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Monkey & Monkey

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Monkey & Monkey
Main Role: Stars in Monkey & Monkey TV Show

Monkey & Monkey are two monkeys that star in the TV show Monkey & Monkey. One is a dummy, but as the TV show song goes, the other one is too! The show is made to tell funny jokes. You can watch the show on your TV.


Monkey & Monkey can be found in the following books:

The Kinzville Caper Storybook
W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice

Special Items

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There are a number of Monkey & Monkey items in Webkinz World:

Picture Name Type
Monkeymonkeyballoons.png Monkey & Monkey Balloons Trading Card Item
Monkeymonkeybananatree.png Monkey & Monkey Banana Tree Trading Card Item
Monkeymonkeybananatv.png Monkey & Monkey Banana TV Trading Card Item
5505-1.png Monkey & Monkey Book Ends Wheel of Yum Prize
940-1.png Monkey & Monkey Dummy Wheel of Yum Prize
Monkeymonkeymovieposter.png Monkey & Monkey Movie Poster Wheel of Yum Prize
1681-1.png Monkey & Monkey Poster Wheel of Yum Prize
Monkeymonkeyposter.png Monkey and Monkey Poster Trading Card Item
928-1.png Wheel of YUM Shirt Wheel of Yum Prize

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