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Mount Kinz

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File:mountkinz1.png File:mountkinz2.png

Mount Kinz is an area of Webkinz World that has been revealed in the W-Tales stories.

In An Air of Mystery, Doug and Sparky hike past Mount Kinz and discover the Unicorns of Webkinz World.

The Mount Kinz mountains are visible in the distance in Outside Yards.

Ganz describes Mount Kinz as follows:[1]

"Mount ‘Kinz is within walking distance of Webkinz World, and is one of the tallest mountains around. Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain above sea level, was formed 60 million years ago! Although Mount ‘Kinz is not nearly as old, it holds many adventures within. Webkinz can climb, hike, and play on Mount ‘Kinz. It gives everyone a good workout! It is especially fun in winter, when Webkinz can play in the snow and go sledding down the mountain!"