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Mr. Moo

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Mr. Moo is a Webkinz World character who was first introduced to the website when his name appeared on the "Mr. Moo Chocolate Bar" in 2005, a prize given out by clicking on Webkinz World advertisements. He is also thought to have been shown again in the game Cash Cow 2 as the main character and character on the cover screen. Although his name is not mentioned in the game, his image in the Arcade game is almost identical to the one shown in the Kinzville Park.

Currently, Mr. Moo is a major character in the Kinzville Park, where he sets up an ice cream stand so players can buy ice cream cones.

He also appears in the Pet of the Month video The Coolest Thing is Everything.

Trading Card


Special Items

There are a couple of Mr. Moo items in Webkinz World:

Image Name Type
File:Mrmoosicecreamcartfridge.png Mr. Moo's Ice Cream Cart Fridge Ganz eStore
File:978-1.png Mr. Moo's Candy Bar Click-to-Win or Webkinz Challenges