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Ming Empire Theme

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Theme History

The Ming Empire Theme was introduced to the Ganz eStore in late 2009.

The Ming Empire Theme is a seasonal theme, celebrating the Chinese New Year.

In January 2011, a few more items were added to the theme.

Theme Preview[1]

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
Descendantsofthedragonstatue.png Descendants of the Dragon Statue eStore 4000 points
Mightymingbed.png Mighty Ming Bed eStore 8000 points
Mingchaugong.png Ming Chau Gong eStore 4000 points
Mingchicoffeetable.png Ming Chi Coffee Table eStore 5000 points
File:mingchinacabinet.png Ming China Cabinet eStore 5000 points
File:Mingempirewallpaper.png Ming Empire Wallpaper eStore 2500 points
Mingsovereignsofa.png Ming Sovereign Sofa eStore 6000 points
File:mingteatrolley.png Ming Tea Trolley eStore 3000 points
Redminglantern.png Red Ming Lantern eStore 4000 points
  1. The theme preview picture includes two items that are not part of the theme: the Ming Vase Panda Fridge (a PSI) and the Bamboo Plant (a W-Shop item).

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