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Member of the Day

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The Member of the Day (MOTD) is a feature in the My Page section of Webkinz World. In the MOTD feature a featured member is posted on the home page in My Page. You can view the My Page of the current MOTD by clicking on their picture on the My Page homepage.

How is the Member Selected?

The member of the day is randomly chosen from all members in webkinz world that have set up their My Page. There are many members in Webkinz World so the chances of winning the trophy are slim but it can happen.

In early 2010 a glitch was noticed that many expired accounts had won the Member of the Day Trophy. On May 4, 2010 Ganz announced that they had a solution and would add it to the system at the end of May[1].

What Does the Winner Get?

If you are the MOTD, you will receive the Member of the Day Trophy, which is one of the rarest trophies in Webkinz World[2].