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Moolah Mountain

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Moolah Mountain is one of the three daily activities in the Mazin' Hamsters section of Webkinz World.


Object and Timing

The object of Moolah Mountain is to get to the bottom of the mountain in three minutes while collecting as much Mazin' Moolah as possible. Each time your hamster passes a checkpoint, an extra thirty seconds is added to your time. There are three checkpoints, so if you don't run out of time before you reach them all, you actually have four minutes and thirty seconds to get to the bottom.


Your score in Moolah Mountain is the amount of Moolah you collect. To collect Moolah, run through a coin. Yellow coins give you one Moolah, blue coins give five, and red coins grant twenty. If you reach the bottom of Moolah Mountain, you are granted a time bonus. The time bonus will increase with more time remaining when you reach the bottom of Moolah Mountain.


Below are a few tips about special things on Moolah Mountain.

Accelerating Arrows

The neon yellow and green arrows will speed your hamster forward very quickly. Many of them also lead to raised paths. File:Wee.jpg

Raised Paths

There are several raised paths along the mountain road. Some of them can be accessed from wood chutes, and others can be accessed from ramps or accelerating arrows. The raised paths provide access to several red (20-Moolah) coins, and also provide a faster path down the mountain.

Cave and Castle

On the left side of the mountain road at one point is a barrel-covered cave full of Moolah. Outside the cave, you must jump to the green grass pad and then through some loose bricks into the Moolah-filled courtyard of a castle. Outside the castle is a drop back to the main road.