!). If you continue typing immediately after a mistake, you may get a second penalty when the computer unfreezes because the computer has not registered the letters that you typed during the penalty time period.


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