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Mazin' Mall

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Mazin' Moolah

If you spot floating coins or shapes when your hamster is running through a maze, direct your hamster to run through them. You'll collect "Mazin Moolah" that you can spend at the Mazin Mall.

Mazin' Tube Designs

Main Article: Tube Designs


You can buy different designs for your tubes at the Mazin' Mall. You can use these deigns when building your own mazes. Tube Designs are also often referred to as Tube Paper.

Mazin' Tubes

Main Article: Tubes


You can also purchase different shapes and styles of Tubes at the Mazin' Mall to use in your own mazes.

Mazin' Ball Designs

Main Article: Ball Designs


The Mazin' Mall also sells different designs of balls for your hamsters to use. These balls can be used by your hamsters all throughout Mazin' Hamsters.

Mazin' Rooms

Main Article: Rooms


There are many styles of rooms that you can purchase to use in your own mazes. From volcanoes to catapults there is probably a room to suit your needs.

Webkinz Items

Main Article: Webkinz Items


In addition to all the items you can buy to use in Mazin' Hamsters the Mazin' Mall also sells some Webkinz Items that you can use in your Webkinz Rooms.

Mazin' Hamsters