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Video/Song Information

"Misunderstood" is the Pet of the Month (POTM) music video for May 2010. Other POTM music videos can be found in the Music Starz library.


I'm soooooooooooo... misunderstood.

Arounnnnddd... my neighborhood.

I do what I do to protect myself.

You do it too, so does everyone else!

It's a matter of perception

Ain't that the truth?

So why'my sittin' here with a case of the no friends blues?

For now, all I can say,

They're aaaaaaaalllllll

Afraid of my spray.

I'm really as harmless, as can be!

just ask anyone from my family!

They always tell me I'm so... cute...

So why do I have a case of these no friends blues?

One of these days, I'm gonna be...

The Queen..... Of Perfume!

People will all crowd around me, when I walk..... in the room!

Popular will be my name,

They'll allllll wanna smell.

They'd ask me how I make my stuff...

As if I'd ever tell!

For now, all I can say...

I'm misunderstood,

So misunderstoooooooood.

I'm misunderstood.

So misunderstood.

Why oh why...

I, misunderstoooooooooooooooooooooood.

eStore Items

Eaudeskunkperfulebottle.png Eaudeskunkperfumeposter.png Skunkberet.png Sprayedstripesskunkcar.png Heartscentdecor.png Skunkstripeswallpaper.png Skunkstripesflooring.png

  • Eau de Skunk Perfume Bottle
  • Eau de Skunk Perfume Poster
  • Skunk Beret
  • Sprayed Stripes Skunk Car
  • Heart Scent Decor
  • Skunk Stripes Wallpaper
  • Skunk Stripes Flooring
  • Skunk Stripes Couch

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