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Movie Magic Theme

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Theme History

The Movie Magic Theme was introduced to the wShop in February 2009.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

All of the items in this theme can be purchased in the wShop except one, the Theater Screen.

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:cinemaribbondivider.png Cinema Ribbon Divider wShop 180 KC
4298-1.png Concession Stand Back Counter wShop
(Deluxe Only)
1,800 KC
4297-1.png Concession Stand Front Counter wShop
(Deluxe Only)
1,700 KC
4305-1.png Condiment Stand wShop
(Deluxe Only)
1,000 KC
File:dexdangerousstandee.png Dex Dangerous Standee wShop 375 KC
File:filmstriprug.png Film Strip Rug wShop 115 KC
4309-1.png Movie Magic Flooring wShop 190 KC
4310-1.png Movie Magic Wallpaper wShop 250 KC
File:movieposterset.png Movie Poster Set wShop 260 KC
File:movietheaterarmchair.png Movie Theater Armchair wShop 325 KC
4300-1.png Movie Theater Lamp wShop 180 KC
File:movietheaterrowseating.png Movie Theater Row Seating wShop 1,025 KC
4399-1.png Theater Screen Rare 40,000 KC
4303-1.png Ticket Booth wShop
(Deluxe Only)
1,100 KC
4304-1.png Usher Statue wShop 300 KC

Theater Screen

The one Rare item in this theme, the Theater Screen (aka Colossal Movie Screen), is unique. It can only be placed in a large room, and only on a wall that doesn't have a door. The Screen is animated. It shows a Dex Dangerous Movie, without sound.

> Click HERE to see the Theater Screen in Action

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